LORO PIANA | Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Loro Piana introduces the Spring Summer 2019 collection, evoking a lasting elegance, gracefully translated into relaxed modern shapes of summer, in an unexpected and refreshing colour palette imbued with the brand’s material excellence.

Delicate and almost weightless textures are introduced through silk, silk crepe, cotton silk blend and cashmere double, in exquisitely feminine dresses and tailoring, enhancing the overarching fluidity of the collection for the ultimate in effortless sophistication. Translating precious materials into timeless silhouettes, conveyed through a cleverly constructed balance of both shapes and ingenious detailing, and complemented by classic and iconic holiday accessories in the finest calf and lambskin, nappa leather and functional canvas.

From an easy-to-wear, cocooning cotton silk blend midi-dress, cinched with a classic calfskin belt in mint green; to a chevron-striped pink and white silk crepe fluid summer maxi dress; or the lightest of linens in a range of essential dresses or classic tailoring: all are key pieces for this season that exemplify the entire collection’s feminine versatility and commitment to excellence.

Knitwear naturally forms a key element of the collection with the classic crew neck in silk cotton blend or cashmere, designed in both deep v, round neck, and sleeveless shapes; both versatile and essential for seasonal dressing, easily styled and thrown casually over a summer dress or more carefully curated with a wide-leg matt silk pant, or under a classic belted linen suit.

Outerwear ranges from both nautical and sportswear-inspired windbreakers and bomber jackets, in gossamer and vibrant compact technical silk, to more elegant coats and seasonal double-breasted or belted jackets in cashmere double, linen or wool and silk. Three iconic shapes of the silk summer jacket are central to the collection, designed to be both highly functioning and foldable, and by their very versatility are a homage to the relentless excellence of Loro Piana, balancing both aesthetic and innovation.

An emotive and iconic design that reappears throughout the collection, translated in both the accessories and ready- to-wear collections, was taken directly from the archives of Loro Piana. A canvas suitcase with a striped panel, used in the early years of the brand’s inception to showcase the fabrics and materials. So original and elegant in its design that it would immediately distinguish Loro Piana from all the other fabric merchants of that time. This very stripe, the “multi stripes,” is thoughtfully reimagined across the collection, from a silk cashmere poncho, to canvas totes and knitwear.

There is a multilayered approach this season, equally referencing modern femininity, athleisure, and subtly distilling the brand’s impeccable sophistication. It’s a celebration of touch and tactility, combining Loro Piana’s most distinctive savoir-faire with a call to celebrate the sublimity of women.

Loro Piana_Ladieswear_01Loro Piana_Ladieswear_02Loro Piana_Ladieswear_03Loro Piana_Ladieswear_04Loro Piana_Ladieswear_05Loro Piana_Ladieswear_06Loro Piana_Ladieswear_07Loro Piana_Ladieswear_08Loro Piana_Ladieswear_09Loro Piana_Ladieswear_10Loro Piana_Ladieswear_11Loro Piana_Ladieswear_12Loro Piana_Ladieswear_13Loro Piana_Ladieswear_14Loro Piana_Ladieswear_15Loro Piana_Ladieswear_16Loro Piana_Ladieswear_17Loro Piana_Ladieswear_18Loro Piana_Ladieswear_19Loro Piana_Ladieswear_20Loro Piana_Ladieswear_21Loro Piana_Ladieswear_22Loro Piana_Ladieswear_23Loro Piana_Ladieswear_24Loro Piana_Ladieswear_25Loro Piana_Ladieswear_26Loro Piana_Ladieswear_27Loro Piana_Ladieswear_28




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