Johnnie Walker Gold Label announced the Singapore’s next iconic cocktail

Singapore has officially found their next iconic cocktail – Gold & Rojak! This progressive, locally inspired winning libation will be taking over Singapore’s hottest neighbourhoods from the end of September.


On Friday, 23 August, Johnnie Walker heated things up by inviting Singaporeans to be a part of history to find the next national up-and-coming cocktail. This unique cocktail competition brought seven World-Class bars to showcase their interpretation on a truly Singaporean tipple. Developed by ultra-progressive cocktail bar Tippling Club, the winning concoction Singapore Encore, uses flavour profiles of Rojak as an interpretation of what Singapore’s cultural diversity has become.

Encapsulating the diversity and amalgamation of Singapore’s melting pot and applying the winning flavour profiles voted by the public, Gold & Rojak, was formedThe cocktail is a modern take on a simple, but approachable Whisky Highball that uses Rojak as the overarching flavour profile. The traditionally eclectic character notes of sweet and sour, with a hint of spice are reflected in this new modern cocktail – all of which work perfectly in balance with the nutty and sweet vanilla notes in Johnnie Walker Gold Label. Packed full with ice, Gold & Rojak would make a perfect refreshing highball for our summery Singapore weather.


JW Gold_Singapore Encore.jpg


JW Gold_Reserve BottlesJW Gold_Event Setup OutsideJW Gold_Make Your Own HighballsJW Gold_Event SetupJW Gold_Iconic Cocktails_1


The competition brought together seven leading bars who showcased their interpretation on a truly Singaporean tipple. Crafted by some of the best in our local cocktail scene, the guests had a tough decision, but the crowned winner was Singapore Encore by Tippling Club. Consisting of Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Rojak Cordial, Tonic and a cucumber garnish, this take on a classic whisky highball is inspired by Singapore’s melting pot of cultures and traditions.

thumbnail (6).jpg



Gold & Rojak will be available from 30th September at some of the hottest outlets in Singapore, including; Neon Pigeon, Fry Bistro , Taki Taki, Jekyll & Hyde, Muffinry, Blue Mist, Chug Chug, 18 Hours, Birds of a Feather, Haruyuki Izakaya, Wine Mansion, Sum Yi Tai, Mona Lounge, 6 Grey Bar and Gin and Don Ho. Tippling Club will be offering guests an opportunity to try the original Singapore Encore for everyone that missed the opportunity.


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