Local TCM Wellness Group, Multiflora, Celebrates 20 Years and Appoints Vivian Lai as its Ambassador


The actress-celebrity host was appointed Multiflora’s first face of the brand for her holistic take on wellness in line with the brand’s natural pursuits of health

Multiflora Traditional Chinese Medicine Spa is proud to celebrate 20 years of offering all-natural holistic wellness treatments based on the methods of traditional Chinese medicine. To-date, Multiflora has successfully expanded to 9 branches in Singapore and helped over 10,000 customers in their journey to greater health and wellness. On this celebration day, Multiflora appoints actress and celebrity host Vivian Lai as its first face of the brand. The Taiwanese-born, Singapore-based artiste was named the ambassador for her holistic take on wellness, reflecting Multiflora’s own brand DNA that spotlights natural pursuits of health.

The 5 principles of Yang Sheng

Multiflora TCM Spa was founded in 2002 by Datin Sri Abby Lau on the precise marriage of holistically natural Eastern remedies with the latest scientific methods in Western wellness technology. Through programs centered on self-healing and natural ingredients made potent with cutting-edge scientific technology, Multiflora offers effective wellness solutions underlined by age-old yang sheng techniques. It is implemented across its products, treatments and equipment all in a modern spa-like concept.

The Yang Sheng Fountain of Youth

Since she was a little girl, Datin Sri Abby has been exposed to the potential and possibilities of traditional Chinese medicine by means of her grandmother and mother. An avid practitioner of yang sheng, they had a cure for most small ailments that plagued the body. Common colds and stomach bloating were easily cured with gua sha and cupping at the belly button area. Inspired by her grandmother and mother’s magical healing, Abby started researching on traditional Chinese medicine to learn more about its methods.

She never forgot the natural healing methods of her grandmother and mother, which she believes held more benefits to the body in the long run. She was adamant to find a way to utilize this age-old method of healing and beauty to serve the modern-day customers who come through her doors. She spoke with many TCM experts before modifying the treatments to suit modern customers. Her research led her to the solution and opened a door to even more powerful healing methods that turned her life around.

Armed with her new knowledge and beliefs in promoting inner wellness, she established Multiflora TCM Spa in 2002 as a place to offer new ways of delivering health and wellness remedies that combine Western technology with Eastern know-how, all in a modern spa-like concept. Through programs centred on self-healing and natural ingredients made potent with cutting edge scientific technology, Multiflora offers effective health and wellness solutions underlined by age-old yang sheng techniques, as implemented across its products, therapies and equipment.


Partnership of Experts

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Multiflora TCM Spa in Singapore and to enhance the effects of Multiflora’s treatments, they have collaborations with several brands.

Multiflora TCM partners with IZU Skincare to use their products in certain therapies. Pairing meridian point pressure massages that promotes deeper penetration and absorption with IZU’s quality products, has proven to deliver better skincare results.

IZU Skincare is one of the partnering sponsors for this grand event, with Li Nanxing, Singapore’s leading celebrity as IZU’s brand ambassador. Through Multiflora’s programs, IZU aims to promote smoother, firmer and younger looking skin by combining both Eastern philosophy with TCM and Western perspective and technology – to help women improve their well-being and quality of life.

For its scalp treatments, Multiflora TCM is proud to partner with Kim Robinson for its hair and scalp care products to provide care from head to toe, delivered through its head pressure point massages and hair loss treatments.

Another partner of Multiflora TCM is Teabrary, makers of fine teas with health benefits for over 30 years. With them, Multiflora TCM seeks to take care of customers inside out, beginning with what they drink on a daily basis.

Multiflora TCM Spa has since helped thousands of happy customers achieve their best health, and wellness goals all with natural ways. It has also opened up the healing properties of yang sheng to a new generation of younger customers, helping them improve their health and wellness through all-natural methods. As the face of TKS Mrs Singapore and the President of WWLC (World Women Leading Change), Datin Sri Abby Lau, believes in changing the world by empowering through confidence no matter her age. Each happy customer only further inspires Datin Sri Abby to continue on her mission to spread the message of holistic wellbeing, one body at a time.


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