Enjoy! Niigata – Food & Sake Festival

Niigata Prefecture, the largest Prefecture situated along the Japan Northwest Sea Coast, is home to a rich variety of seafood. It is also famed for its rice and sake, as well as fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables.

The Shinano River, flowing to Niigata Prefecture, is Japan’s longest and largest river. Along with Sea of Japan, both sources have nurtured Niigata’s growth over the centuries. They keep the surrounding lands extremely fertile, carrying nutrients from the mountains, which helps to maintain excellent feeding grounds for a wide variety of fishes.



The Event is organized by Niigata Prefecture and TeNY (Television Niigata Network Co., Ltd.) in collaboration with TOMI SUSHI, they present sightseeing information and also some companies from Niigata introduce their variety of food and sake with sampling service at TOMI SUSHI restaurant on 18th January 2018. At the event, TeNY announced the launch of the original documentary movie “Enjoy Niigata“, which was produced in collaboration with SingtelTV.



<Event information>

Title : Enjoy! Niigata – Food & Sake Festival –

Date : 18th January 2018 (Thu)    Time : 18:00 (Open) 18:30 – 20:30


Address : 238 Thomson Road, ♯02-76/77 Novena Square (Velocity), Singapore 307683


Niigata Prefecture                    (http://www.pref.niigata.lg.jp/en/)


Niigata has flourished as a port where many divers riches and cultures have been brought together. Its history has been celebrated down the generations. The fertile Shinano and Agano Rivers run through the city and irrigate its vast plain. The four seasons of Niigata’s ‘Rice Kingdom’ are blessed with abundant agricultural and marine products. A port town, Niigata, facing the Sea of Japan, surrounded by graceful nature such as the wonder full sunsets on Sado Island, beautiful seasonal flowers and a rich cultural heritage. Niigata where celebrates the gentler pace of life.

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