The new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé and Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+ Coupé

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé 2019Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé 2019
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé 2019, designo hyazinthrot metallic, Outdoor Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé 2019, designo hyacinth red metallic, outdoor

Strength from within

Mercedes-Benz continues to expand its premium SUV range with the introduction of the GLE Coupé. Born with an attitude, the GLE Coupé combines the sportiness and elegance of a coupé that comes with the latest technology to ensure an optimal driving experience. Featuring the latest
4MATIC technology, the GLE Coupé comes in two variants – GLE 450 4MATIC Coupé and GLE 53 4MATIC+ Coupé.

The latest addition to the SUV coupés, the Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 4MATIC Coupé and the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+ Coupé, is a further example of the Mercedes-Benz strategy to address all the requirements of customers in the premium-SUV segment. Its striking design with an aggressive appearance combines the athletic characteristics of a SUV with the sporty nature of a coupé resulting in a vehicle that is intense, beautiful and full of passion.

The GLE Coupé comes with a priceless and commanding presence. It does not only skilfully embodies the principles of Mercedes-Benz design but also focuses on the essential features of two entirely different automobile genes.

Like the GLE and the GLS, as a member of the large premium-SUV family, the GLE Coupé is being built in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In total Mercedes-Benz now offers eight SUV models in the form of the GLA, GLC, GLC Coupé, the G-Class and the new GLB. With currently around one third of sales, the SUVs are a major structural pillar in the Mercedes-Benz product portfolio, and greatly contribute to the growth of the brand. To date, more than six and a half million customers around the world have opted for a Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Exterior design: powerful presence

The new GLE Coupé is 4939 mm long and 2010 mm wide (39 mm longer and 7 mm wider than its predecessor). The proportions emphasise the dynamics of the GLE Coupé. The front view combines characteristics of the Mercedes-Benz SUV family with clear coupé attributes: the diamond grille with its single horizontal louvre creates association with the other Mercedes-Benz Coupés, while the openings in the louvre and the high-gloss chrome-plated underguard in the front apron showcase the SUV character. With the AMG Line, the grille widens towards the bottom inanA shape, and the pins in the diamond grille are finished in chrome.

The windscreen is more raked than on the GLE SUV and not only makes the vehicle look more dynamic; it is also a better fit with the dropping roof line and ensures a harmonious elegance. The flank with its smooth design that emphasises surfaces effectively highlights the large flush-mounted wheels (20 to 22 inches). The black cladding of the wheel wells (for AMG Line exterior painted in the vehicle colour) and the aluminium-look, illuminated running board between them underscore the SUV character.

The dynamism of the coupé line is especially evident in the rear-end design. A broad muscle in the vehicle flank beneath the C-pillar that starts in the rear door and envelops the tail lamps gives the GLE Coupé its powerful, ready-to-pounce appearance. Together with the elongated tail lamps, it highlights the width of the rear end. The lamps are specific to the coupé, but fit the characteristic day and night design of the Mercedes-Benz SUVs with their hallmark rounded blocks in a slim outline. The flush transition from the tailgate to the bumper, the number plate in the bumper above the high-gloss chrome-plated underguard and the integrated tailpipe trim elements complete the synthesis of coupé and SUV.

Interior design: sporty, with particular design touches

The interior of the new GLE Coupé shares numerous features with the other models in the new premium-SUV family and clearly emphasises the sporty aspect. A familiar sight is the modern cockpit with two large 12.3-inch /31.2 cm screens. The strikingly styled instrument panel, horizontally divided by a trim tier, transitions seamlessly into the door panels and in the GLE Coupé features ARTICO man-made leather on top as standard. The sporty emphasis comes courtesy of the standard sports seats with particularly good lateral support and Leather cover, and
the new sports steering wheel with nappa leather rim. The SUV touch, meanwhile, is added by the tall centre console with the dominant grab handles. Nappa leather seat covers and door panels in the colour combination classic red/black are exclusively available in the coupé.

As spacious as they come: entrance opening significantly enlarged

The lines of the four-door coupé body have been deliberately tailored more tightly than on the GLE and offer tangibly more room in many places than the predecessor, giving up to five occupants a comfortable amount of space. Although the wheelbase is 60 mm shorter than on the GLE SUV, it is 20 mm longer than in the previous coupé, and this extra space benefits the seating and legroom of the passengers. The entrance opening has even been enlarged by 35 mm. The capacity of the stowage spaces in the interior has grown to a total of 40 litres. The sports suit features figure-hugging tailoring – but is a comfortable fit. The optional panoramic sliding sunroof is now larger, too.

The boot is already generous with 655 litres in its standard configuration and in this position conceals its load beneath a high-quality, folding and removable cover attached with magnets. The backrest of the rear seats with 40:20:40 folding split increases the boot to up to 1790 litres – 70 litres more than in the predecessor and an outstanding figure in this segment. A loading length of almost two metres and a minimum width of up to 1106 mm surpass the predecessor by 78 and 72 mm, respectively, and make the GLE Coupé an unexpected loading champion in the coupé segment. The loading sill is inherently higher than on the conventional SUVs – but here, too, the new GLE Coupé is 59 mm better than the previous model, and when equipped with AIRMATIC, the rear end can even be lowered by a further 50 mm at the touch of a button.

