With the much-anticipated launch of the first store in Singapore on 14th April 2018, SOFINA is excited to showcase its brilliant in-house Beauty  Power  Station,  implementing  top  notched  technologies  for  all  the  machines  which enable one to undergo a full skin analysis. Singapore is the first country within Asia to launch the Beauty Power Station besides the headquarters in Ginza, Tokyo. SOFINA has devoted itself to discover the needs of one’s skin, exploring and unlocking the biological mechanisms behind beautiful skin so that anybody can achieve strong DODAI using its own natural innate ability. Beauty Power Station features three specific tests; an integrated skin analysis, the skin’s ability test  and  the  DODAI  base  ability  test.  In  addition  to  using  state-of-the-art  equipment  to objectively evaluate the condition of one’s skin, other factors such as lifestyle history, skin care routine and skin concerns are taken into consideration to gather a thorough analysis.




SOFINA’s advanced skin analysis allows the consultant to monitor one’s skin condition over a period to shed light on the aging process. It also enables one to understand extrinsic and intrinsic factors of the skin. By gathering as much information as possible during an advanced skin analysis, you can ensure that the right skin care products are recommended to achieve natural healthy skin. Firstly, it is important and essential to test the skin’s ability. The integrated skin analysis consists of a unique machine called the BP Scope which analyses the skin’s condition comprehensively. It can measure eight distinct components: Hydration, Ceramide, Sebum, Elasticity, Melanin, Skin Texture, Skin Tone and Transparency. One will have a deeper understanding on each representative indicator and how to improve it.


Secondly, a Bscan-Z, one of the most advanced machine in the world is used to measure the strength of the protective skin barrier and observes cells of the skin’s horny layer of up to 700s high resolution. Lastly, the skin’s moisture-holding capacity also known as DODAI, can be measured using a Multi-thermal unit machine. Being the first Thermostatic bath device that was introduced in the world, it tracks the skin’s recovery rate with the use of cold water and a thermography camera. After soaking your hand in 22-degree Celsius water for a minute, you will be able to see the results of the recovery rate of skin temperature as well as the vascular reactivity that produces good skin cells.


SOFINA is a brand by Kao, and it is developed through Kao’s proprietary “Holistic Beauty Science” research studies focusing on the innate, natural power of humans to be beautiful. The brand originated in Japan in 1982 and it was the first brand in Japan to invent the skin analysis device. All products are safely based on dermatology research that enhances the innate capability of one’s skin. SOFINA aims to target vascular reactivity – the ability to regulate blood flow in response to environmental stimuli and to deliver important nutrients effectively into the skin cells.


SOFINA is available at Isetan Scotts Level 1.


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