Spring Into A Fresher Lunar New Year with Hitachi

Hitachi CNY Press Release

It is the time of the year again where everyone is in the groove of welcoming the New Year. Lunar New Year, one of the most anticipated holidays of the year is also drawing near. In the year 2018, Hitachi ushers you into the Year of The Dog with its latest Made in Japan appliances; Made in Japan Air Purifiers and Made in Japan Refrigerators.

True to its hallmark history and philosophy of innovation, Hitachi’s home appliances are the ultimate choice for every room in every home. Experience pure Japanese technology as it gratifies your pursuit of extravagance and exquisiteness by offering the ultimate in functionality, innovative and contemporary design. The Made in Japan series appliances are designed and made with the finest Japanese workmanship and cutting-edge technology.


Hitachi Made in Japan Refrigerator


Refrigerator - R-X730GS

Refrigerator R-X730GS

Lunar New Year is the time that everyone gathers and celebrate this joyous occasion. With the latest Made in Japan Refrigerator R-X730GS, one need not worry about the finding space to store the large amount groceries. This eco-friendly sophisticated refrigerator is the largest refrigerator in the industry, designed to perfection with dimension of 880 (W) x 738 (D) x 1833 (H) mm and a gross capacity of 788L. Most importantly, it keeps your groceries fresher for a longer period, just what you need for the Lunar New Year!

With Hitachi’s continual efforts in pioneering green initiatives, its refrigerator is power packed with uniquely designed preservation technology and intelligent energy saving features. Since September 2015, all Hitachi refrigerators have been certified CFC-free.

Freshness Redefined

  • Aero-care Vege Compartment

Upon storing newly bought vegetables, one would always put a mental reminder note to use the vegetables before it perishes. Especially when most groceries must be purchased prior to the Lunar New Year as most markets will be closed during the period. With the Aero-care Vege Compartment uniquely designed to maintain freshness and nutrients in vegetables, there is no need to worry about cooking your vegetables as soon as you purchase them.

The compartment keeps vegetables fresh under the power of a Platinum Catalyst which produces an increase of carbon dioxide to control the respiration of vegetables and limiting the  consumption  of  nutrients  in  the  environment  to  prevent  the  loss  of  freshness. Furthermore, the improved airtight seal of the compartment increases humidity, with the Humidity Control Unit by releasing excess moisture to keep vegetables in optimal condition.

  • Vacuum Compartment with Platinum Catalyst

Hitachi Original Vacuum Preservation with a new Platinum Power Catalyst is a technology that keeps your meat, fish and dairy products fresh and nutritious. Odor components that come into contact with the catalyst is broken down into water and a greater amount of carbon dioxide than the conventional photo-catalyst.

The uniquely designed Vacuum Preservation can achieve approximately 0.8atm capabilities with the use of Hitachi Original Mini Vacuum Pump to extract air and reduce oxygen, suppressing oxidation. This ensures the freshness of food for a longer period while retaining its  nutrients,  texture  and  taste.  Furthermore,  the  airtight  structure  of  the  compartment confines moisture inside, thus helping to prevent dehydration of stored food. Storing of open items and dishes is now easier as there is no need for troublesome wrapping.

The ability to choose between 2 Temperature Zones is given. Vacuum Sub Zero Mode at the temperature of -1 °C setting, recommended for meat, fish and their processed equivalents. While other food with more moisture contents like vegetables and tofu can be placed in the Vacuum Chiller Mode at +1 °C setting to prevent deterioration of flavour and texture due to freezing.

Apart from keeping your food fresh, the vacuum compartment also removes air from stored food, allowing food seasoning to be absorbed at a faster rate. This refrigerator does not only relieve your freezing woes, it also makes cooking preparation a whole lot faster!

  • Delicious Freezing

A refrigerator that is bigger and better than before, with features that retain all the natural goodness of your food, even freezing is done deliciously.

The Freezer Compartment consist of three tiers with regular freezing at the lowest level and the Delicious Freezing at the top. The R-X730GS has a freezing tray that is 2.3 times bigger than the previous model, making it easier to view, access, and spreading out food items to freeze more efficiently without the need of piling them up.

Due to the high thermal conductivity of the metal, food placed on the Delicious Freezing Aluminum Tray chills faster as heat is drawn away. By quickly going past the maximum ice crystal formation zone where the moisture in food items freezes, the growth of ice crystals will be inhibited. Freezer burn can be impeded, and cellular damage can be curbed to keep food tasting delicious. Ice crystals are kept small to prevent drip loss in food upon thawing, allowing to lock in colour, texture, flavour and the nutritional value of fresh cooked products. With the intelligent Temperature Sensor, it detects the temperature of hot food on the tray, and will automatically switch the setting to freeze it very quickly.

