NUDE Chill at Marina One | Signature dishes both day and night

0. Chill opening poster

In the day, NUDE Chill is a specialty coffee house serving beautiful roasts from Papa

Palheta, made with love by their passionate baristas.

A. Chill lunch_Red Wagyu Balls

At lunch, NUDE Chill serves comfort food done well. A signature dish is Red Wagyu Balls ($24.5) with pure A4 Kagoshima Wagyu meatballs and spaghetti in a Vietnam- inspired tomato ragu. This dish is representative of the quality of Chill’s ingredients and techniques, and also of the strong Asian voice that runs through everything they do.

The wagyu balls are not over-cooked and retains its tenderness. You can still taste the wagyu texture slowing melting in your mouth. It goes very well with the spaghetti and cheese.

Other favourites include Nudie Fried Chicken ($18.9)—half a juicy, crispy fried chicken with ponzu coleslaw and aromatic basmati rice—and Tuna Olio ($19.8), with yellowfin tuna tataki, capellini, garlic oil, manila clams.

A. Chill lunch_NUDIE Chicken

Nudie Fried Chicken

While it may seems dry, you will be pleasantly surprised that it is very tender on the inside. The crispy fried chicken is actually slow-cooked at mid-temperature, retaining its tenderness.

1A. Chill lunch_Tuna Olio 2

Tuna Olio

Yellowfin tuna tataki, capellini, garlic oil, manila clams

The sashimi grade yellow fin tuna is only slightly cooked on the outside to retain the freshness on the inside. For those who does not want to eat too heavy during lunch, this is a good recommendation.

B. Chill cocktails_Tropical Sling

Tropical Sling


In the evenings, NUDE Chill is a boutique, indie watering hole. Their bartenders make cocktails that balance beween classicism and creativity. Drinks like Tropical Sling ($18, G’Vine Floraison, Lemoncello, Green Apple, Grapefruit, Grenedine, Wild IPA) and Red Tales ($18, Lychee Puree, Hendrick’s Gin, Paraiso Lychee, Calamansi Syrup, Grapefruit) are made with finesse and heart.

D. Chill bartenders_duo 2


NUDE Chill is also the CBD home of Brewlander, an up-and-coming Singapore craft brewer, with Brewlander’s full range on taps and in bottles. Great wines and spirits round up the selection, with the underlying philosophy that they only serve drinks that they enjoy themselves.



For bar snacks, NUDE Chill serves classics like Jamon Iberico with Pan con Tomate ($17) and Fine French Cheeses ($18 for a platter of 3, including such treasures as a 24- month Comté from Alléosse), alongside comfort food like Loaded Fries with Wagyu Chili con Carne ($12) and Spicy Sriracha Fried Chicken Wing ($15).



NUDE Chill is a happy place. Good drinks, good food, good vibes. To laugh, to bond, to celebrate life.



5 Straits View #01-23
Marina One
Singapore 018935


6581 9306


Monday-Friday: 8a-11p
Weekends: closed
P. Holidays: closed



Breakfast 8a-11a

Lunch 11.30a-2p

Night 6p-late



Walk-ins only, just come!


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