Maje Stands United to Supply Protective Masks & Heighten Preventive Measures



As the fight against the global health crisis goes on, Maje is committed to doing its part for the world. Together, Maje’s upmost priority is to protect the Maje Family, with the brand heightening measures to contribute to the dedicated fight.

A first step to stand in solidarity, Maje has joined forces with a network of manufacturers in the Pays de la Loire region to produce protective face masks. These masks act as a first layer of protection, a precious barrier that is essential for frontline heroes to combat the Covid-19.


As of 1st April, 12,000 FFP1 masks have been ordered, and have been delivered to the Agence Régionale de Santé d’Ile-de-France (Greater Paris regional health agency). The Greater Paris regional health agency stands as the core framework that manages the health system and distribution of medical resources in Paris, allowing for mask distribution to achieve top efficiency and fair allocation.


The masks are distributed according to urgency and priority needs to home care and law enforcement agencies. Going forward, Maje wishes to take this further by extending a crucial goal of manufacturing 500,000 masks per week.

Through this, Maje hopes to help and show appreciation for those who are greatly involved in the ongoing battle and bring the world closer to a better tomorrow.

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