navetta 64


The Navetta 64, The Absolute Pathfinder, is like a sister to the other models in the range: she is a Navetta, and you can easily tell why. The wide and uninterrupted side glass window, which runs from the aft mirror to the windshield, outlines her exterior shapes, characterized by the significant enlargement of the bow windows and the opening of the side gunwales in the cockpit.


In the Beach Club version, the transom can be turned from large storage into an actual double cabin on the water’s surface thanks to a fully glazed watertight access door with a certified watertight seal.

Beach Club by day and VIP cabin with an en-suite head by night: this alchemy is made possible thanks to the placing of the crew cabin—with 2 berths—directly accessible from the second starboard side door. A triumph of livability both at daytime and at night-time, right at the stern, right on the water!



Aboard the Navetta 64, all the spaces are designed to offer the maximum enjoyment of the rooms—always panoramic and bright, thanks to unprecedented-size windows. In addition, the spaces are furnished and refined with everything you need to feel just like at home, without giving up on anything.

The Fly area has a far greater width than on any other 64-foot yachts.

In the main deck, the living room is surrounded by frameless glass windows, offering breathtaking panoramas. The comfortable sofas, the large table, the entertainment area, and the galley—easily connectable to the cockpit—top it all off. Moreover, the area is overlooked by a steering position with a unique windshield of more than 10 feet, curved and frameless for absolute visibility, especially when sitting.

Below the deck, the master cabin is at the bow with a king-size bed, large side windows, and a full-beam head. Also, the VIP cabin really stands out: its livability is definitely above average and the materials selected are simply exquisite. Furthermore, the third cabin is a double stateroom with single beds. Finally, all cabins have en-suite heads.



External lines/side view:

– Navetta line is maintained, with new addition, like…

o Colour contrast inserts (black, grey, white);

o Different finish inserts (metallic) on supports to the superstructure;

– Open cockpit and gunwale;

– Tilted windscreen;

– Addition of black plexiglass in the area near the steps along the side walkways, that lightens the side line;

– Detailed GRP along the hull;

– Enlarged bow window, part of the deck/hull coupling;

– Colour contrast details also on Hard top structure;

– Dark colour GRP insert also along the fly railing.


– Enormous fly for boat of this size;

– Floor without steps;

– Dining area and piloting area covered by the Hard Top with huge electrical opening;

– Central positional piloting seat with 360° visibility;

– Dashboard neatly organized, with flush mounted displays (up to two 22’’ GPS chartplotter) and flush mounted devices;

– Two sofas at the sides of the helm, with two storage compartments per side under them (as well as two life rafts housing);

– Very big hard top (OPT) with: o only one support pole;

o new loudspeakers with contrasting colour;

o colour contrast between the GRP and the covered panels (dark grey/ecru colour);

o new recessed LED light strip all around the perimeter of the opening;

o spotlights frames are the same colour of the covered panel, to camouflage more.

– Teak table with L-shaped sofa (for 4 people) and additional 3 chairs (OPT) (under the sofa, there is a big storage compartment);

– Wetbar with brand new design and great use of recessed lighting:

o glass counter is held by stainless steel support;

o fully equipped outdoor galley with BBQ, fridge, icemaker with icebox (OPT), bigger sink and plenty of storage and countertop space (made of Corian).

– Aft terrace can be equipped with “TF Terrace Atmosphere Modules” (OPT), developed exclusively by Absolute, which is furniture that can be combined in various versions for different occasions, as well as loungers (two – OPT);

– New laminated glass aft balustrade with stainless steel railing without pillars;

– Brand new hard top perimeter closing sheet with sliding door, rigid and with bigger transparent pieces (OPT); – Davit available (OPT);

– Electrical retractable sunshade for the aft flybridge (OPT).


– By opening the side gunwales → 30cm (one feet) of walkable surface more on each side;

– Side access doors, with robust support and smart bumper to prevent strokes on the side: bumper is hosted within a frame which includes also the remote controls for the hydraulic platform (OPT) and telescopic gangway (OPT);

– Mooring hardware, placed lower on the floor with winch and pedal, bollard, and fairlead (identical on both sides);

– New style for the access gates to the cockpit, without frame, more elegant, and with a new lock-unlock easy functionality;

– On starboard side, control switches for the cablemaster (OPT) hosted into a stainless steel frame with lid;

– Dark GRP decoration all around the sofa that creates continuity with ceiling design;

– On port side fresh water hand spray with mixer is hosted into a stainless steel frame with lid;

– Boat hook in housing hidden within the port side window;

– Third docking station (OPT) with full-featuring GPS display that comes with the additional camera facing the foredeck (OPT);

– Triple privacy sunshade system: one for the aft side of the cockpit (OPT), two for the sides (OPT);

– Piece of furniture between galley and cockpit, with retractable vertical window.

