REVIEW | Staycation at YOTEL SINGAPORE beats getting out of town.


YOTEL brands itself as affordable luxury and caters to the modern urban traveler. The YOTEL brand has hotels in busy cities like Boston and New York City and has airport hotels including London and Amsterdam, but the Singapore branch is their first foray into Asia. Staycations are perfect for a quick getaway, not to mention affordable and hassle-free. Here are 5 good reasons why YOTEL Singapore is a suitable place for a staycation.






1) Fuss-free escape

At YOTEL Singapore, they have everything you need and nothing you don’t This is the famous tag line and true enough we don’t feel anything is missing in the room or within the hotel. It’s amazing how they can pack so many things inside a room. When you watch the video, you will notice there are hidden cupboards containing ironing board, umbrella etc.






Beat the queue with self-check-in kiosks, or let their friendly Mission Control crew handle your check-in. Need an extra bottle of water in your room, or a towel perhaps? Just send a request and one of their cute robot butlers – YOSHI and YOLANDA will be coming your way! Let down your hair this weekend and leave the mess to their trusty YOTEL crew. 




2) Escape the heat, take a dip!


Perfect for year-long summer vibes, YOTEL Singapore’s pool is conveniently located beside KOMYUNITI, the hotel’s bar & restaurant. Give yourselves a break, lounge around the poolside with a cocktail in hand. Want to stay out of the heat? Feel free to take a dip or do laps.




3) Experiences for the ‘Gram

From a futuristic Mission Control to a gorgeous outdoor pool, YOTEL Singapore provides the perfect backdrop for your ‘Gram! 



4) Explore the hidden gems of Singapore

Live like a tourist and discover a different side of Singapore! YOTEL’s prime location in the heart of Orchard Road makes everything more convenient. Experience the sights and sounds of the city, or take the road less travelled and let the Lion City surprise you! The Singapore Botanical Gardens is just 2km away. Orchard Road is lined on both sides with major shopping malls, so you can easily get your retail therapy fix here in the comfort of air-conditioning whether you like luxury goods or more high-street fashion. There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes located in the malls, and nightlife spots are within walking distance.


5) Eat to your hearts’ content 

Start your day right with Breakfast. Wake up to a sumptuous breakfast buffet spread at KOMYUNITI





Besides the generous spread of everyday breakfast such as bakery items, KOMYUNITI also offers an eclectic mix of International and Western favourites to satisfy your tastebuds. Head over to the live egg station alongside the buffet and the perfect egg will be made fresh and to your taste – rest assured that it will be egg-cellent!






Comfortable and Functional Room

The key feature is the bed, the bed can be adjusted to shift into a semi-couch like position with one half of the bed raised, so if you are someone who likes to sit on the bed and work, this is pretty perfect as you have some back support.

Hidden panel cupboards – hidden in the walls of the room near the door, you can find an ironing board, umbrella, foldable director’s chair, more clothes hooks and even an extra outlet plug along with the fold-out table.














Big and functional Gym right next to the swimming pool

There is enough equipment to keep you occupied and work out the sweat, before jumping into the pool.



I liked my stay at YOTEL Singapore and I appreciate how it caters to a more modern self-sufficient type of crowd who value efficiency over personal service, and for whom location is of utmost priority for a hotel room over having abundant room space.

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