Energy Saving

Keeping groceries fresh and delicious is essential, likewise for saving energy during operation. The R-X730GS is installed with a  range  of  technologies  such  as  multi-valve  control,  frost recycling cooling, vacuum insulation panels, along with other Hitachi  original  technologies  to  further  ensure  energy-saving performance.

  • Hitachi Original Flexible Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP)

The Vacuum Insulation Panel is a thin panel with extremely high heat insulation performance. It is specially moulded to fit the inner wall structure, enhancing cooling efficiency and maximizes space. The vacuum layer of the VIP prevents heat transfers and heat loss, keeping the inside temperature low for a long time.

  • High-Efficiency Inverter Compressor

A compact  but  high-powered  High-Efficiency  Inverter  Compressor  finely  adjusts  cooling power from high to low. It is capable of providing exceptionally powerful cooling by generating large volume of chilled air, while also providing efficient low cooling. Depending on conditions inside and outside the refrigerator, it provides optimum cooling power at all times.

  • Hitachi Original Frost Recycling Cooling Technology with Hybrid Defrost

Energy saving does not compromise in the overall performance of the refrigerator. Hitachi Original Frost Recycling Cooling Technology effectively lowers your annual energy consumption.

In conventional cooling systems, frost formed on the evaporator simply melts and is discarded. However, in Frost Recycling Cooling with Hybrid Defrost,  chilled  air  generated  by  the  frost  is recycled to cool the refrigerator compartments even when the compressor is not running. With this advanced technology, energy consumption is reduced.

HFC-Free Polyurethane Insulation / HFC-Free Refrigerant (R600a)

Besides being energy saving, the refrigerator is also eco-friendly. Taking the environment into consideration,  environment-friendly  HFC-Free  Polyurethane  Insulation  /  HFC-Free Refrigerant (R600a) features have minimal effects on global warming as HFC-free insulation foaming gas is used as a foaming agent instead of HFC-alternative R134a.

  • Convenient Eco Intelligent Control

With the Energy Saving Mode “Save Mode”, power consumption is reduced by 10 – 12% as compared to regular operation. With the “Save Mode” turned on, several energy saving features is enabled to aid in operation of the refrigerator using minimal energy. It even prompts the user if the refrigerator’s door is left open for too long. Being a smart refrigerator, it indicates when the operation of the refrigerator is running in a stable condition with an “eco” sign. The sign goes out when there is a heavy load on the refrigerator such as during rapid freezing.

Designed To Perfection

  • Maximized Storage Capacity

Hitachi seeks to gratify consumers’ pursuits in functionality and innovation. Hitachi’s products are designed with consumers in mind.

Hitachi’s refrigerator has a net capacity of 580 litres. With this large storage capacity and adjustable tempered glass shelves, you do not need to worry about storing cooking pots or large items anymore. The refrigerator also comes with a movable egg case. This enables more flexibility in storing your food items as you can shift it anywhere you like on the shelves.

With two freezer compartments, there is ample space to compartmentalize your frozen food products. The lower freezer compartment comprises of three levels, ensuring a neat storage of food items from small to large in size. The auto drawers/doors are easy to open with a touch, even when they are fully loaded. Storing and retrieving food items is made easy with the full open design of the drawers. The drawers open fully, allowing the user to view all food items and not overlook and forget about them.

  • Convenient Installation

The left and right corners of Hitachi’s refrigerator doors are rounded allowing neat installation close to a wall without requiring a lot of space to enable opening and closing of the doors.

The refrigerator is also empowered with a Triple Deodorant Filter that catches and removes odors as well as inhibits the activity of any bacteria captured. With the deodorization filter, say goodbye to unpleasant fish odor or even onion and garlic odor.

Other intelligent features of the Made in Japan Refrigerator include:

  • LED Lighting (Lights up upon opening of refrigerator doors)
  • Tempered Glass Doors (Scratch-resistant)
  • Automatic Ice-Maker Compartment (Quick Ice-Making function: 80 minutes for ice cube formation)
  • Easy-to-Open Auto Doors and Drawers
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Scratch-Resistant Crystal Doors

Hitachi Made in Japan Refrigerator Model R-X730GS (Net Capacity: 788L) is retailing at S$6,199.

