Samsung Unveils 2019 Line-up QLED 8K, QLED, UHD TV and Soundbar Options


Samsung Electronics Singapore announced the unveiling of the Samsung QLED 8K Q900R TV, complete with 8K AI Upscaling. Available in four large screen sizes (65”, 75”, 82” and 98”), the Samsung QLED 8K TV will feature several 8K-ready enhancements, including Real 8K Resolution, Quantum HDR 8K and 8K Quantum Processor, all created to bring 8K quality images to life. The Samsung QLED 8K Q900R TV with 8K AI Upscaling is a part of the company’s long-term vision of leading 8K to the forefront as the most accurate and life-like screen resolution on the market.



Real 8K Resolution with 8K AI Upscaling

To achieve 8K-quality images, the QLED 8K TV features Real 8K Resolution capable of up to 4,000 nit peak brightness – a standard met by most film studios. The feature allows the TV to produce four times more pixels than a 4K UHD TV and 16 times more pixels than a Full HD TV. With Quantum HDR 8K powered by HDR (High Dynamic Range) 10+ technology, the QLED 8K TV’s brightness level is optimised, producing pristine colours, depth and details. Hence, Samsung TVs deliver extraordinary picture performance to viewers, offering consistent colour and quality as intended by creators.

Samsung’s proprietary 8K AI Upscaling technology is based on artificial intelligence, where it converts content into stunning 8K resolution using AI Machine Learning. It also comes equipped with adaptive brightness and sound that are compatible with 8K technology regardless of the original source quality or format. Whether a user is watching content through a streaming service, set-top box, HDMI, USB or even mobile mirroring, the 8K Quantum Processor recognises and upscales the content to appear in 8K quality. In addition, the QLED 8K TV features Direct Full Array Elite technology for enhanced contrast and precise backlighting control, and also 100% Real Colour, enabling users to witness billions of shades of colour for pure colour accuracy.

Focusing on user efficiency, the QLED 8K TV features a slate of new functions that enable consumers to use their TVs differently while maintaining the highest quality in picture and sound. With the One Remote Control, consumers can easily manage their various connected devices which will be automatically recognised, switching the TV’s image source and audio output to provide an optimised viewing experience. Lifestyle features, such as Magic Screen, have also been enhanced to seamlessly blend the TV in with consumer homes and living spaces.

The One Invisible Connection, available in-box at 5 metres, integrates the optical cable and power cable in a single slim cable that is connected to the One Connect Box, reducing cable clutter and providing a minimalist aesthetic. Consumers can now have the flexibility for TV placement in their homes, where they have more freedom in designing their space, instead of having to place their TV near data or power outlets. Equipped with smart features, such as Samsung SmartThings, the QLED 8K TV provides users with greater access to information, making their lives easier.

2019 Samsung QLED TV: Comprehensive Line-up Suitable for Every Home and Every Lifestyle

Joining Samsung’s QLED 8K Q900R TV is its 2019 QLED TV line-up spanning four series – Q60R, Q75R, Q80R and Q90R – with screen sizes that range from 49 to 82 inches, suiting the needs of every home and every lifestyle.

• A More Pristine Picture The 2019 Q80R and Q90R feature ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ technology, which restructures the TV’s panels so the backlight passes through the panel with lights evenly onto the screen. Engineered to reduce glare and enhance colour, Ultra Viewing Angle provides a vibrant picture regardless of the viewing position. In addition, the Q75R, Q80R, and Q90R models offer Direct Full Array technology that uses a panel featuring concentrated zones of precision-controlled LEDs. These LEDs adjust automatically to display deeper blacks and purer whites, delivering stunning images with pristine contrast.

• A More Intelligent Quantum Processor Samsung’s new QLED TV models feature its own proprietary Quantum Processor 4K. No matter the resolution of the source content, the Quantum Processor 4K uses AI upscaling to deliver improved brightness, picture quality and sound optimized for each scene.

• A More Convenient Content Experience The new 2019 Samsung Smart TVs offer even more ways for users to discover and watch content. Users will be able to leverage the Bixby feature on 2019 QLED TVs and soon use the Google Assistant to easily control their TVs and access their content through voice commands. Users can also quickly and easily navigate their content with Samsung’s One Remote Control, where its added Far-Field Voice Capability allows users to use voice commands to control their TV even if they are across the room from their remote. These features provide consumers with the flexibility and convenience to control their smart homes easily.

