TeNY×Singtel TV “Enjoy Niigata” mio Stadium (Channel 102)


Niigata is surrounded with splendid nature, clean coasts with a beautiful sunset, a lake where swans rest in winter, hot springs, white snow, delicious food (all of which go well with rice), and friendly people.

Rice made in Niigata are particularly well-known all over Japan for their high quality. Koshihikari is the most popular rice brand in Japan. Niigata is Japan’s rice capital. Thanks to its ideal climate, seasonal exposure and perfect location, Niigata is home to the famous Koshihikari rice. If you’ve got the chance to visit Niigata, you can enjoy Japan’s finest rice and food at any time and in any place. ‘TeNY had a co-production with Singtel TV, a leading pay TV service in Singapore.


<Information of the show> Title: “Enjoy Niigata”

On air date:

Epi 1: 13 (Sat) Jan 20:00-20:30

Epi 2: 14 (Sun) Jan 20:00-20:30

Epi 3: 20 (Sat)  Jan 17:30-18:00

Epi 4: 21 (Sun) Jan 20:00-20:30

Channel: mio Stadium (channel 102)

Synopsis of “Enjoy Niigata”

<Epi 1>

To get to Niigata, you can take a domestic flight to Niigata Airport, or you can take a relaxing and scenic route via the Joetsu Shinkansen train. It’ll take you to Niigata Station in just 2 hours. You can enjoy to experience harvesting fruits first hand and GEIGI culuture.


Niigata is Japan’s rice capital. Thanks to its ideal climate, seasonal exposure and perfect location, Niigata is home to the famous Koshihikari rice. So, what exactly is koshihikari

rice? We focus Niigata Rice and Sake, and any other special foods.


We’ll show you what Yahiko has first. “Welcome to Yahiko!” – home to one of Japan’s most sacred shrines – the Yahiko Shrine. You’ll need to pass through a huge, hard-to-miss, red torii shrine gate. And then let’s get to Salmon Shop along the old merchant road of Murakami to find the town’s best offerings. Located in the northern part of the Niigata prefecture, Murakami has the makings of a vintage Japanese town.


Niigata is blessed to with such a great geographic location, four beautiful seasons, perfect conditions to cultivate high-grade produce, and timeless traditions.  You can find ultimate foodie and nature destination. When in Niigata, there’s at least five brands of ramen you must try! If you’re a wine lover in Japan, Cave D’occi is the place to you want to be. Along with its main winery, there are also 4 small, privately-owned wineries here. All five wineries here produce different types of Japanese Wine that is only native to Niigata.


About TeNY

TeNY is a regional broadcasting company based in Niigata Prefecture, which is famous for its high quality and tasty rice, beautiful snow.

Since its foundation in 1980, they have been a leading Television Station who produces documentary programs and local TV shows in close connection with the local community. They have consistently been rated No. 1 in Niigata Prefecture for many years.

TeNY has been trying to promote Niigata’s hidden charms abroad in recent years. We have been producing a number of programs in collaboration with Asian TV productions and TV stations since 2010.


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