Pepper Lunch Launches Sous Vide Truffle Beef Steak Specials


This May, well-loved DIY restaurant Pepper Lunch is launching new sizzling hot seasonal truffle specials, available for a limited time only.

Popular for its unique DIY concept, the Japanese restaurant delivers superior quality meat for an interactive, multi-sensory culinary experience. Diners get to play chef as you stir and mix the freshly-prepared meat and ingredients, while the Japanese teppan sears your meat to your desired level of doneness. Experiment with your choice of signature sauces and enjoy your favourite Pepper Lunch cooked just the way you like it.


This season, Pepper Lunch is launching 3 tantalising truffle specials:


Sous Vide Truffle Beef Steak (230g)

Served on a sizzling hot teppan with a strong truffle aroma, the grass-fed Australian beef steak is cooked with sous vide precision cooking for a perfect level of doneness.


Thick, tender and juicy steak cuts are first marinated with Austria Mountain Salt and premium white truffle oil, before going through the sous vide process to seal in the juices of the beef. The beef is then seared and drizzled with the aromatic white truffle oil before serving with Pepper Lunch Signature Margarine, regular mashed potatoes, broccoli, corn and a bowl of steaming hot rice at $19.90 nett.


Truffle Lava Cream Sauce on Mashed Potato

Dig into creamy mashed potato, overflowing with our homemade blend of rich, fragrant truffle cream sauce. Simply top up $0.50 (with any order of the above dish or from the Premium Steak category) to enjoy Truffle Lava Cream Sauce with your Mashed Potato.


Truffle Cream Mashed Potato (side)

A popular side dish, the creamy mashed potato is enlivened with aromatic white truffle oil. Available for purchase as a side dish at $2.80 nett.



Pepper Lunch Express has also revamped its menu with a hot new item: Cheese Curry Rice with Beef. Get a taste of this perfect combination of golden Japanese curry and stretchy, melty cheese atop steaming hot rice, egg and crunchy corn. For only $8.90 nett, pick your choice of beef, chicken, or hamburg to go with the dish. Available at all Pepper Lunch Express outlets only.

Head down to Pepper Lunch to try these sizzling hot new items for yourselves!


List of Outlets:


Instagram: @pepperlunchsg




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