ASIA FIRST REVIEW | Klipsch New T5 First-Ever True Wireless Earphones

T5 True Wireless - Angle


Hardware and Design

Design is so important nowadays, earphones not only have to perform well, it has to look beautiful.  The T5 sets itself apart with a distinctive metal design inspired by the Zippo lighter. A flick of your thumb opens the case, in which the earbuds nestle. It is made of special alloy to give it the strength and better than just aluminum which is quite soft by nature.

The case is designed to be open by one hand so that your other hand can reach out to take the earbud out of the box and place in your ear. We like this design because it makes the experience of retrieving the earbuds from their case a lot smoother. Klipsch’s vertical design makes the experience more straightforward — flick the cap open with one hand, retrieve the earbuds with the other hand, flick it close again. It doesn’t sound all that life-changing, but the user experience is a lot smoother once you actually try it out.

Performance and True Comfort

The music came across as suitably balanced and detailed, with an appropriate amount of bass that doesn’t overpower everything else. Klipsch’s patented oval ear tips provided an excellent seal for blocking out noise, which in turn boosted our enjoyment of the tunes.
Legendary Klipsch sound – detailed and dynamic

True Independence

No wires, 4 mics, digital assistant of your choice, 8-hour battery, 24-hour battery with charging case, and Klipsch Connect App compatible


The T5 boasts an impressive 8-hour battery life, along with an additional 24 hours of juice stored within its case. Most other wireless earbuds at this point offer only 4 to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge. Klipsch told us they managed to deliver such a comparatively long battery life thanks to its close partnership with Qualcomm.

When is it available?

The new S$349 T5 True Wireless Earbuds are available at TC Acoustic web store, as well as on Retail store availability at all Challenger outlets and Musica stores.


Great sound and call quality
Awesome battery life
Comfortable fit
Gorgeous charging case
IPX4 water resistant

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