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BANG BANG 2018 | photo credit: thirtysixshotsphotography

CO2 guns, shared VIP tables and elimination of cover charge bring new dimensions of clubbing


A highly anticipated new BANG BANG experience has been expertly crafted and disguised by world-renowned nightlife entrepreneurs, Josh and Sarissa Schwartz – and was unveiled to clubbers on Friday (12 Jan) with a one-off, jaw dropping laser show.


As well as a brand new look and even more over the top antics, the changes at BANG BANG start at the door – with a complete elimination of the cover charge. Despite its immense and overwhelming popularity, the abandonment of entry fee is a bold demonstration of BANG BANG’s continued philosophy to throw all rules out of the window and rebel against the norms of traditional clubs.


As a nightlife institution, BANG BANG continues to push the boundaries of experiential clubbing. The evolved new concept has been curated by its owner’s Josh and Sarissa and brought to life by expert design innovators EDG to ensure the party starts at the entrance.  A new mascot gallery wall adorning portraits of the iconic BANG BANG family extends into the neon lit tunnel to create an epic and extended arrival experience. Inside, a metallic new destination-bar awaits with a statement BANG BANG bottle vault that showcases customized hand painted bottles, each bejeweled by a local artist.

On the newly raised dancefloor, guests can expect upgraded interactive tables, fresh pulsating lights and a reimagined UV coated diamond dance cage which is double the size and double the fun.

Other new design features include a raised stage, mirrored ceilings and illusion infinity tables – some equipped with their very own CO2 gun, adding to the endless hours of entertainment.

An entirely immersive and inclusive format of clubbing – BANG BANG invites revellers of all ages to let the party, not the staff, to take control.  As part of its fuss-free approach, BANG  BANG will be introducing a progressive new concept to Singapore nightlife by leading a co-clubbing movement – inviting smaller groups to achieve the VIP table experience.  This new social initiative connects clubbers together on shared tables, enabling them to enjoy table hosts, queue jump and bottle service as part of a combined group – bringing the sharing economy to the dancefloor.

“BANG BANG offers alternative, world-class clubbing that’s been built with the belief to bring ageless, unpretentious fun and new dimensions of nightlife. 2018 will see an elevated BANG BANG experience and although we are more popular than ever, we believe that our guests should not have to pay a fee to simply enter.  We are proud to be the first nightclub in Singapore to eliminate entry charge.” – Josh and Sarissa Schwartz, Co-founders of SJS Group.

Giant mascots, high energy light shows and new crazy unconventional performances will add to the unparalleled lineup of international DJs that take to the BANG BANG decks each week – making it Singapore’s 2018 clubbing destination.

BANG BANG opened on Friday 12th January with a one-off, draw dropping laser show from acclaimed French performer Mickael Bellemene who has been summoned to transport BANG BANG’S reckless abandonment into the 31st century.  A high-tech laser performance with show-stopping precision, magnificence, and innovation on hyperdrive!


Open 10pm – late

No cover charge

Mininum age: Guys 23+ Ladies 20+

Dress code:

Guys: long pants, button-down shirts and shoes

Ladies: cocktail attire and heels

For table reservations or other enquiries email: or call: +65 8127 2808

For more information, visit

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