Engagements and weddings are the holy grail in the world of jewelry and Larry Jewelry prides itself on capturing the true essence of a couple’s journey of love with its fine jewelry designs.

With over five decades of experience, Larry Jewelry has unveiled its latest Engagement Ring series, the Forever After Collection and their Wedding Band suite, the Eternal Circle of Love Collection. The team of designers, while crafting both the engagement and wedding rings, acknowledged the burden on grooms hunting for the all-important ring when planning to pop the question. The answer, according to Larry Jewelry, is timeless elegance but with a personality.



Four immaculate pieces are showcased in the Forever After Collection. Each that will fit a unique style, budget and capture the special bond of a relationship and unique personality of your bride-to-be.


Forever After White Diamond Oval Ring

The oval shape for centuries has been a symbol of rebirth, fertility, and a promise of eternal love. Larry Jewelry’s Forever After White Diamond Oval Ring is for the discerning bride who seeks the perfect balance between classic design and her own unique spirit. The skilled designers have perfectly sculptured a stunning oval diamond to illuminate its natural brilliance. Mounted on a 18K white gold diamond encrusted band, the ring is bold and distinctive.



Forever After White Diamond Pear-Shaped Ring

Pear shaped engagement rings are one of the most elegant choices when it comes to diamond rings but remains one of the most elusive shapes to buy. Larry Jewelry’s pear-shaped diamond ring design showcases an air of vintage chic for the modern bride. Transcending time, this magnificent piece in the Forever After Collection is the perfect combination of classic elegance and modern romance.


Forever After White Diamond Square-Emerald Ring

The Square Emerald Cut Ring is fit for royalty. For the bride who likes to be indulged and showered with lavish romance, Larry Jewelry’s Square-Emerald Cut Diamond Ring is heavenly perfection. Putting a spotlight on the high-quality gemstone and its perfect clarity, this modern, sleek and glamorous ring is extravagant in its minimalist design.



Forever After White Diamond Emerald Cut Ring


Emerald diamonds are celebrated for its elongated facets & tiered corners. Only a master jeweller is able to tame the rough to achieve its unique shape and brilliant lustre. Larry Jewelry’s Forever After Emerald Cut Diamond Ring is accentuated with a pair of angular kite diamonds on either side, magnifying its beauty and precision.






Making the ultimate commitment to the love of your life is an extraordinary occasion in your life. Choosing the right wedding band that captures this special moment, your unique personalities, your journey in love and your everlasting bond can be daunting. Larry Jewelry has been helping couples for over 50 years now to select the perfect wedding band. Continuing the tradition, the celebrated jeweller has unveiled three designs in their Eternal Circle of Love Collection for couples declaring their perpetual love and pledge to each other.


The first is an elegant pair of white gold bands that beautifully solidifies the union of love. For her, the slender band is dotted with shimmering flashes of round diamonds honouring the purity of her commitment. For him, the band is a solid glossy band that affirms his desire to stand by her in times of happiness, challenges and his unyielding loyalty.



The second, more opulent design lavishly celebrates the couple’s vow to each other. Her band features five glorious round diamonds mounted on an 18k white gold band proudly declaring her love. His band features a mosaic of interweaving impressions. This unique indented design is a symbol of journey already taken to find his ultimate love and the exciting voyage that awaits the new couple that will be imprinted in their hearts.





The third design in the Eternal Circle of Love Collection is an exceptional combination of hues, style and craftsmanship. By combining the contrasting glacial white gold and warm tones of rose gold, the pair of bands instantly recognises the two individuals becoming one. Her band features graceful femininity with the glitter of 40 round diamonds encompassed by two beautiful rose gold bands featuring round bauble finish.

His band exudes confident masculinity. Two solid rose gold bands encircling a strip of white gold – a powerful yet refined declaration of his devotion and faithfulness.



The Forever After Collection and Eternal Circle of Love Collection debuts at the Larry Jewelry Paragon/ION boutique this March. Prices Upon Request.



Larry Jewelry (Paragon)

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#01-21 Paragon

Singapore 238859

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