As nature’s dress transforms from summer’s emerald to the dusty red and gold of autumn, the cooler weather welcomes a refreshed menu of seasonal produce.

Whether land or sea, Japan’s southern island of Kyushu offers gastronomes an enticing variety of delectable fare across the seasons. Kyushu boasts an agricultural paradise with its lush green countryside rolling across mountainous terrain, while a treasure trove of seafood lies within the depths of the seas surrounding the island. The region’s nutrient-rich volcanic soil and warm temperate climate nurture spectacular produce and livestock, many which are signatures of Kyushu.

Celebrate the epicurean delights of autumn with an omakase dinner showcasing the best of Kyushu at NAMI Restaurant & Bar, available from 5 September to 8 October 2018. The dinner menu presents  an  elegant  selection  of  Japanese  classics  graced  with  masterful  touches  of  NAMI’s signature dashi, prepared with quality kombu and katsuobushi. The latter is sourced from a producer in Kyushu that is so fastidious it only selects one piece out of 10,000 to be fermented and aged. The result is a more complex, sweeter flavour, intense fragrance and increased umami.


The 7-course dinner starts with a trio of appetisers, featuring Boiled Abalone with Miso, Shimeji Mushroom with Chrysanthemum, and Skin of Soy Milk with Wasabi. Japanese abalone is cooked slowly in niban dashi until its sweet flesh is soft, tender, and infused with the broth’s natural umami, then it is topped with mellow and sweet moro miso.



Shimeji Mushrooms, at its peak in autumn, are blanched in niban dashi, and its mild nuttiness is complemented by a garnish of seasonal chrysanthemum petals and leaves. The silky beancurd skin is layered with niban dashi and served simply with ikura and wasabi, allowing its delicate flavour to shine through.

Following the appetisers is the Traditional “Dobinmushi” Soup. Prepared with ichiban dashi and niban dashi, the teapot soup warms the soul with a medley of Matsutake and Shimeji Mushrooms, shrimp,  chicken,  and  mitsuba.  The  Matsutake  Mushrooms,  sourced  from  Kyushu,  are  highly coveted for their unique aroma and best enjoyed in the months of September and October. Steeped in the umami broth, the remarkable flavour of the matsutake mushrooms is enhanced further.

The third course – Tuna from Nagasaki and Amberjack from Kagoshima, Sea Bass, Sweet Shrimp – presents bounties of the sea. The tuna is sourced from Nagasaki, Chef Shigeo’s favourite city for fish in Kyushu as the prefecture offers an abundance of fresh, succulent seafood, while amberjack is held in high regards as a Kagoshima specialty. The sashimi quartet is served with NAMI’s signature dashi-infused shoyu dip.


Bringing hearty warmth to the meal is Amberjack from Kagoshima in Hot Pot. Kanpachi, a premium fish, is nestled amongst yellow chives, Chinese cabbage, Shimeji Mushroom, tofu, leek, and egg in the steaming broth comprising a blend of ago, niban, saba, and urume dashi. The flavourful broth highlights the sweetness of the fresh ingredients while imparting a subtle, sophisticated taste profile to the dish.


The fifth dish showcases one of Kyushu’s well-known products – Broiled Miyazaki A5 Sirloin Beef, served with Eryngii Mushroom, green chilli, Japanese chilli pepper. Enhancing the flavoursome slices of sirloin is the ponzu sauce accented with the citrusy notes of “dai dai”, an Asian variety of bitter orange.


Concluding the savoury dishes is the Steamed Rice with Matsutake Mushroom, served with Miso Soup and Pickles. Featuring seasonal mushrooms, the steamed rice is perfumed with its exceptional fragrance and a touch of umami from niban dashi.


A sweet finale to the dinner features Sesame Mochi with Kagoshima Sweet Potato Filling, Pear, Grape. Kagoshima is renowned as the land of sweet potatoes, contributing 40% of the total production of the nation. Sweet, creamy flesh of the prefecture’s famous sweet potato is enveloped within sesame mochi that is crafted in-house. Paired with Kyoho grapes and pear, the dessert is a refreshing and satisfying end to the indulgent meal.


The  7-course  Kyushu  Omakase  Dinner  is  available at  NAMI  Restaurant  &  Bar from  5 September to 8 October 2018, during dinner from 6pm to 10pm, priced at $200++ per person

Kyushu Omakase Dinner

5 September – 8 October 2018


Boiled Abalone with Miso

Shimeji Mushroom with Chrysanthemum

Skin of Soy Milk with Wasabi


Traditional “Dobinmushi” Soup

Matsutake Mushroom, Shrimp, Chicken, Shimeji Mushroom, Mitsuba


Tuna from Nagasaki and Amberjack from Kagoshima, Sea Bass, Sweet Shrimp


Amberjack from Kagoshima in Hot Pot

Chinese Yellow Chives, Chinese Cabbage, Shimeji Mushroom, Tofu, Leek, Egg


Broiled Miyazaki A5 Sirloin Beef

Eryngii Mushroom, Green Chilli, Japanese Chilli Pepper, Ponzu Sauce


Steamed Rice with Matsutake Mushroom served with Miso Soup and Pickles


Sesame Mochi with Kagoshima Sweet Potato Filling

Pear, Grape

                           Priced at $200++ per person                                                       

Price is subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST



Level 24, Tower Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350




Tel: (65) 6213 4398



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