FWD Introduces Bespoke International Health Insurance Product Online for locals and expats




 FWD, Singapore’s leading direct online life and general insurer, has announced the launch of its latest product, International Health, a customisable insurance product catered to expats and Singaporeans alike who are looking for comprehensive, portable health insurance coverage.

While Singapore has an extensive health insurance system, government-sponsored medical care via the Central Provident Fund is only available for citizens and permanent residents. As such, there is a high volume of expats who are looking for robust health insurance plans that suit their lifestyle, no matter where their job takes them.


Based on FWD’s recent qualitative interview with representatives from the over 187,000 Employment Pass holders in Singapore, many expats who were looking for personal private health insurance plans found the information presented online confusing. In addition, most of them found the process of purchasing insurance and making claims, highly time consuming and cumbersome.

“Expats require significant amount of preparation when moving to a new country. They have limited time and stressful deadlines to meet. FWD believes that insurance should not be complicated and should be easy to understand,” said Abhishek Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer of FWD.

The policy includes hospitalisation and surgical benefits as the base plan, and is fully customisable to provide consumers with the flexibility to add the coverage they need from optional benefits such as outpatient, maternity, dental and vision. FWD’s International Health also features global mobility protection and trusted medical partners worldwide.

Worry-free coverage

Besides the ease of understanding and purchasing the product, FWD International Health is about making all aspects of the customer journey as simple and reliable as possible. With one number to call, the insured will be able to access 24/7 Emergency Assistance who can provide medical information and advice to the insured person over the telephone. FWD’s Emergency Assistance will also refer the insured person to a medical practitioner, when necessary.

Keeping healthy pays dividends

FWD International Health is one of the only borderless health coverage plan that rewards the insured for staying healthy. The product features a unique ‘No Claim Bonus’, which increases the annual hospitalisation limit by 50% should there be no hospitalisation claims against the policy in the previous year — doubling the coverage after a two-year period.

“We have listened to our consumers by providing them with what is essential. In this case, a reliable and suitable product that also motivates them to stay healthy and rewards them for being such,” Mr. Bhatia added.

Beyond Expats

FWD International Health is not only for expats — it is also suitable for locals looking for access to world class medical facilities outside of Singapore. They are able to make claims for themselves and their dependents under FWD’s International Health plan with their preferred choice of treatment and doctor around the globe.

FWD’s International Health insurance key product features include:

·        Base plan of hospitalisation and surgical coverage, within and outside of Singapore;

·        Optional benefits cover such as outpatient, maternity, and dental and vision;

·        ‘No Claims Bonus’ for annual hospitalisation limited at 50% a year, capped at a 100% increase — doubling the coverage over a two-year period if you don’t make any claims;

·        If the annual limit is exhausted, it will be reloaded automatically to cover for accidental hospitalisation incidents;

·        Product portability – the plan that can be continued when moving  to a different country[i];

·        Provides a premium discount for at least two members of a family, which will continue to be applicable at each renewal.

More information about FWD’s International Health can be found here. All products can be purchased online at www.fwd.com.sg.


[i] Excluding United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea and sanctioned countries.

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