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L’Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific is proud to announce its booth at the 2019 Singapore Tax Free World Association will be reused for the coming three years. As part of L’Oréal Group’s sustainability program, Sharing Beauty With All, the booth will be implemented and operated with sustainable design and eco-friendly materials as part of the commitment to zero waste to landfill by 2020. As the Travel Retail market leader, the aim is to catalyze and lead sustainable change across the wider industry in this vital transformation.

L'Oreal TFWA Booth_Exterior

Elevating the booth this year at Tax Free World Association Singapore, the concept is built around the idea of sustainable, healthy and comfortable space. In the aim to reassemble the structure for the coming three consecutive years, dry junctions have been chosen for the purpose of repeated construction and deconstruction. Brands are featured on modular structures, designed to consume zero electricity. To extend their life spans, these structures also allow changeable promotional materials for the years to come. Eco-friendly materials such as cotton and reclaimed wood are used to construct furniture and walls, with the intention to donate them to charitable organizations at the end of exhibition usage. Other sustainable initiatives include chairs rental and usage of materials bearing the ‘Green Label Singapore’ scheme.

Emmanuel Goulin2

“We are proud to push our boundaries to operate sustainably with the objective of zero waste to landfill; our initiative to reuse our booth at Tax Free World Association Singapore is a perfect example. With our size comes responsibility, and we want to lead the change to sustainable development in the Travel Retail channel so the next generation can enjoy beauty the way we do today,” says Emmanuel Goulin, Managing Director of L’Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific.

As L’Oréal Travel Retail Asia Pacific takes full advantage of the increase in air traffic through its portfolio of complementary brands, the group’s Sharing Beauty With All program is dedicated to fulfilling its sustainable commitments to reducing environmental impact while achieving its ambition for growth. By ensuring the sustainable manufacture of products sold exclusively in airports, offsetting the carbon footprint generated by employee travel, and recycling and reusing merchandising equipment, L’Oréal aims to put sense into performance.



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