Ami Ami – Seafood, Tempura and Robatayaki Restaurant At Great World City.

Brand NEW Japanese Food Street Shokutsu Ten at the basement of Great World City, all brightly lighted up modeled after yatai street stalls. Japanese food lovers can now literally ‘restaurant-hop’ from Ami Ami, Shimbashi Soba, Men-ichi Sapporo Ramen, to the existing Ichiban Boshi and Kuriya Japanese Market.

These are part of group of restaurants own by RE&S in Singapore. RE&S was founded in 1988 by Osaka native Hiroshi Tatara, bringing a slice of Japanese lifestyle to Singapore with Takahashi and Fiesta restaurants. As RE&S grew, they developed new brands and concepts like Kuriya, Shimbashi Soba, Kuishin Bo and Ichiban Boshi. Most recently, they’ve expanded their Japanese food production and distribution capabilities, adding dozens of food products on top of current offerings. They are listed on Singapore Catalist Board.




Ami Ami which means ‘net’ in Japanese, is a Tempura, Robatayaki and Seafood-focused restaurant. It is helmed by award-winning Master Chef Naoki Tsuzuki with over two decades of culinary experience.

As its name suggests, a strong selling point at Ami Ami is that the seasonal catch of the freshest quality is air-flown from Japan three times per week.




We recommend the counter seats, where you can watch the tempura masters fry the hot tempura behind, then presented to you on your plate. FRESH. Hot tempura battered, deep-fried, served piece by piece.



Right now Ami Ami has a promotion for sparkling wine, they feel that its a great pairing of the wine with tempura and robatayaki. Only S$6.80 per glass with any food order. Ordered it before the food is served and you can sipped slowly while waiting for the chef to cook the dishes in front of you.1IMG_06741IMG_0712



Signature Ami Ami dishes

Ami Ami Tempura Set ($45.80++)
The signature set is very value-for-money, as it includes prawn, chicken, fish, vegetable tempura deep fried ala-minute, along with Sashimi of the day, Charcoal-grilled live scallop, Egg tempura & vegetable kakiage tempura rice bowl, Miso soup and Pickles.


Sashimi of the day


Prawn, chicken, fish, vegetable tempura deep fried ala-minute

Every tempura item was coated in fluffy-light batter, fried in an original blend of sesame oil and soya bean oil to make it crisper. They tasted fresh, and were not oily.

I recommend sitting at the counter so that you can experience first hand and interact with the chefs, where pieces are freshly presented while they are still piping hot.

You can have the tempura dipped in tempura sauce, drizzled with the sweet tendon sauce, or just sprinkled with some salt to better appreciate the original flavours of the ingredients.


Charcoal-grilled live scallop


Charcoal-grilled live scallop with optional toppings

If you like the scallop so much, you can order it by itself and add on toppings. We ordered one of the scallop with additional toppings so that we could take the picture.


Also included in the set is  Egg tempura & vegetable kakiage tempura rice bowl, Miso soup and Pickles.




Air-flown Fish Robatayaki & Shashimi set (Seasonal price of fish + $18.80++)

This is also a popular set, where you can order air-flown fish at the counter. You pay the season price of fish, and add $18.80 for the chef to make the set.

Included in the set: Choice of seasonal fish, served with:

-Sashimi of the day

-Charcoal-grilled live scallop



-Miso Soup

They will slice the fish in front of you , half made into shashimi and the other half made by Robatayaki style.  Robatayaki (炉端焼き, literally “fireside-cooking”), refers to a method of cooking, in which items of food are slow-grilled over hot charcoal.


grill IMG_0725


Using the Robatayaki method, seafood is grilled slowly over charcoal flame, a process said to bring out the best flavours of the ocean.




Sweet Potato Crepe with Matcha Ice cream


Cream Daifuku Mochi with Strawberry, soft cream mochi of the day topped with fresh strawberry.


Overall we enjoyed the experience very much at the Ami Ami, what we liked is the reasonable pricing, the good location, spacious dinning area, and friendly staff. Of course most importantly the food is fresh and cooked in authentic Japanese method.



Ami Ami
Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street, #B1-03/04, Great World City, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994
Tel: +65 6835 9071
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 3:00pm, Last Rrder 2.30pm (Mon – Sun)
5.30pm – 10:00pm, Last Order 9.30pm (Mon – Sun)




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