Hitachi’s Made in Japan range of refrigerators come in a range of sizes to fit in any space, anywhere. There is always one perfect for your household!




Hitachi’s Made in Japan Air Purifiers

Air Purifier - EP-NZG70J


Air Purifier - EP-NZ50J



Expanding its premium Made in Japan Air Purifier line-up comes two new additions of models; EP-NZG70J and EP-NZ50J. This powerful air purifier catches a wider range of air pollutants, keeping the air around you, cleaner and fresher throughout the year.


Hitachi’s Made in Japan Air Purifiers are proven effective in eliminating air pollutants such as dust, odors and smoke particles. Innovatively developed with key features such as Allergen-free HEPA filter, Wide and Speedy Dust Collection, Low Noise Operation, and awarded with the Allergy UK Seal of Approval in recognition of its proven ability to reduce exposure to allergens. Good health with fresh air can now be yours all thanks to Hitachi.

Made in Japan Air Purifier EP-NZG70J

Allergen-free HEPA Filter

Equipped with the multi-layered structured 2.8m2 allergen-free HEPA filter, the EP-NZG70J purifier effectively catches fine particles including dust, cedar pollen, and airborne mold. Most importantly, it can capture 99.97% or more dust containing fine particles of 0.3µm, and suppress the harmful PM2.5 air particles.

To provide hygienic air purification for its users, the purifier also comes with deodorizing filter that helps reduce four major types of odor bases; nitrogen, aldehyde, acid and Sulfur components.

The stainless outlet net on the EP-NZG70J makes it easy to remove dust, clean, and eliminates bacteria.

The PM2.5 sensor automatically detects fine particles and cleans them up with maximum air flow.

Windy and Speedy Dust Collection

The Windy and Speedy Dust Collection function rapidly collects dust and purifies it in a mere nine minutes in a 13m2 room. With filters placed on the back-lateral sides feature, air intake surface area is increased. The EP- NZG70J collects dust widely and speedily from both sides readily and effectively. This latest model EP- NZG70J is engineered with a new motor with compact, high-efficiency fan that produces massive air flow. Air is purified with a massive air volume of 7m3 per min.

Low Noise Operation

Being protected from the polluted air is done silently without you even knowing. During Silent airflow  operation,  the  noise  level  from  the  purifier  is  less  than  15dB,  one  can  sleep throughout the night without being disturbed.

Other intelligent features of the Made in Japan Air Purifier include:

  • Touch Panel Operation (Easy to clean and scratch-resistant)
  • ECO Mode
  • Washable Pre-filter







Applicable Floor Space (m2) 53 33
Allergen-free HEPA filter
Wide and Speedy Dust Collection
Low Noise Operation
Allergy UK Seal of Approval
PM 2.5 ✓ (with Sensor)
Stainless Clean Outlet Net
ECO Mode

(Efficiency vs Silent Mode (%))





Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) 669 x 360 x 254 537 x 430 x 242
Weight (kg) 10.5 7


Hitachi Made in Japan Air Purifier Model EP-NZG70J comes in Champagne colour is retailing at S$799, and EP-NZ50J comes in White colour is retailing at S$599.

Spend less time spring cleaning and cooking up a feast this Lunar New Year with Hitachi. Check out other series of Hitachi Made in Japan appliances.



Made in Japan: Multi Angle Head Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner - CV-SA8000RJ

Hygienic CV-SA8000RJ

Vacuum Cleaner - CV-SA8100RJ

Smooth  &  Easy  CV-SA8100RJ

Vacuum Cleaner - CV-SA8200RJ

Allergy Care CV-SA8200RJ


Hitachi has continuously created vacuum cleaners in meticulous detail. Spotlessly clean homes during spring cleaning are made possible with Hitachi Multi-Angle Head floor tool that  enables  access  to  seemingly-impossible corners. Keeping your homes  clean  and  fresh  effortlessly this Lunar New Year – Allergy Care CV-SA8200RJ picks up allergens hidden deep in fabrics and bedding linens, perfect for people who are sensitive to dust and useful when there are young children around. Smooth  &  Easy  CV-SA8100RJ  is able to access seemingly difficult areas easily, especially for houses with stairs or high and narrows spaces with less effort. Lastly, Hygienic CV-SA8000RJ prevents over 99.9% of suction dirt from escaping, cleaning the house meticulously and keeping it more hygienic. Designed for greater conveniences, the models are quick and easy to store and with the one- touch zoom pipe, users can easily adjust the pipe length with just one hand as well as the ability to run quietly at a powerful 400W with easy dust disposal and cleaning.

