Whether you are on Ann Siang Hill or Club Street, you’re bound to spot GEM BAR. You can’t miss it.
Currently, in their 14th year of debauchery, GEM BAR is the biggest, noisiest, busiest bar at the intersection of Ann Siang Hill and Club Street, Singapore. You get great service, solid drinks, the best food around.

From 16 April, you can experience Gem Bar’s newly launched street food, cocktails by the jugs, and Tsingtao beers by the tap. Inspired by Zulkiflee and Tey’s imagination of traveling around the world — Gem Bar’s Street Food Paradise is a tribute to nostalgic local dishes from Singapore and the rest of the world.

There are 13 exciting creations — seven choices of fried or mala broth-dipped skewers, two juicy burgers, and four sides. The menu also includes one international street food item that changes every three months. Start with a choice of staple skewers like Broccoli, Cauliflower, or King Mushrooms at SG$2 each.
Why stop there? At SG$2.50 each, complete your collection of street food on a stick with the Bacon-wrapped Enoki or Asparagus skewers along with the Tomyum Beef Kebabs and Mini BBQ Pork Sausages. Their Chef-made sauces are so good you’d want to bring them home in a bottle. Wasabi Mayo; Thai Sweet Chilli; Goma Dressing, made with miso and sesame; and the taste-bud tingling Sambal Petis are all stellar

The Gem-ly Burger, a highlight, is a twist on the iconic Ramly Burger. The special is served with Tom Yum beef patty and homemade truffle egg mayo between a soft Brioche bun. Let’s head out of Southeast Asia and look for an international variety. The Curry 36— a tribute to the eponymous fast food joint in Berlin — is made with apple and herbs pork sausage drizzle with a specially made curry sauce. The combination of sweet and spicy fits for a light bite.

We recommend a mug or tower of Tsingtao beer at Gem Bar — one of the few bars in Singapore that serves the golden brew on tap. The only other country outside of China to serve Qingdao’s finest on tap is South Korea. It goes well with street food.

Prefer a jug of cocktail? Serving four merrymakers per jug, sip on the 7 Sins of Yishun, Gem Bar’s twist on the Long Island Tea, or opt for a fruitier choice of Kyoho Sangaria. End your night with the spectacular Smoked Whisky Sour or the smooth but deceivingly easy-to-drink Soju Jinro Green, which comes in grape or strawberry flavor.

With Zulkiflee and Chef Tey at the helm, the team will be curating a menu that integrates familiar yet modern flavors. Gem Bar Street Food Paradise is available from 16 April 2021, Friday.

Gem Bar, Address 10 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069789

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