Lisa Von Tang

Lisa Von Tang is announcing the return of their much- lauded experiential retail extravaganza on the 12th and 13th of June. To mark the launch of their new collection, I AM DURGA, Lisa Von Tang has transformed Straits Clan, an exclusive private members club, into a fully-immersive theatrical experience.


Rather than watching the usual runway presentation, guests will be plunged headfirst into a thrilling story and come face-to-face with dancers and actors wearing the new collection. To Lisa, CEO and Head Designer of Lisa Von Tang, these immersive performances are essential to the brand’s identity of experiential luxury, “I design experiences just as much as I design clothing,” she says. “In a world where everything is going more digital, I want you to find yourself in a space—my events—which are uncomfortably, inspiringly, titillatingly present.”


Working in collaboration with a US-based performance artist and inspired by the collections at the Asian Civilisations Museum, Lisa Von Tang has weaved a modern retelling of Durga’s legend to remind audiences of their personal power. As Jeannette Tan, CEO of Imaginoire, says, “I draw inspiration from Lisa’s shows. They are jam packed with vitality, sex, purity, power and love…and yet you leave feeling very pumped up and empowered.” Paige Parker, Patron of the Arts and Head of the Straits Clan Membership Committee also agrees, saying “The unique style of Lisa’s shows are they combine performance art with exquisite fashion…her shows always leave me optimistic and proud to be a woman.”


The upcoming launch will push the boundaries in terms of immersive entertainment.

Much like it’s previous incarnation at the Singapore Repertory Theatre, the launch event will be invite-only. Guests will get the first look at the new collection and will be able to buy pieces on the spot, in line with Lisa Von Tang’s See-it-Buy-it retail strategy.

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