Sushi Ayumu | Great Quality Brand New Japanese restaurant at Mandarin Gallery



In Japanese, Ayumu あゆむ means walking towards a new beginning and a new vision. At Sushi Ayumu, this is where the story begins. Sushi Ayumu symbolizes a fresh start with immense possibilities. Driven by passion for good food and a fervent desire to provide diners with the best of Japan’s four seasons, they are following their hearts with Sushi Ayumu – and that is to bring you the true and best taste that nature has to offer.



Sushi Ayumu food philosophy, returning to traditional Tokyo (Edo) style sushi with the best catch of Japan’s four seasons that focuses on the freshness and flavour of the best ingredients sourced daily from Japanese fishermen and suppliers whom they have nurtured close relationships. 

Head Chef Ryoichi Nakatani comes with 25 years experience working in many top sushi-ya in Japan. Having grew up in the beautiful and naturally rich environment of Chiba Prefecture in Japan, he has a deep appreciation for nature’s true beauty. 


Best ingredients sourced daily from Japanese fishermen and suppliers



Megumi Menu

megumi menu


Seasonal Appetiser


Squid from Hokkaido , grapefruit juice , yellow zuccichimi italian cucumber

Deep fried Yari-Ika (Spear Squid/槍烏賊) from Kyushu is available this season.  Marinated in Nanban-zuke (vinegar-dashi based broth), this refreshing appetizer is paired with seasonal Japanese yellow & purple carrots and aiko tomato.




Kimeidai Golden Eye Fish aka Kimeidai Sushi , slight aburi

Kinmedai (金目鯛/Golden Eye Snapper) taste best in aburi. The skin is lightly seared to tenderize and to release its umami flavors from the oils. Very succulent and delicious.


Chutoro, tuna belly, tuna from Boston, more fatty this time of year


Smoked Bonito 

Bonito Sashimi is served traditionally with green spring onions. The rich taste of spring onions perfectly complements the flavour of the fish.


Cooked Dishes


Grilled sea perch

Lightly grilled releases the fish oil and the taste and texture is simply heaven.





Magoro , Tuna, from Japan



King Prawn



Aji (鯵/Japanese Horse Mackerel) taste best this season and it pairs well with Chef Nakatani’s time tested signature shari.


Salmon from Hokkaido


Shitakae mushroom , gold fish flower

Fresh King Shiitake and the sweet and juicy Aiko Tomato is available this season. Dressed in house-made tempura sauce, it gives a distinct robust aroma to the dish.


Baby Baracuda

Kamasu (魳/Barracuda) taste best when it is lightly seared or “aburi” style and pairs well with Chef Nakatani’s signature shari (sushi rice).


Tuna belly

Enjoy rich flavours from different cuts of Hon-Maguro (Japanese Wild Bluefin Tuna)

Savour the marbling Chūtoro: medium-fatty cut from Premium Hon-Maguro (Japanese Wild Bluefin Tuna). It combines the lighter flavor of an akami with the tender sweetness of an Ootoro.

The Japanese Wild Bluefin Tuna (Hon-Maguro) is one of the most sought after fish in the world. Known for its exceptional flavour and texture.


Egg Plant with sesame sauce


Uni and Ikura Rice bowl, mini rice bowl

Known as “Creme de la Creme” in the Uni World, Hadate Uni is the highest in grade and the most sought for its natural texture and sweetness. It is limited in quantity and rare at the daily Tsukiji Market auctions.





Signature Ayumu Roll


Tuna, Uni, handroll








Miso soup



Sweet Japanese mask melon , King Grapes


To the discerning diner, Sushi Ayumu is an alluring marriage between the highest grade and freshest catches from Japan daily and a wholehearted & memorable dining  experience. What’s more, you’ll be able to experience Omotenashi, or traditional Japanese hospitality, in a luxurious yet intimate setting. 


Sushi Ayumu 

#04-16 Mandarin Gallery 
333A Orchard Road, Singapore 238897
Tel: (65) 6733 2114
SMS: (65) 9159 0102


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