Looking Your Best Inside Out Effortlessly at Spacio Clinic

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This year, non-invasive aesthetic treatments have been on the steady incline with more open-minded men and women looking to take better care of their skin in order to look their best.
The Spacio Clinic, founded in July 2018, is the second-generation evolution of Spacio Beauty, symbolising the complete circle in beauty. Catering to the best of both worlds: Spacio Clinic focuses on non-invasive cosmetic dermatology as well as medispa treatments. This combination helps achieve the perfection one desires by serving all aesthetic beauty needs.
Their belief is reflected in the quality of their treatments and the exclusive products catered to several skin types. By combining the latest technological advances in aesthetics with Spacio Clinic’s range of skin care products, attaining flawless, porcelain skin becomes easy.

We have tried out their treatment recently and here are our experiences:

Spacio Clinic’s Signature Treatments

Spacio Clinic HydraSkin Booster (60 Minutes, S$298 / Trial price S$68)
Dewy, glowing, celebrity skin is now achievable with Spacio Clinic’s Hydraskin Booster. The Hydraskin Booster is a multi-step treatment that uses patented technology to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and treat the skin. By increasing the Hyaluronic Acid levels in the skin, it improves its ability to hold water thus keeping skin hydrated, plump and supple, at all times.

The treatment takes around 1 hour with a multistage cleansing and using the dedicated machine to exfoliate, extract and treat the skin with a hydrating moisturizer. There is no downtime and you can see a brighter and more radiant face right after the treatment.


Spacio Clinic Lavieen BB Laser (60 Minutes, S$600 / Trial price S$350)

The 1927nm Thulium laser is utilized in this new concept laser treatment to improve elasticity, minimize hair follicles and wrinkles through the treatment of the pigmented skin lesion thus promoting collagen production. Achieve bright, clear and glowing skin as if a BB cream has been applied! With lesser downtime than the generic laser treatment, the Lavieen BB Laser promises to deliver satisfaction in just 1 session!

For more information on Spacio Clinic, please visit http://www.thespacioclinic.com or call 6254 6711.

Spacio Clinic Outlet
Orchard Xchange ION Orchard, B1-39/40



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