Enjoy the pleasure of being served: the Mercedes-Benz User Experience

The GLE Coupé offers the latest generation of the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system with a host of functions for connectivity, entertainment and operating comfort. They include the intuitive voice control and the learning capability of MBUX as well as a large range of apps that can be integrated into or controlled with MBUX. The information in the instrument cluster and on the media display is easily legible on the large, high-resolution screens. An emotive presentation with brilliant graphics underlines the comprehensibility of
the intuitive control structure. The learning MBUX can also be voice-controlled and enables individual adjustments by means of apps, as well as a host of options for the user that are also offered in the GLE and in the GLS.

Stay connected with Mercedes me connect

The GLE Coupé is now equipped with Mercedes me connect, the newest generation of connectivity that helps Mercedes-Benz owners to stay connected and in sync with their vehicles.

The connected car service was conceptualised to make the lives of Mercedes-Benz owners easier and more at ease, whether it is unlocking their car, starting the engine remotely, getting customer support or simply checking their fuel level by remote means.

The Mercedes me connect features Mercedes-Benz emergency call system (E- call}. With a dedicated button on the roof panel of the vehicle’s cabin, drivers are able to make one-touch emergency calls to the dedicated emergency response centre.

Other features of the Mercedes me connect includes maintenance management, remote vehicle diagnostics, predictive navigation, parked vehicle locator, ENERGIZING COACH.

To enjoy the services, owners are required to register and set up their personal Mercedes me account on the Mercedes me _ portal at or via the Mercedes me 2020 app, available for iOS or Android. Owners will be able to pair their Mercedes me account with their Mercedes-Benz vehicle and they will then be guided through all the necessary steps for setup and activation of services.

Sportiness as standard: the powertrain engineering

Power as desired, i.e. torque-on-demand, is also the power transmission motto. Because all variants of the new GLE Coupé have a transfer case with an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch as standard behind the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission. It allows a variable shift of the drive torque from 0-100 percent (torque-on-demand) between the axles. During cornering, the system can influence the yaw torque in a targeted manner towards over- and understeer of
the vehicle and together with the shorter wheelbase increases the agility of the new GLE Coupé.


As standard, the new GLE Coupé comes with a further advanced air suspension system AIRMATIC and has a sportier set-up than in the GLE SUV. Its adaptive adjustable damping uses highly complex sensor systems and algorithms to adapt the damping characteristics to the road condition and driving situation in real time. In addition, the air suspension keeps the vehicle at the same level irrespective of the load and can also adjust the ground clearance – automatically or at the touch
of a button depending on the driving speed and the situation.

A further improvement is offered by the optional E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension, which is combined with the AIRMATIC air suspension system. This is the only system on the market that can control spring and damping forces individually at each wheel. This means that it not only counteracts body roll, but also pitch and squat movements. Together with ROAD SURFACE SCAN as a component of the Driving Assistance package and the curve inclination function CURVE, E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL combines roadholding and comfort in a unique way and thus underscores the aspiration of Mercedes-Benz to build the world’s most intelligent SUV suspension.

E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL operates with a voltage of 48 V, and is available as an optional extra. On poor road surfaces the system is even able to recuperate energy, roughly halving the energy requirement compared with the preceding system in the S-Class. The hydraulics generate dynamic forces that overlay the air suspension forces and actively support and dampen the vehicle body, e.g. during longitudinal and lateral acceleration or when driving on uneven roads.

Driving assistance systems: even better support in all situations

The new GLE Coupé has the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz driving assistance systems giving cooperative support to drivers. This results in an especially high level of active safety. As standard, the new GLE Coupé boasts Active Brake Assist, which can help prevent rear-end collisions and collisions with crossing pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. The Lane Tracking Package consisting of Active Lane Keeping Assist and Blind Spot Assist with exit warning function, MULTIBEAM LED with ULTRA RANGE Highbeam and Adaptative Highbeam Assist Plus among others are also available as standard.

Some Intelligent Drive functions, which are also on the market at the highest level beyond the SUV segment, can be ordered as additional options. They include the Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC with route-based speed adaptation. If the driver switches it on, the GLE Coupé can react to information from Live Traffic, in the ideal scenario even before the driver or the radar and camera sensors can perceive a traffic obstruction. When a traffic tailback is detected, the speed is reduced to approx. 100 km/h as a precaution unless the driver specifically decides otherwise.

When actually driving in a tailback on the motorway, Active Stop-and-Go Assist is then substantially able to perform the tasks of keeping in lane and maintaining the safety distance with a high level of availability at speeds up to around 60 km/h. Moving off can be automatic up to one minute after coming to a stop. On multi-lane roads, Active Steering Assist is able to support the driver with the emergency corridor function. On motorways, at speeds under 60 km/h the vehicle refers to
detected lane markings and applies swarm intelligence to take its bearings from vehicles in the surrounding area. If no such vehicles or markings are detected, the GLE Coupé will take its bearings from the vehicle ahead, as previously.

Six-cylinder in-line turbo engine

The new GLE Coupé is available in two engine variants: GLE 450 4MATIC Coupé and a variant from its performance division, the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+Coupé. Both are equipped with EQ Boost, providing an additional 22 hp of powerand 250 Nm of torque when needed.

GLE 450 4MATIC Coupé

Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 Coupé is powered by the 3.0-litre 6-cylinder in-line turbo engine combined with the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission. It produces 270 kW (367 hp) and a maximum torque of 500 Nm which enables acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds.

Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+ Coupé

In the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Coupé, the 6-cylinder in-line turbo engine generates 320 kW (435 hp) and delivers a maximum torque of 520 Nm, allowing it to reach 0-100 km/h in 5.3 seconds. It guarantees hallmark AMG driving experience in combination with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G 9-speed automatic transmission and AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive.

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