Side walkways and bow area:

– Side white rails are high, safe but still elegant;

– Side walkways are wide and protected, since they are covered by the side extensions of the fly;

– Fuel and water loading from both sides with protective teak cover and fuel sump pit against accidental spills;

– Wide C-shaped sofa;

– Bow sundeck with reclining backrests in 3 different heights;

– Foldable table with electrical up and down movement (OPT), with additional removable cushion to be installed in the middle of the sunbed and to be used as a backrest for sitting at the table;

– Possibility to install an awning to cover the whole bow area (OPT), with two carbon poles supporting it towards the bow and the other two corners attached on the GRP section of the superstructure covering the bow sofa;

– Audio system available (two loudspeakers) that can be connected with the radio in the salon, with local control in the bow;

– Four pop up lights (OPT);

– Anchor (upgrade to Ultra anchor as OPT) equipment with winch (with winch reset switch right next to it) plus locker very spacious and easy to inspect;

– Inside the locker, there is a little pouch containing the safety cable for the anchor; – Structure of the sundeck is cantilevered, which increases the walkable space;

– Fenders lockers (two), wide, one on the right and one on the left;

– Above the windscreen, GRP “roof” with grooves created to divert the flow of rain or fresh water coming from the fly from ending up on the sofa cushions.

Beach club (OPT), if not selected → storage compartment with head:

– Very nicely finished watertight sliding door to access from the platform, with smoked glass for privacy, and pneumatic gasket to be watertight;

– The whole area has been certified to be watertight towards the engine room as well;

– Double configuration:

o For daytime, sofa in ecru colour fabric;

o For nighttime, sofa backrest can be folded down, to elongate the surface, and it becomes a full size double bed.

– Fully equipped head, with WC, sink, mirror, shower, and sliding access door (STD, present also if beach club is not selected);

– Direct access from the head to the engine room (OPT);

– Equipment for Beach Club: o Overall watertight materials used;

o Fridge (OPT);

o Radio and two loudspeakers (OPT);

o TV predisposition (OPT);

o Wardrobes at the sides of the bed;

o Reading lights;

o Air cooling system with rotating outlets;

o Roman blinds for extra privacy. – Equipment for aft platform:

o Automatic and retractable ladder that hides underneath the platform (OPT);

o Two deckchairs (OPT);

o Awning with carbon poles (OPT);

o Set of six stainless steel rail hoops with dedicated housing in the engine room (three for the aft side of the platform; two, with a slightly different shape, for the sides, useful when approaching the boat with a tender; the last one goes on fixed teak section floor near the entrance of the beach club for more protection) (OPT).

Main deck:

– High quality materials used, elm and walnut for the furniture, and oak for the floors;

– Particular care also dedicated to the design of the single pieces of furniture, where a continuous texture is kept among the individual doors and drawers. We find this feature on all the furniture, from the cabinets in the companionway, to the sliding door in the VIP head;

– Particular care also dedicated to the contrast of materials/finishes and colours;

– Galley, dining and lounge area are on a single level, without steps;

– Aft galley layout with piece of furniture connecting the cockpit and the galley, with electrical high-and-low window, and storage compartments, one accessible from the cockpit and one from the galley;

– Fully equipped U-shaped galley, with plenty of countertop space, made of Dekton:

o Bigger sink with anti-scratch treatment;

o Induction hob with 4 cookers;

o Dishwasher (OPT);

o Microwave oven;

o Built in bin;

o Full size fridge and freezer;

o Storage space dedicated to set of crockery (OPT);

– Venetian blind for galley window (manual as STD, electrical as OPT)

– Wide dining table for 6 people (3 on the sofa and 3 on the Minotti chairs, available in fabric as STD and in leather as OPT).

– Electrical glass with up and down mechanism, to divide the galley and lounge area;
– Huge windows, from floor to ceiling, all along the main deck;

– Wood venetian blinds, manual as STD and electrical as OPT;

– Incredible height, kept at the same level on the whole area, with very detailed ceiling, LED strips surrounded by lacquered frame;

– Different configurations for the salon:

o Two fabric sofas (STD);

o Two leather sofas (OPT);

o Minotti armchair (OPT);

o Minotti rug (OPT);

o Minotti marble coffee table (OPT).

– Particular care in the design of air conditioning system → outlets placed right near the ceiling not to bother guests;

– Up-and-down electrical mechanism for TV in cabinet on port side;

– Possibility to install up to 4 loudspeakers and subwoofer;
Raised pilothouse:

– Separating short bulkhead between salon and pilothouse has a distinctive design in the wood;

– Helm station with great visibility, since it is raised and it has a one-piece-windscreen, tilted and rounded, with minimized rounded side pillars;

– Windscreen wipers, when not used, are hidden above the windscreen as well;

– Helm station perfect for both steering while standing or sitting;

– Dashboard hosts flush mounted displays (up to two 22″ GPS displays) as well as all the other devices;

– Compass positioned centred line with the helm, high above near the ceiling;

– Blue LED lighting along the dashboard area for best comfort during overnight navigations.

