INTRODUCING SKAI – A SOCIAL DINING DESTINATION SET AGAINST SINGAPORE’S SKYLINE | Casual, chic setting meets finely crafted food with a Japanese touch

SKAI - Chef Paul Hallett 1.jpg

Newly opened SKAI is a lively contemporary grill, situated on the 70th  floor of Singapore’s acclaimed Swissôtel The Stamford. Iconic city views, seamless service and bespoke beverages create the perfect ambience from which to savour Executive Chef Paul Hallett’s finely crafted menu of sharing dishes, all of which feature a truly personal and progressive touch.

SKAI - Chef Paul Hallett 3

Growing up with rich agricultural surroundings in Wales cultivated Chef Paul’s deep-rooted belief for using only high- quality produce and natural ingredients, an evident trait which has been incorporated into SKAI’s menu. Melding his signature culinary flare honed through years of experience and with a passion for butchery, Chef Paul brings to life a menu tailored to social dining, with sharing dishes expertly infused with tasteful Japanese  accents. For lunch, guests have the choice between a three or four course set menu, artfully put together with quality grains, salads as well as fresh and tasteful mains. A must-try from the lunch menu is the Loch Fyne Smoked Salmon Fillet, its flavours delightfully enhanced with a harmonious pairing of King Crab, Wakame and Shellfish Broth.

SKAI - Loch Fyne Salmon

Loch Fyne Smoked Salmon Fillet

The seared, World Famous Deep Loch salmon is lighty smoked with oak and is complemented with a savoury king crab leg, fresh white clams, wakame pearl barley and crispy salmon skin. An ambrosial clam, oyster broth is poured over the appetising dish at the table.

SKAI - Steak Tasting PlatterSKAI - Chef Paul Hallett 2

The dinner menu features a series of appetising sharing plates and Ishiyaki, presenting an assortment of fresh fish, seafood and prime meats. A highlight from the dinner offering is the selection of artisanal beef specially sourced from Australia, America, Japan and Ireland – grilled to perfection in SKAI’s Josper Charcoal Oven. Equally impressive is the array of mouth-watering desserts and photogenic pastry spread, all masterpieces created by Chef Koo Jee, Winner of the Singapore Pastry Cup 2017. The sensory journey concludes on a high with signatures such as the Caramelised Soy  Bean  Cheesecake  with Miso Fudge, Citrus Jelly  and Lemon Sorbet; and the more refreshing Yuzu  White Chocolate with Yuzu Confit, Curd and Lychee Compote. A selection of fine wines, beers and craft cocktails perfectly complements the sky-high dining experience which – set against a beautiful backdrop of the Singapore skyline – takes the wine and dine experience to new heights.

SKAI - Caramelised Soy Bean Cheesecake

Caramelised Soy Bean Cheesecake
This creamy soy bean cheesecake is paired with miso fudge, citrus jelly and a lemon sorbet – a perfect balancing act between sweet and citrus notes. The dessert is caramelised at the table, making for a theatrical spectacle for diners.

Yuzu White Chocolate
A sight for the eyes, this creatively plated yuzu lychee dish is paired with lychee coulis and yuzu cream, a perfectly balanced fusion of flavours with refreshing citrus notes.


SKAI - Chopped Angus Beef

Chopped Angus Beef with Fermented Shitake
Finely chopped premium Angus Beef seasoned with a rich confit egg yolk and topped with caviar, fermented Shitake mushrooms and a zesty Ponzu sauce. The tartare is served with garlic chips, to add a satisfyingly crispy dimension to the dish.

SKAI - Uni and Saffron Risotto

Uni and Saffron Risotto
This Uni and Saffron Risotto with fennel, ginger and sake, is a contemporary take on the traditional risotto. Flavoured with saffron, uni is folded into the rich risotto, completed by a garnish of fresh uni atop. This savoury delicacy is plated with blanched samphire cucumber and finished with a crisp squid ink tuile.


SKAI - Crispy Rye Noodles

Rye Noodle- Japanese Version of Sang Mai
Fried hand-made Rye Noodle form a nest for a slow-cooked onsen egg, which enhances the flavours of the crisp noodles, while adding a contrasting softer texture. This dish features a selection of delicious sautéed wild mushrooms including girolle, Maitake and Oyster mushrooms. Topped with maitake puree made with buckwheat salt and black truffle, it is finished with a heavenly mushroom and dashi broth that is poured over the dish at the table.

SKAI - Dingly Dell Pork Belly

British Pork Belly with Soft Shell Prawn
This sous-vide melt-in-your mouth British pork belly is served with fresh tempura soft shell prawn, flavour-packed miso eggplant, charred in the state-of-the-art Josper Charcoal Oven, celeriac ribbons, pickled konbu and crispy pork skin. A heartwarming broth, made from chicken consommé infused with roasted celeriac, is poured over the dish at the table.


“SKAI is a culmination of many months of hard work, from procuring top quality ingredients, and perfecting the visual presentation to honing specific grill techniques and flavour pairings for a unique dining concept.  I am very excited to be able to work with an amazing team who are all as passionate as I am to fulfil the vision of SKAI as the most coveted new dining destination in Singapore.” says Chef Paul.


The spacious interior takes inspiration from modern Japanese simplicity, featuring light maple wood, minimalistic clean lines and vertical design features, organic textures as well as soft natural hues and warm tones – elements that make up the sophisticated urban setting with an invitingly relaxed atmosphere. Seating over 130 guests, the venue provides casual lounge-style dining with a residential design aesthetic to give a sense of modern living. Paired with genuine, friendly service, it makes for the perfect social setting to suit all occasions.


SKAI is part of a dual lifestyle concept and also features a vibrant craft cocktail bar, set to impress the most discerning of drinks enthusiasts. Inspired by Mother Nature, the pioneering concept weaves organic elements from different altitudes into its bespoke cocktail offering.


Address                                     SKAI, Level 70, Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore 178882

Contact/Reservations                   Call +65 6837 3322 or email

Opening  Hours


Monday to Friday: 12.00 – 14.30

Saturday: 12.00 – 15.30

Sunday Brunch: 11.30 – 3.30



Monday to Sunday: 18.00 – 22.00

Capacity      137 pax

Official Opening :  3rd September 2018


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