Award winning hotpot brand Spice World opens in Singapore



New hotpot restaurant chain Spice World from China made its inaugural presence in Singapore with a 200-seater, 6000 square foot duo design dining space at Clarke Quay that serves up an array of aromatic spicy and non-spicy soup broths with exquisitely plated, high-quality and fresh ingredients.

Spice World Hot Pot, founded in 2003 is one of China’s top ten global hotpot brands that prides itself in the meticulous preparation of its soup broths and accompaniments. No artificial flavouring, MSG or flavor enhancers are used. Instead, soup bases are first brewed in Sichuan China using the most carefully sourced deep forest peppercorns from Hongya farmlands, chilies from the mountainous origins of Guizhou and Sichuan before being air-flown to Singapore where it goes through a secondary preparation. All soup bases including the much loved Sichuan mala broth are brewed for at least four to six hours.


Diners can choose from 7 different soup bases – mala, which comes in three varying degrees of spiciness (mild, medium, hot), pork belly and chicken, three-delicacy (pork, chicken, duck), wild mushroom, tomato, tom-yam, and curry. Mix and match 2 different soup bases (Yin Yang broth $22.90) or select the Benz Triple Flavour Broth at only $25.90. Solo diners can also choose a single serving broth for $6.

Another reason to come to Spice World is their fresh ingredients. Fresh seafood and meat selection.


At Spice World, ingredients such as beef, pork and lamb are freshly sourced, prepared and hand-sliced. Similarly, all seafood arrives at Spice World fresh, not frozen. A source of great pride, this method of serving fresh ingredients is Spice World’s hallmark of distinction.




From the freshest Australian M8 Wagyu beef ($38.90), delicately draped to form a dress over a doll, to the Australian mutton slices ($28.90) served on a meter long plank, to the good-humouredly named Prime Minister’s Pork Balls ($12.90) (former U.K Prime Minister David Cameron’s favourite dish) made from pork belly and parsley, to the delicately sliced rumen tripe ($15.90) from the first section of a cow’s stomach that contains the grass it consumes; all meats are air-flown to ensure that freshness and quality are never compromised. For seafood lovers, freshly prepared shrimp paste ($18.90) made from 100% shrimp meat and tobiko are a perennial favourite amongst diners along with the seafood platter ($59.90).







Diners can choose to have a teddy bear or Hello Kitty shaped out of mala soup and butter added to the hotpot and watch it slowly melt into the broth (additional $9.90, limited 8 per day). This fun element has been and still is a big hit with Spice World patrons around the world.


Diners can also have a meal with Nicholas the Bear, a life-sized teddy bear stuffed toy mascot, if he is not too busy posing for pictures.


A restaurant space with two design interpretations in one, Spice World exudes and integrates old world and new world charm.


The first half of the restaurant with its mirrors on the ceiling, black steel and clear red glass paneling is glamourous, modern and chic whilst its inner sanctum is reminiscent of traditional Chinese wood-clad restaurants with its geometric lattice design and pavilion dining area inspired by the view in Mount Qing Cheng, a UNESCO world heritage site in Sichuan province known for its magnificent landscape and scenery. Designed by world-renowned cutting edge architectural space designer Shen Lei, Spice World was conceptualized, built in China and later re-assembled in Singapore.


Spice World is a global hotpot chain with branches in China, Sydney, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Singapore and Milan (opening later this year)



Block B, #01-06/07 Clarke Quay, 3 River Valley Rd, S179021


Opening hours:

Monday       10:30am to 4am

Tuesday      10:30am to 4am

Wednesday 10.30am to 4am

Thursday     10.30am to 4am

Friday          10:30am to 6am

Saturday      10:30am to 6am

Sunday        10:30am to 4am

Open on public holidays.


Instagram: @spiceworldsg


spice world




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