Japan Foods Garden featuring Singapore’s First Hot Stone Tendon by Sizzling Hot Stone, Fry Pan Shokudo and the BAR.


Japan Foods Garden is an enclave that houses five Japanese restaurants. There are now new dining surprises to discover. The premium offerings are priced affordably, with prices starting from just S$4.90 for a pocket-friendly yet gratifying meal in the heart of Orchard Road.





First-of-its-kind hot stone tendon at Sizzling Hot Stone


Sizzling Hot Stone will be unveiling Singapore’s first-ever hot stone tendon. It comes with enticingly crunchy prawn kakiage perched on a bowl of al dente rice.


An onsen egg sits in the middle — prick it and coat the kakiage with yolky goodness! The dish is priced at S$11.80, an unrivalled price for tendon offerings in Singapore.

It is our first time trying tendon on a hot plate. The hot plate keeps the tendon warm while you stir and mix the egg with the rice. Gives you whole new experience of eating tendon.


Health & Beauty Salmon Pot

Delicious soup with our favourite salmon. Hot plate keeps it warm, best for rainy weather.


Spicy Chicken Pot

Its not too spicy so that is great and with the hot plate keeping the soup warm for a longer time.

The restaurant is also launching two soup pots: Health & Beauty Salmon Pot; and Spicy Chicken Pot. The Health & Beauty Salmon Pot (S$9.80) comes with a miso soup base, and features Norwegian salmon, onions, mushrooms and fresh vegetables. Nourishing and tasty, the Spicy Chicken Pot (S$9.80) features tender chicken pieces with vegetables. Each offering comes with a bowl of rice. To upgrade the ingredients to either beef or pork, simply top up another S$4 or S$3 more respectively.


An interesting spin on tendon


Doling out the new-flavor tendons is Fry Pan Shokudo. There are three options: non-spicy; spicy; and gochujang (S$11.90 each). The medley includes vegetable tempura such as enoki mushroom, pumpkin, seaweed and eggplant, as well as prawn and squid tempura, all of which are coated with the restaurant’s special tendon sauce. For the third option, there is also a layer of gojuchang (Korean chilli paste) at the bottom for an element of surprise. The tempuras are 50% less oily and have 30% fewer calories compared with other fried food. This is because Fry Pan Shokudo uses Dr. Fry, a revolutionary fryer, to prepare its tempuras. The restaurant is the only one in Singapore using this technology.


New-flavor tendons

Set in a beautiful bowl , very elegant presentation. The tempuras are less oily so you can enjoy more of them.

Irresistible grub and desserts at Bar


Finally, Bar, a haven of Japanese bar grub and alcoholic beverages, is offering the Blooming Onion. Blooming Onion is a dish consisting of one large onion cut to resemble a flower. The onion is then battered and deep-fried, and each petal is superbly crispy. It is seasoned in 2 ways — original (S$4.90) or garlic powder (S$4.90) — to enliven this tasty offering! Cap off the enjoyment with different desserts (S$3.90 each) available daily, such as refreshing fruit jelly or decadent chocolate mousse.


Blooming Onion

Crispy onion taste so good , battered and deep-fried. Goes very well with ice cold beer.


Chocolate mousse

Delicious dessert to sweeten up your day at the end of the meal.

We recommend you visit the Japan Foods Garden at 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre, #B1-01
Singapore, for their various Japanese stalls.


Japan Foods Garden is a cluster of five Japanese stalls, including Gyutetsu Teppanyaki – a teppanyaki specialist from Japan that brings authentic taste of teppan-style dishes. Sizzling Hot Stone, the latest addition to the food hall, marks the creation of the first Japanese hot stone rice bowls with various flavors and combinations.  Hailing from Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market, Tsukiji Takewaka serves all kinds of sushis, makis, chirashis, and sashimis. Fry Pan Shokudo offers a variety of fried food, made using Dr Fry, a revolutionary fryer which makes fried food 50% less oily and with 30% fewer calories compared to other fried food. Lastly, Bar is a heaven of Japanese bar food and alcoholic beverages.


1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre, #B1-01

Website: http://www.japanfoodsgarden.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Japanfoodsgarden/

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