– Two extremely ergonomic piloting seat available (second is OPT): new sporty design, electrically adjustable;

– Settee on port side, next to the helm, for guests;

– Possibility to install the side captain door on starboard side, right next to the helm, to manoeuvre while standing outside; within the door there is a manual window, for easy ventilation;

– Another window is located on port side, bigger than our standard, and it is electrical;

– Air conditioning outlets in the dashboard dedicated to the captain, with local control panel.
Lower deck stairs and companionway:

– Main switchboard located on the stairs, in a comfortable position, where everything is labelled and at easy access;

– Next to the switchboard, there is the wine cooler;

– In the companion way on the lower deck:

o Neat piece of furniture for extra storage;

o Mirror with lights;

o Floor between lower deck companionway and the cabins all around it is all in one piece and without steps;

– Wide storage compartment accessible from the companionway, with:

o Dyson vacuum cleaner, and dedicated housing (OPT);

o Combo washing-machine/tumble drier (OPT);

o Plenty of storage;

o Direct access to technical compartments under the bow area, which allows the maintenance of the bow propeller engine and its batteries, as well as the water heater dedicated to the bow cabin, and also to the hydraulic manifolds, where everything is labelled to easily exclude different areas.


Bow master cabin:

– Elegant and high-quality materials used all over the cabin and head, like precious velvet, woods, leather and marble;

– Master cabin at the bow, advantages:

o Best privacy against every other cabin on board:

o Best quietness against any possible source of disturbing sound or noise,

o Best panoramic view for three reasons:

the windows are huge

▪ their position is high on the sea water level

▪ the orientation of the windows is not straight at side but sloped forward,

o The space left underneath the cabin is exploited for storage compartment accessible from the companionway, mentioned before.

– No steps in the floor nor in the ceiling;

– King size bed with bedside tables integrated in the overall bed structure;

– Huge side windows with two portholes inside the cabin;

– Plenty of storage space, inside neatly finished cabinets, open shelves and wardrobes (two, with mirrored doors);

– On starboard side, vanity desk, with soft-closing lid with mirror, and an ottoman (as OPT Minotti leather chair);

– A settee on port side; – Ceiling lighting with LED strips and rotating spots;

– Air conditioning outlets near the ceiling, as mentioned before;

Bow en suite master head:

– Sliding access door from the master cabin;

– Full beam head, with two windows and two portholes;

– Plenty of space, both “walkable” and for storage;

– Corian countertop as STD, or marble as OPT;

– Bidet (OPT);

– Spacious shower, where one of the portholes is fitted for air ventilation;

– Elegant finish to the frame around the hanging mirror, as well as for the bulkheads.

Port side VIP cabin towards the aft:

– Actually, a second master cabin;

– King size bed;

– Same materials used in the master;

– Very large window with porthole;

– Roomy walk-in closet towards the bow;

– Vanity desk area with lots of cabinets for storage;

– Ceiling lighting with LED strips and rotating spots;

– Air conditioning outlets high near the ceiling.


VIP en suite head:

– Two-leaf sliding door with synchronised opening;

– Spacious separated shower with porthole, on port side;

– Spacious separated area with WC, on starboard side;

– Sink with marble top (OPT);

– NO steps from the cabin to the head, nor within the head.

Starboard guest cabin:

– Huge height and dimensions, all throughout the cabin;

– Same materials used in the master

– Beds are full size rectangular single beds;

– Window is the same size as the VIP ones and there is also an opening porthole for air ventilation;

– Very spacious wardrobe;

– Air conditioning outlets high near the ceiling.

Starboard guest head/day head:

– Sliding access doors both from the cabin and the companionway;

– Spacious separated shower with porthole;

– Sink with marble top (OPT).
Crew cabin:

– Entrance door identical to the side captain door (except for the small window);

– Comfortable and safe stair with handrail;

– Crew cabin bulkheads confining with the guests’ cabins are covered with soundproof material, to provide even more privacy;

– As STD two seats and one table, which can be transformed into one bed;

– As OPT a foldable pullman bed is available;

– WC and shower, sink and mirror;

– Air conditioning (STD), and two portholes;

– Wardrobe;

– TV predisposition available (OPT).
Engine room:

– Access from the cockpit hatch (STD) or from the waterproof door in the Beach club/Aft storage head (OPT);

– Comfortable height;

– Easy to go around the engines for inspection;

– Particular care dedicated to the ventilation of the engine room:

air inlet is as close as possible to the engines air filter;

– Fire-fighting system provides the tank centered in the bulkhead for better efficiency;

– Fuel tanks are placed in a very user-friendly position for the inspection;

– Main components of the systems and equipment on board are arranged in an orderly, intuitive and rational way for operation and maintenance.



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