2019 Japan Food Matsuri is back at Takashimaya with more scrumptious treasures. Enjoy delicious ramen, juicy wagyu, sweet treats, even unique health and beauty products at the biggest and best Japanese food & culture festival.

Japan Matsuri


Japan Food Matsuri is back at Takashimaya with more scrumptious treasures. Enjoy slurpalicious ramen, juicy wagyu, sweet treats, even unique health and beauty products at the biggest and best Japanese food & culture festival.


JAPAN FOOD MATSURI RETURNS is part of Takashimaya’s 26th anniversary celebrations in Singapore and exclusive to Takashimaya.



The delightfully delicious world of Japanese gastronomy arrives at Takashimaya Department Store in October, with rare and wonderful foods from all over Japan.


JAPAN FOOD MATSURI RETURNS with 45 vendors and suppliers of these artisanal and gourmet brands come from across the country, including Hokkaido, Kyusyu, Okinawa and of course, Tokyo. They offer a fresh spread of products and services, with 14 brands participating for the first time in Singapore.


This exciting edition of JAPAN FOOD MATSURI RETURNS – from Thursday, Oct 3 to Sunday, Oct 20 – showcases Ramen Revolution, sushi, sake, shochu, whisky, wagyu, seafood, hand parfait, soft serve, matcha, mochi and much more.


Ramen Revolution

Enjoy authentic ramen in the heart of Orchard Road with 5 brands at JAPAN FOOD MATSURI RETURNS


4 of the brands are in Singapore for the first time, with 1 exclusive to Takashimaya.



For an exceptional taste you will not find anywhere else, Ichiran cooks its New York Limited Ichiran Instant Ramen on the spot and serves it with its unique broth at Special Individual Booth Seats. This Tonkotsu Ramen at $12 a bowl is limited to 700 servings per day.

Another one-of-a-kind offering is from 175° DENO Ramen – the soupless Tantanmen Dry Noodle at $15. Also available are Yoshiyama Shouten’s Spicy Miso ($14), Society of Ramen Asahikawa’s Matsuri Special Ramen ($21), and Teppei Okinawa’s Soki Soba ($8).



Sushi Surprise

3 brands of sushi will debut, with a different Chef each week – Hiroshi Matsumoto from Tokyo Ginza, Eugenia from Table at 7 and Keisuke Kaneko from Monsuzhi.


At the sushi counter and standing bar, the menu is Omakase style – Regular ($88), Special ($128) and Premium ($188). Savour the delicious sushi creations with a wide range of sake, shochu or whisky. Or choose a Tasting Set of 3 types of Sake ($15), or Shochu (from $10), or Whisky (from $10).


Some extremely interesting labels are the 10-year Aged Gendainomeiko Sake ($128/720ml), Yamakawa Shuzo Ryukyu Awamori Kaneyama 1967 Vintage Shochu ($15,000/720ml, limited to 2 bottles), and Mars Whisky Komagatake Limited Edition 2018 ($268/700ml).



Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Directly air flown from Japan, come some of the freshest and sweetest fruits and vegetables.



Like Sapporo Hokuren’s Daikon (white radish @$5.90/pc), Nagaimo (long yam @$8.90/pc), Tamanegi (onion @$3.90/kg), or Nagasaki’s Horenso (spinach @$4.90/150g).


But it is the juicy fruit that is most tantalizing – Hokkaido Raiden Melon ($29 for 1.3kg and above or $35 for 1.5 kg and above).




Meaty Matters

Sink your teeth into some wonderful wagyu, with premium cuts like an A4 Grade Steak at $35/100g, and A4 Grade Shabu Shabu at $35/100g.

If you can’t wait to take it home to cook, why not have a bowl of Kinton’s Wagyu Gyu Don ($18) immediately or some  Wagyu Fried Rice ($10) by Teppei X 29 Niku at the Masturi.


If you prefer something else on top of your rice, go for Sugiyam Suisan’s King Crab Meat Bento ($42) or Ohta Syokuhin’s Fried Oyster ($3/pc).


Then take home some of Honma Suisan’s Ikura salmon roe ($20/100g), Ryubo Food Market’s Umi Bodo sea grapes ($8/pack) or Issin Foods’ Dried Scallop ($80/100g).



Sweet Beauty

For dessert, there’s nothing tastier than a Matcha Cheese Tart ($3.90) or Zaku Zaku Soft Serve ($6) from Bake X Zakuzaku special collaboration booth.


For a glittering alternative, there’s Kanazawa Sanada’s Pure Gold Yuzu Sweet Bean Soup ($5.80). Or Ohagi 3’s Warabi Mochi ($8/pack) and Oni Manju ($3.50/pc). Also available are Kyorakudo’s Mochitto Strawberry ($6/cup), Little Juice Bar’s Ichigo Kezuri Shaved Strawberry Sweets ($8), Parfaiteria Pal’s Hokkaido Hand Parfait ($18) and Maruamami’s Mochi Obanyaki with purple sweet potato filling ($3.50/pc).


Once your sweet cravings have been satiated, stroll along to the Health & Beauty section to revitalise your visage and physique with a Lavida Sana Okinawa Face Wash Mask ($85), Kiyorabi Nano Hydrogen Water (from $6/pack) or Oaks Heart Fuji Apple Drinking Vinegar ($22/250ml), Sugi Bee Garden Yuzu Honey ($30/500ml) and Manda Koso’s Super Manda Koso Enzyme ($320/145g).


JAPAN FOOD MATSURI RETURNS has something for everyone.




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