For The Fruit Lover of Fruit Lovers – Get fruitilicious with Häagen-Dazs

Strawberry & Watermelon PintCherry & Blackberry Pint

Häagen-DazsTM launches two new refreshing, fruity flavours to keep you cool all season long. Available from June, fruit lovers can now dive into decadent pint and stickbar creations for serious summer vibes.

Watermelon & Strawberry (pint and stickbar) features luscious Watermelon ice cream, sprinkled with Strawberry pieces and sweet Strawberry sauce mixed in for that extra texture, while limited-edition pint Cherry & Blackberry is the perfect balance of sweet, creamy Cherry ice cream with tangy swirls of velvety Blackberry sauce.

Available from June, the new summer range features two ultimate fruity combinations for a refreshingly cool summer delight.

Watermelon & Strawberry

Close your eyes and get caught up in a moment of summer bliss with Häagen-DazsTM’s new Watermelon & Strawberry flavour pint combining the cool, juiciness of watermelon ice-cream coupled with sweet strawberry sauce that has a hint of yuzu and sprinkling of real* strawberry bits that will delight your taste buds every spoonful.

Crafted with real fruit, the new refreshing Watermelon & Strawberry flavour will also be available as a stickbar from late June onwards. Indulge in an extraordinary blend of real strawberry bits in premium watermelon ice-cream, made with fresh cream and milk from farms in Europe, enrobed in a crisp coat of white chocolate and strawberry ‘crunchies’ for the perfect summer delight.

Cherry & Blackberry

For those who like a bit of tart with their sweet, Häagen-DazsTM’s limited edition Cherry & Blackberry pint is the number for the summer! A velvety mix of heavenly cherry ice-cream infused with swirls of tangy blackberry sauce, making it the perfect combo of fruity sweetness and a touch of tartness.

Available from June, discover the new flavours at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores, as well as Häagen-DazsTM Cafés near you! Pints are priced at S$14.50, minicups at S$5.50 and stickbar at S$5.90 each. Häagen-DazsTM ice creams are also available on e-retail platforms such as Redmart and Pandamart.

Feel the summery vibes – Tiffany Lovage Collaboration

As the Ice Cream of Ice Creams, Häagen-DazsTM believes that everyone has the creative potential to live their best lives. In collaboration with homegrown Singaporean artist Tiffany Lovage, Häagen-DazsTM has created a limited-edition sling bag and a series of merchandise and social media stickers on Instagram & Telegram featuring her signature style of vibrant, whimsical illustrations.

Practical and elegant in design, the sling bags are perfect for a day out for your beach adventures and are redeemable with every $28 purchase of Häagen-DazsTM products from supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Reusable shopping bags featuring Lovage’s gorgeous artworks are available for redemption with every $18 purchase of Häagen-DazsTM products from selected convenience stores and petrol marts*.

*T&Cs apply.

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