2 MONCLER 1952 + Valextra Singapore Launch

Ayden Sng, Yoyo Cao, Fann Wong, JJ Lin, Rebecca Lim, Nathan Hartono (1)Set-up (1) (1)Set-up (3) (1)Set-up (7)


Key celebrities, renowned socialites and VIP guests were invited to celebrate the drop of the 2 Moncler 1952 + Valextra Collection. The launch was kicked off with an exclusive cocktail at the Moncler Flagship Store in Marina Bay Sands, which boasts to be one of the largest in the Asia-Pacific region to date, followed by an after party at one of the coolest clubs on the island; Cherry Discotheque.

The cocktail was highlighted by the appearance of a star-studded cast of celebrities, including internationally known Mandopop singer JJ Lin. Models were showcasing some of the key looks from this quirky collection, posing at the sphere LED installation, which replicated the setup as seen in the Moncler Genius FW19 Milan Presentation. At the after party, multi-talented DJ Yuka Mizuhara dropped the best party tunes and everyone danced to her infectious music. Sharing the helm of 2 Moncler 1952, Sergio Zambon and Veronica Leoni have instilled new energy into the collection that is named after the founding year of the brand. Sergio Zambon has been brought up in a multicultural environment which has cultivated his ability to creatively adapt to any and every environment he resides in. He imbued the menswear collection with pop spirit and a relaxed attitude, highly inspired by the youth culture and music. The men’s collection infuses Moncler’s heritage with archived prints and a mix of muted colours that hints at a vague 70s feel. Veronica Leoni is pragmatic in her approach to design and draws inspiration from the subcultural richness of London, a place that greatly shaped her taste and vision. She has interpreted the Moncler code in a layering of materials and shapes combining functionality and freedom of expression in a collection that is eclectic and modular.

Apart from the ready to wear, Moncler also launches the 2 MONCLER 1952 + VALEXTRA, a collaboration between Moncler and Valextra – born from shared values and dialogues with today’s culture. Both brands are known for their premium quality and innovative designs. The minimalism and structure of Valextra bags is disrupted by the oversized tone-on-tone signature down accessories of Moncler, resulting in unexpected tension between the timeless and the current. Together, they bring forward a collection that challenges the boundaries of the norm, taking on the global scene to tell the continuous story of Moncler’s dynamic, innovative and formidable spirit.

Moncler Genius is a multi-faceted project that brings together complementary and diverse products that become a platform for creative adventure. It takes a real gamble on tomorrow and looks to the future. Following single launches since this June, the brand celebrates this third drop, which will be available at all Moncler stores from 29 August onwards.

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Singaporean singer-songwriter and Mandopop star JJ Lin, local celebrities Fann Wong, Rebecca Lim, and Nathan Hartono, international DJ Yuka Mizuhara, fashion entrepreneur Yoyo Cao, model Aimee Cheng Bradshaw and Fiona Fussi, along with various key socialites and influencers, including Amanda Chaang, Jonathan Chua and Ayden Sng


盟可睞 MONCLER 於新加坡慶祝 2 MONCLER 1952 + VALEXTRA系列發佈

多名貴賓和城中名人獲邀出席盟可睞 Moncler 於新加坡濱海灣金沙酒店旗艦店所舉辦的雞尾酒會,並在 這間亞太區其中一個最大的品牌旗艦店中,率先預覽 2 Moncler 1952 + Valextra 系列,著名國語歌手林 俊傑的出現更成為雞尾酒會的一大亮點。場內展出以今年 2 月 Moncler Genius 秋冬系列米蘭發佈會佈置 為藍本的球型 LED 裝置,由模特兒在裝置前展示別樹一格的系列造型。雞尾酒會後,賓客移師至品牌於 Cherry Discotheque 所舉辦的派對,多才多藝的 DJ Yuka Mizuhara 呈獻精彩的音樂體驗,讓大家盡情融 入於派對的節奏和氣氛中。 2 Moncler 1952 系列以品牌成立的年份命名,並由設計師 Sergio Zambon 和 Veronica Leoni 共同為這個合 作系列注入新動力。男裝系列設計師 Sergio Zambon 於不同的文化背景下成長,能夠輕鬆應對任何他所 面對的創意環境。他深受青年文化和音樂啟發,其所帶來的 pop spirit 洋溢著輕鬆的態度,潛移默化地 滲進這一系列,同時以盟可睞 Moncler 的品牌傳承作為設計核心,以經典圖案和柔和色彩呈現 出 70 年 代風格。女裝系列設計師 Veronica Leoni 的設計務實而深刻,並以啟迪她審美觀的倫敦作為系列的靈感 來源。她以不同面料和輪廓的混搭與層疊來解讀盟可睞 Moncler 的品牌個性,融匯貫通地表達出當中的 功能性與自由,展現實用而令人驚嘆的成果。

除了成衣系列外,盟可睞 Moncler 亦與 Valextra 攜手推出 2 Moncler 1952 + Valextra 合作系列。以經典高 端皮革製品著稱的 Valextra 秉承米蘭文化傳承,以建築與設計為靈感,將美學與創新和工藝結合。是次 合作中,Valextra 極簡風格的皮包與盟可睞 Moncler 誇張的同色系經典羽絨服飾相遇,創造出意想不到 的永恆與當下之間的張力,同時突破界限,延續盟可睞 Moncler 充滿活力、創新和不怕困難的精神。

Moncler Genius 是一個多元的創意項目,將完善而多樣的產品聚集在一起,成為一個孕育和探索創意的 平台。這是一個向明天的冒險,也是對未來的願景。品牌從今年 6 月起以月度形式發布不同的合作系 列,而 2 Moncler 1952 + Valextra 為第三個發佈的系列,於 8 月 29 日起在盟可睞 Moncler 全線專門店內 正式發售。

更多品牌資訊,請登錄盟可睞 Moncler 官方網站 http://www.moncler.com



新加坡創作歌手林俊傑(JJ Lin)、藝人范文芳(Fann Wong)、林慧玲(Rebecca Lim)、向洋(Nathan Hartono)、DJ Yuka Mizuhara、時尚名人 Yoyo Cao、模特兒 Aimee Cheng Bradshaw 和 Fiona Fussi



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