Enro highest filtration reusable masks

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Enro Highest filtration reusable masks on the market that come in 70+ styles.

Now you can express yourself with style and flair while staying safe from airborne pathogens and pollution with the highest levels of protection. Enro is the world’s first reusable Tech 3D mask available with over 70 designs to choose from. Marrying safety and day-long wearing comfort, Enro masks have the highest-grade PM0.1 filtration and comes in six sizes for the best fit possible.

Enro masks are designed to last at least an industry-leading 100 washes while retaining as much of its filtration efficacy when new. Behind the mask is global garment manufacturer TAL Apparel who have leveraged their technical know-how as well as research and innovation capabilities to create Enro, which features premium qualities such as:

• A highly protective composite built-in filtration layer of PM0.1 (equivalent to Level 2 surgical masks ASTM F2299)

• Anti-microbial fabric with Dupont’s Silvadur technology (a preventative factor to the dreaded mask-ne)

• Bold and vivid designs with over 70 colours and prints to match any outfit, mood, and style

• Breathability with featherlight tech fabric which is 50% lighter than other reusable masks so that users can now exercise and breathe like normal

• Comfort 3D-fit and customisability, with adjustable ear loops and nose strips

• Six sizes to choose from, ranging from kids to adults (thus able to fit 99% of the world’s population)

Their research found that a 0.1 or 0.3 micron filter was necessary to block the virus, yet most reusable masks only have a 2.5 micron filter since they are designed to act only as a barrier to pollution. So the Enro mask is created to meet the need.

Initially manufactured to protect TAL’s 25,000+ employees when masks were in high demand and short supply at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Enro brand came to fruition with the larger objective of providing a more sustainable alternative to billions of masks discarded across Asia each day.

Eco-conscious fashionistas and creative types will appreciate the wide range of designs to suit any occasion. Enro has launched special collections featuring collaborations with international artists and designers, including the world-renowned Wynwood Walls platform. Works of highly coveted street artists such as Abstrk, AIKO, DANK, Daze and Kelsey Montague are now being translated onto a new canvas on Enro masks.


The aim was to achieve 0.1 micron filtration which offers sufficient protection for the current pandemic situation-. And they added an anti- microbial finish on the inside and outside of Enro masks which kills viruses, and a water-repellent finish on the outside to ensure droplets do not penetrate the mask. The Enro masks are also engineered using 3-D modelling to ensure optimal fit and comfort.

After using the Enro mask for a week, I find it very comfortable to have it on the entire day. It offers good filtration and does not cause any irritation to my skin. Another plus point is the variety of design available as well as various size to fit adult or children.

Enro masks in Singapore can be ordered exclusively through http://www.enro.com

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