LOEWE is pleased to announce the opening of the CASA LOEWE store in Marina Bay Sands. With a presence at the Marina Bay Sands for over 5 years, CASA LOEWE will now open with a more especially appointed space to showcase up-to-date leather goods, accessories along with Ready-to-Wear collections for both women and men.

 Loewe Store-7856

The new LOEWE store in Singapore follows the CASA LOEWE template conceived by Creative Director Jonathan Anderson that was first introduced in Tokyo. Spanning 191 sqm, the clean, modern space features a wall constructed of 3,000 ceramic pieces, limestone, maquina marble, and the brand’s signature green agate, which are accented with especially commissioned rugs and artwork by artists and artisans selected by Anderson for this specific location. Like all other LOEWE retail locations, Arts & Crafts furniture defines the character of the space while tactile touches throughout provide warmth and variation.

The new LOEWE store at Marina Bay Sands is now open and the playing cards Puzzle bag was introduced exclusively in Singapore to celebrate this occasion.


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