Chimichanga Launches “It’s a Rojak Thing” in Celebration of National Day



In celebration of our Nation’s 54th Birthday, Chimichanga launches “It’s a Rojak Thing”, a 2-day event celebrating Singapore’s diversity through food and cocktails.


Our nation’s diversity extends from our multi-ethnic races to various cultures, languages and cuisines that co-exist in Singapore today. In celebration of our colourful nation, Chimichanga has teamed up with Ello and Christopher from the Hanging Gardens to curate a very special menu. “It’s a Rojak Thing” will take place on 8th and 9th of August 2019 with each day featuring a curated menu inspired by local, Asian and Latin flavours.


8th August, Thursday (Eve of National Day): Cocktails by Ello


Watch live as the team at Ello concoct 3 specially curated cocktails – Curry-Manga, Halia Peng and Ah-Lemak. All 3 cocktails will be available at Chimichanga till 31st August at $20 each.



Curry Manga.2

Tequila, Ananas, Fresh Citrus, Curry Leaves



Specially built for Chimichanga, this zesty cocktail takes inspiration from the vibrant Little India district. It combines curry leaves grown in Chimichanga’s own backyard with ananas juice, topped off with a generous splash of tobasco. Fiery, strong and tropical, this is a drink that grows on you.



Halia Peng

Halia Peng.1

Rum, Bentong ginger juice, Condensed milk, Brewed tea



Since we can’t beat the roti pratas already on offer in the district, we made a boozy Teh Halia to go with them. A hair of the dog fit for our island home, the Halia Peng carries Bentong ginger’s trademark spice, rounded off with rum in milky goodness. Anyone said cocktail brunch in kopitiam?



Ah Lemak

Pandan barley Gin, Coconut-washed Bourbon


This Martini/Manhattan hybrid is a whole new kind of surprise. The gin bain-marie in barley and pandan is coupled with bourbon fat-washed in coconut oil. What results is a stiff take on Nasi Lemak, with a fragrant aftertaste to carry you through the night.


9th August, Friday (National Day): Chino Latino


Watch a live screening of the National Day Parade as you indulge in Chino Latino cuisine – a marriage of Asian and Latino flavours. Chino Latino, in partnership with Christopher from the

Hanging Gardens, will feature 4 specially curated dishes – Mapo Nachos, Sichuan Fried Mexican Chicken, Drunken Prawn Tostada and Chipotle Roast Duck Tacos.


Mapo Nachos:$16

The core of what holds a good plate of nachos is the beef chili; what if you replaced the con Carne with silken, unctuous, spicy mapo tofu? An incredible combination of textures and flavours, topped with homemade raw salsa and crema to bring it together.



Sichuan Fried Mexican Chicken:$16
The classic Sichuan fried chicken dish is tossed with dried chilies and chili oil; but what if you added dried ancho and chipotle chilies and a Mexican spice rub to the mix? Viola! Sichuan fried Mexican chicken.



Drunken Prawn Tostada:$14 (2)
The kindest way to kill a prawn is to drown it in liquor; this way, its last moments are bliss. Much like bliss when you combine roasted shrimp with a crispy Tostada, topped with raw salsa, corn, and coriander.



Chipotle Roast Duck Tacos: $12 (2)
Wood-fired, slow-roasted duck Cantonese style tossed with a smoky, sharp Chipotle dressing and served with sour cream and cucumber salsa.

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