New Google Pixel Buds

With custom-designed 12 mm dynamic speaker drivers, Google Pixel Buds deliver  rich, high-quality audio. A unique hybrid acoustic design combines the best of in-ear  and earbud styles. The eartips gently seal the ears to isolate loud outside noises and  deliver powerful sound. The spatial vents reduce that plugged-ear feeling, and let  through just the right amount of environmental sound so that you can stay aware.

Eartips in three  sizes ensure that your earbuds can be customised to best fit your unique ear shape.  Each earbud’s stabiliser arc gently tucks into the ear, and together with the soft-fit  eartip, helps Pixel Buds to stay put securely and comfortably, even when you’re  exercising. 

Each earbud has dual beamforming microphones that focus on your voice, and a  voice accelerometer to detect the vibrations of your jawbone when you’re talking.  These features help you to sound crystal clear on calls, even in noisy and windy  conditions, such as when you’re running or cycling.​

Adaptive Sound dynamically and subtly adjusts the volume as you move between  quiet and noisy environments, so you don’t have to constantly raise or lower the  volume. Adaptive  Sound adjusts for sustained noise, rather than one-off background noise, to ensure a  non-disruptive listening experience. And if you manually adjust the volume, Adaptive  Sound will be temporarily disabled to respect your settings.

Talk to the Google Assistant hands-free to start your workout music, continue a  podcast, or send a quick reply – just say “Hey Google” or touch and hold either  earbud while you speak.​ 

Get real-time translation right in your ear while using a Pixel or Android 6.0+ phone.​4​   Say “Hey Google, help me speak Japanese” to start a conversation. Whether you’re  finding your way around foreign countries or connecting with multilingual family and  friends during the festive season, you can easily understand and be understood.  

Important controls are a touch away, so you don’t have to pull out your phone. Tap  your earbud once to play/pause, twice to skip, three times to rewind, or swipe to  adjust the volume. Controls are identical on both earbuds, making gestures easy to  remember.  

Google Pixel Buds are water- and sweat-resistant, so rainy days and sweaty  workouts are no problem.​

Get five hours of listening time on a single charge, and 24 hours with the case. A  10-minute charge in the case gives you two hours of listening time, and an hour in  the case will give you a full charge.​ Google Pixel Buds is Qi-certified, so you can  easily charge them without reaching for a cable. Just place the case on a compatible  wireless charging pad.​

Personalize your audio experience: Use base boost and sharing detection for more options to use Pixel Buds in a way that’s unique to you. Sharing detection automatically detects when you’re sharing an earbud with someone, allowing you to control your own volume on your respective earbuds.

Transcribe your conversations: Apart from Pixel Buds’ conversation mode translate feature, the new transcribe mode helps you follow along by reading the translated speech directly into your ear.

Attention alerts. Be alerted to your dog barking or baby crying with Attention Alerts, which lowers the volume of your content momentarily to alert you to what’s going on around you.

Find my Device. Find your earbuds more easily by referring to the last known location of your Pixel Buds on a map.

A more helpful Google Assistant. Do more on the go with your earbuds, including turning touch controls on and off and checking your battery life with Google Assistant.

Available in Clearly White at a retail price of SGD$269 through the ​Google Store​ from 14 July 2020.  

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