Breathe Fresh | Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones with Hitachi’s Made in Japan Air Purifiers

hitachi purifyer


The quality of air indoors might be more polluted than the air outside. In recent years, there is a rise in asthma and allergies linked to poor air  quality  inside  buildings,  with  chemicals  from cleaning and perfumatory products, and aerosols as causes of the pollution. Air quality outdoors equally contributes to the air circulating in homes, with the haze that comes and goes as well as fumes from vehicles and other exhausts.

This causes our immunity to decrease as we constantly inhale bad air quality  and  hence  allergies  and  illnesses  emerge more frequently. To protect yourself and your loved ones is to breathe fresh.

Hitachi’s Made in Japan Air Purifiers are proven effective in eliminating air pollutants such as dust, odors and smoke particles. Innovatively developed with key features such as Allergen-free HEPA filter (captures 99.97% or more fine particles), Wide and Speedy Dust Collection, Low Noise Operation, and awarded with the Allergy UK Seal of Approval in recognition of its proven ability to reduce exposure to allergens. Equipped with allergen-free HEPA filter and PM2.5 sensor, the EP- NZG70J removes a wide variety of dirt and odors from the air, including fine dust and allergens. Its Stainless Clean system comes with a stainless steel coated pre-filter for easy cleaning and removal of dust effortlessly. Good health with fresh air can now be yours all thanks to Hitachi. Hitachi air purifiers keep the air around you, cleaner and fresher throughout the year.

Hitachi Made in Japan Air Purifier Model EP-NZG70J is available in Champagne colour and is retailing at S$799, and EP-NZ50J is available in White colour, retailing at S$599.

Available on  Hitachi Online  Store  and at all authorized dealers.


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