• A More Immersive Gaming Experience With Real Game Enhancer, gaming experience on the new Samsung Smart TVs is optimized through a unique set of gaming features. This year, Real Game Enhancer features FreeSync™ (Variable Refresh Rate) technology, which helps prevent tearing and stuttering, as well as Game Motion Plus, which removes motion blur and judder. The feature also minimizes input lag on compatible devices.

In addition, the new Samsung Smart TVs feature Dynamic Black Equalizer, which provides users with better visibility in the dark and uses detailed scene analysis to optimize image quality. It also includes AI-based audio and video enhancements that optimize the settings to deliver cinematic sound and smooth, lifelike visuals that can remain clear even during bright and dark scenes.


• A More Customizable Magic Screen7 First introduced in 2018, the Samsung 2019 QLED TV line-up features Samsung’s award-winning Magic Screen, thoughtfully designed to allow the TV to seamlessly blend in with consumer homes and living spaces. With Magic Screen, it turns a blank screen into a decorative or informational display when the TV is not in active use, where it can provide useful information throughout the day – from playing music to weather updates, or display artistic content such as photos or works of art. In this year’s QLED TV line-up, Magic Screen offers users a greater variety of artistic and decorative pieces for the home, such as new decorative patterns, photos, artwork and mattes. Magic Screen can also mimic the pattern on the wall behind the TV and apply them to a beautiful design on the TV screen, creating an astonishing visual effect and complementing any living space.

2019 Samsung UHD TV

Samsung is offering new models in the 2019 UHD TV line-up, which includes features such as 4K UHD and HDR picture capabilities powered by HDR 10+2, clean cable solutions, slim design, One Remote Control6 and Smart TV functions. The line-up is designed to give consumers not only enhanced picture quality but also provide consumers with beautiful aesthetics that will seamlessly blend in with living spaces.

Samsung New Q Series Soundbars Optimised for QLED TVs

As part of a Samsung Audio Lab and Harman Kardon collaboration, the new Samsung HW-Q70R and HW-Q60R Q Series soundbars features Harman Kardon certification and is equipped with new technology for better sound quality and smarter compatibility. The HW-Q70R and HW-Q60R soundbars are smarter than ever, offering an immersive surround sound experience for home theatres. The soundbars also feature Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to easily enjoy high-quality music from their smartphones.

To provide optimal sound quality, the HW-Q70R and HW-Q60R feature innovative Adaptive Sound technology. The Adaptive Sound technology analyzes content played on a viewer’s QLED TV and automatically detects the ideal sound settings for any given scene, and sets the most suitable mode for optimal sound quality for the content. The HW-Q70R and HW-Q60R also boast Samsung’s proprietary Acoustic Beam technology, where the feature uses an array of holes in the speaker to create a more dynamic and panoramic soundscape, filling every corner of the room with full sound. In addition, the HW-Q70R is also equipped with Dolby Atmos® and DTS:x immersive, 360-degree surround sound technology, previously only available in high-end Samsung soundbar models such as the HW-N950 and HW-N850. With the HW-Q70R, consumers can enjoy an immersive home entertainment experience, with room-filling sound and overhead audio effects.

Samsung is also launching three new audio products that offer clear and immersive sound tailored to the different ways individual consumers set up and use their home theatre systems.

• HW-R650: Sleek and slim in design, the HW-R650 soundbar comes with a built-in centre speaker, which creates crystal-clear dialogue and sound, allowing users to listen to every detail whenever they watch their favourite blockbuster movies.

• HW-R550 & HW-R450: The HW-R550 and HW-R450 soundbars complement and elevate TV sound with their powerful bass, boosting users’ gaming and cinematic experiences.

Local Pricing and Availability & Launch Promotion
Samsung’s 2019 QLED 8K, QLED and UHD line-up and Soundbars will be available at major consumer electronics stores. For the full pricing list, please refer to the table appended below. In celebration of the launch of Samsung’s 2019 TV and Soundbar line-up, consumers who purchase a TV from the 2019 line-up will be able to enjoy a special purchase with purchase offer till 31 December 2019 for Samsung’s Soundbars.


For more information about the 2019 TV and Soundbar line-up, please visit


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