10 Things to Know About Google Home And Google Home Mini

Google Home and Google Home Mini on display


Google Home / SGD 189

Google Home Mini / SGD 79

Available at: Google Store, StarHub, Challenger and COURTS


  1. Meet your Google Assistant


Ask   it   questions.   Tell   it   to   do   things.   The  Google Assistant is built into Google Home and Google Home Mini. Just  start  with “Hey Google” and  it’s ready to help you get things done. It’s like your home just transformed into  your  own  personal  assistant. Best of  all,  it understands Singaporean English, so made-in-Singapore terms like kopitiam, Paya  Lebar, or MRT won’t be lost on the Google Assistant. As the Google Assistant adds functionality over time, Google Home will automatically update its software so you don’t have to lift a finger while it keeps getting better.


  1. Get hands-free  help  around the house so  you  can focus on things that matter


Find  answers  instantly  from  your  Google  Assistant  by using  your  voice.  Whether it is  searching  for recipes or unit conversions in the kitchen while cooking, singing along  to  your  kids’  favourite  lullaby,  or  getting translations and  calculations while you are hard  at work, the Google Assistant lends you an extra pair of hands to find the information you’re curious about,  when you need it.


  1. Voice Match makes it truly your personal Assistant


The Google  Assistant  recognises your voice and  up to five others   in   your   home,   so   that   you   can   each  get  a personalised experience. Just  set up Voice Match on the Google  Home app.  Then, when you  ask  your  Assistant  to pull  out  your  favourite  playlist  on  Spotify,  it brings up your favourite songs. Your reminders are just for you too. So you won’t forget to wish your grandma a happy  birthday, or buy groceries at the supermarket.



  1. Enjoy music, radio, TV shows, local news and audiobooks


With  a simple  voice command, play songs, playlists, artists, and  albums from your favourite music platforms like Spotify and   YouTube.   You  can   ask   “Hey  Google,   play   some workout  music” to add more oomph  to your home workouts. Listen  to  your  local  radio  stations  with  TuneIn  Radio,  or catch  the latest news hot  off the press from local news providers  such   as  Channel  NewsAsia,  The Straits  Times, The Business Times, MONEY FM 89.3  and  Business Insider Singapore.   You  can   even cast   your  favourite  shows   on Netflix by asking “Okay Google, play Stranger Things on my TV” when you  have Chromecast plugged  in  or built-in  to your TV. Bedtime reading just got easier with the Assistant. Just   say  “Hey  Google,  read my  book”  to  listen  to  your favourite audiobook hands-free with the Google Home.


  1. Control devices around your home


Use Google Home to control and  connect your home by voice,    including    speakers,   lights,   and    other   smart devices. You can control your lights and switches from popular  home automation systems including Philips Hue and  TP-Link allowing  you  to dim  the lights  in  the living room, turn on the fan or turn off the coffee machine.



  1. Tackle your day


With   your  permission,   your  Google   Assistant  gets to know  what  matters  to  you.  Easily  ask  for  your  travel itinerary,  your  daily  schedule,  traffic  to work, and  more. Just  say, “Okay Google, tell me about  my day” and you’ll get  up   to   speed  on   things   like   the  weather,  your calendar,  and   a  news briefing  from  a  source of  your choice.  Get it to even remember things for you, such  as where important  documents are located by asking “Hey Google, remember that my passport is in the top drawer in the study”.



  1. Designed for effortless voice  control and  high quality audio that works in any space


Google  Home  and   Google  Home  Mini  pack   powerful sounds for  their  compact  sizes.  They are  thoughtfully designed to deliver crystal-clear sound that streams over Wi-Fi.  They  can  also  hear you  reliably  from  anywhere across the room  when you  say  “Okay Google”  — even while  playing  music  —  thanks   to  far-field  microphones and  Google’s natural language processing. Best of all, its clean design makes it a perfect complement to any room.


  1. Use Google Home throughout your house


Google Home devices work better together. Enjoy the Multi-room mode by grouping Google Home devices together  (with   Chromecast  Audio,  Chromecast  built-in and  Bluetooth®  speakers)  to listen  to the same song  in every room.  And with  more than  one device,  you don’t need to  worry  about  all of them responding  when you say,   “Okay   Google”   —   if   they  have  the  same  user account, only the closest one will respond. Need help getting   the  kids   to   school   on   time?   Beat  the  daily morning rush  and  say “Okay Google, broadcast “Time to catch  the school  bus,”  and  your  Assistant  will play  that message on  all  other  Google  Home devices  in  every room.  And  if  you  want  to amp  up  your  sound you  can connect   your   Home   device   with      other  Bluetooth speakers and control them with your voice.


  1. Fun for the whole family


The Home devices are packed with fun for the entire family. Test your family’s knowledge by answering quick fire questions  by  asking  “Hey Google,  let’s  play  Lucky Trivia!” Be sure to look out for questions specific to Singapore such as  “Is the Singapore Flyer taller than the London Eye?”, “Which is the longest expressway in Singapore?” or “Which popular hawker centre was operated out of a carpark  in Orchard  Road in the 1970s?”.


  1. Your Assistant at home and on the go


Your Assistant is always there, ready to help. With your Assistant on Home and  phones, you’ll enjoy a seamless experience  no  matter where  you  go.  Set a  reminder  on Home, and  you’ll get it at the right time – whether you’re in the  house  or  out  and   about.   You  can  simply  say  “Hey Google, add  soy milk to my shopping list” and  your Google Home will remember that for you. When you’re at the supermarket, just whip out your phone and ask your Google Assistant to “Show me my shopping list”.


Soon,  Google Home and  Google Home Mini will be open to more third party apps  for the Assistant, giving you access to more of your favourite services and content.


Check  out  more features and  commands at g.co/home/explore




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