Review | Delicious Omakase Menu at Gake Singapore



Gake in Singapore is a sleek, sophisticated restaurant serving contemporary Japanese cuisine. Led by award-winning chef Angus Chow, the dishes are superb in taste and presentation. Chow pairs Western cooking techniques with the best Asian ingredients, showcasing the flavoursome and fresh characteristics of Japanese food. Expect to see dishes like grilled abalone, foie gras with citrus sauce and charcoal karaage chicken with tobiko curry mayonnaise. The drinks list is expertly curated and includes an extensive sake selection. Located on Carpenter Street in Raffles Place, Gake has a spacious, modern dining room with wood panelling and chic furniture throughout. The atmosphere is casual, yet the quality of food and service feels like a fine dining experience.


Named after the Japanese word for cliff, this restaurant aims to be like its namesake – not much on the outside, but able to take diners to great culinary heights. With award-winning Head Chef Angus Chow at the helm, this casual spot serves up Japanese cuisine cooked using traditional European techniques with hints of local flavour thrown in for good measure. The result? Hearty dishes that reflect the best aspects of each cuisine.

The most popular menu item is undoubtedly the Charcoal Karaage, which consists of chicken encased in an intimidating black charcoal shell. Take a bite of this dish and relish the juicy flavours of chicken and garlic melting in your mouth. Adventurous diners can even venture a dip into the Tobiko and Curry Mayonnaise for a decadent, spicy kick.

For something just as unique but a little less intimidating, opt for the Truffled Hiyashi Somen, a light dish that incorporates billowy Japanese vermicelli into a hearty mix of sakura ebi, and tobiko, all topped with a dash of truffle emulsion for an earthy touch. Diners even have the option of including uni and caviar in this exquisite offering to add more depth to the medley of flavours on the plate


Omakase is a Japanese tradition, in which you can entrust the chef to curate a menu exclusively for you! Exquisite dishes using rare and premium ingredients are artfully plated, their flavours enhanced with superior techniques and accompaniments by Multi-Award winning Chef, Angus Chow. Rare ingredients of the finest quality – some of which are difficult to find even in Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong’s finest establishments – are skilfully prepared and included in GAKE’s Omakase menu.





36 Carpenter St, #01-01, Singapore 059915



6781 3603

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