Hitachi Multi Angle Head Vacuum Cleaner Model CV-SA8200RJ comes in Champagne colour at S$1,299, CV-SA8100RJ comes in Ruby Red colour is retailing at S$1,099 and CV-SA8000RJ comes in Red colour is retailing at S$999.



Made in Japan: Pressure and Steam Induction Heating Rice Cooker


Rice Cooker - RZ-KV180YS

Model RZ-KV180Y

Rice Cooker -RZKG18YS - RZKG10YS




Made in Japan: Pressure and Steam Induction Heating Rice Cooker

Rice is one of the most popular staple foods, especially during reunion  dinner  on Lunar  New Year’s Eve. Hitachi developed the advanced Pressure and Steam Induction Heating (IH) Rice Cooker with the aim of perfecting the  art  of  rice  cooking  that produces soft, fluffy and evenly cooked rice grains. Combining four superior    elements    –    Induction

Heating, Steam Recycling, Vapor Cut and High Heating Thermal Sprayed Thick Iron Pot – to ensure rice is cooked to perfection, the premium “Made in Japan” IH Rice Cooker delivers deliciously-cooked rice of the softest texture and sweetest taste with the ivory appearance of Hokkaido snow. The rice served on the table during Lunar New Year will make all your guests yearning for seconds.

Hitachi IH Rice Cooker Model RZ-KV180Y (1.8 Litres) comes in Platinum Red colour is retailing at S$1,099, RZKG18YS (1.8 Litre) and RZ-KG10YS (1.0 Litres) comes in Platinum Silver colour is retailing at S$899 and S$799 respectively.




Made in Japan: Superheated Steam Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven - MRO-AV100E



Microwave Oven - MRO-AV200E


Microwave Oven - MRO-NBK5000E

Model  MRO-NBK5000E


Made in Japan: Superheated Steam Microwave Oven

Whipping up a healthy and delicious dinner spread for your guests this Lunar New Year is now made easy, all thanks to Hitachi’s ingenious inventions. The Superheated Steam Microwave Oven is designed with five   cooking   methods   enhanced with Auto Bakery mode  – microwave, oven, steam, bake and superheated   steam   and   grill   –

The oven optimizes cooking according to food types. Its best feature; 232 Recipes and 200 Auto Modes employ a combination of five heating methods to give the best results in the textures, flavours, and presentations of the food. The microwave oven removes excess fat and salt from the food by reheating 100°C steam to generate the superheated steam. This ultra-fine, high temperature super-heated steam instantly wraps around and penetrates the meat and melt the fat.

Hitachi  Superheated  Steam  Microwave  Model  MRO-NBK5000E  and  MRO-AV200E comes  in  Red  colour  is  retailing  at  S$2,399  and  S$1,699  respectively,  and  MRO- AV100E comes in White colour is retailing at S$1,499.



Made in Japan Front Load Big Drum Washing Machine

Washing Machine - BD-S5500Washing Machine - BD-SG100AJ



Made in Japan Front Load Big Drum Washing Machine

A washer and dryer all in one! Promising to save energy and water as well as reduce the time one has to spend on drying and ironing clothes. Combining groundbreaking technologies   developed   exclusively by Hitachi – Auto Self Clean, Heat Recycle  Drying,  Wind  Iron,  and Steam Iron – the 10kg washing machine forms one intelligent system that brings unparalleled convenience to users. With Hitachi’s Auto Self Clean, 99% of germs will be removed and mould growth is prevented with every wash. With the Auto Self Clean setting in place, it washes away the dirt from the outside and bottom of the stainless steel tub as well as the inside and bottom of the outer tub. The Wind Iron and Steam Iron function dries the clothes smartly and reduces the wrinkling and clothing odor.

Hitachi  Made  in  Japan  Front  Load  Big  Drum  Washing  Machine  BD-SG100AJ’s (Washing Capacity: 10kg, Drying Capacity: 7kg) comes in Champagne colour is retailing at S$3,199, and BD-S5500 (Washing Capacity: 10.5kg, Drying Capacity: 7kg) comes in Champagne Gold colour is retailing at S$3,599.

All Hitachi products are available on  Hitachi Online Store and at all authorized dealers.



Hitachi Home Electronics Asia, please visit  www.hitachiconsumer.com.sg

Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (S) Pte. Ltd.

438A Alexandra Road, #01-01/02/03 Alexandra Technopark, Singapore 119967

Tel: +65 6536 2520     Fax: +65 6536 2521





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