The first-ever contemporary cultural showcase by SPRMRKT is dedicated wholly to beautiful dynamic Vietnam

SPRMRKT Vietnam raises the curtains on  SPRMRKT’s annual cultural showcase of contemporary South East Asia in cool and experiential ways which is envisioned as an annual three-month long celebration that highlights food, drinks, design and art beyond what is widely familiar.

 Pasteur Street Brewing Company - With Bun Thit Nuong Vendor on Street


This first-ever cultural showcase – running from 8 January all the way to 20 March 2018 –  is dedicated wholly to beautiful dynamic Vietnam. 2018 is an especially opportune year to dedicate the event to Vietnam as it marks the 45th year of harmonious Singapore-Vietnam diplomatic rapport.
SPRMRKT & SPRMRKT Daily - Contemporary Vietnamese Street Food_v2Pasteur Street Brewing Company - Taproom

​All aspects of present-day Vietnamese culture will be represented with various expert partners including:

·      award-winning craft beer brewers 
·      boutique coffee specialists 
·      chocolate, cocoa and tea artisans 
·      homegrown specialty brands retailing coconut oil, natural food products and fine homeware 
·      indie publishers 
·      contemporary artists 
Anan Saigon - Founder Chef Peter Cuong Franklin
Internationally renowned Guest Chef Peter Cuong Franklin of Anan Saigon will also be participating in one-session only events such as:
·      a riverside street food party with a graffiti artist performing ‘live’,
·      4-hands brunch with SPRMRKT’s Chef-Owner Joseph Yeo
·      unique Vietnamese ingredients workshop, and
·      a takeover dinner
In addition, Chef-Owner Joseph Yeo brings his signature unique twist to contemporary Vietnamese street food favourites. The Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day highlights will also incorporate Vietnamese touches.
Don’t miss this exciting line-up of activities featuring the best of what Vietnam offers today. Discover the undiscovered and get hold of these truly artisanal brands and products, all made in Vietnam!


More details at the events page on :




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