Sushi Chiharu Singapore by Tamaya Dining | Good Japanese Sushi Omakase at Great Price in Orchard

In Japan, Chiharu is called “a miracle sushi restaurant”. It was opened in December 2014, and this restaurant in Osaka was recently awarded Michelin-recommended Bib Gourmand restaurant in 2016 and 2017. Maybe even 2018 edition, which will be released soon.

Tamaya Dining たまや located at Cuppage Terrace, among the long row of restaurants in shophouses, has been popular among the Japanese. They partnered with Chiharu and brought in Sushi Chiharu 鮨千陽  to Singapore.

Their concept specialized in Edomae-sushi and serve exquisite cuisine to display edomae-sushi with traditional technique. They present the spirit of Japanese culture, “simplicity” and “quietness” though serving Japanese food.

History and the birth of Edomae-sushi

Edo period, when there were no refrigeration technology at the time. Edommae-sushi was created so that meat can lasts longer without refrigeration technology. Mainly all fresh ingredient are boiled, immersed in soy sauce, and cured with vinegar. This methods enhance the taste and flavor. Here in Sushi Chiharu, they prepared most prestigious Edomae-sushi using freshest fish with traditional technique of Edomae-sushi.


Chef Kazue Toyoshima, with Giant King Crab from Hokkaido

The sushi chefs come from Japan, and I was also surprised to find a Japanese female sushi chef in the team.

The Omakase Course goes for $140++, while a 10-piece Nigiri Sushi Course is priced at $90++. Freshest ingredients delivered directly from Japan.

Price-wise, the Omakase menu is considered great, especially you do get a spread of items including 3 appetisers, 2 types of sashimi, a seasonal dish, 10 pieces of nigiri sushi and soup. A 17-course meal actually.






Sashimi; Oyster and Ebi wrap in Cuttlefish slices.

Unique taste of Edomae-sushi, you can still taste the freshness.


Watch the chef grill the squid in front of you with white charcoal. Surprisingly no smoke.


Lightly grilled squid, from the grill to the plate, you can still taste the freshness while bite into the warm squid.


Chutoro and sliced pomfret fish sashimi. High quality.



Giant King Crab, I thought we can’t finish this giant crab but fortunately we are getting the  meaty part, the legs.


Chef Hidenobu Tsuchida, making sauce from fresh uni (to go with the king crab leg)


Lightly grilled


Skillfully chop up to extract the meat


King Crab leg, with fresh uni sauce.

The best we have tasted, we like the crab leg and it goes so well with the uni sauce, we didn’t leave a single trace on the plate.


Their specialty: Edomae-sushi, exquisite cuisine with traditional technique.


I liked this ebi which was fresh and sweet, topped with two different types of shrimp caviar for that tinge of saltiness.


Lightly grilled unagi sushi


A pleasant surprise was the Tamago, not the typical sweet type. This came with a bread-like texture, lightly-sweet with sushi rice wrapped within.


Abalone , sliced into cube and mix with Uni




Miso soup


Dessert, choice of green tea ice cream or persimmon



Overall , its good quality Japanese sushi at great pricing, highly recommended

Enjoy the Edomae-sushi at Chiharu.
Omakase Course $140++
Nigiri Course $90++
Mon to Sat 6.00pm to 11.30pm LO.
Sun & PH  4.00pm to 10.30pm LO.
Reservation +65 9101 3407 or 6835-3639

45A Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrce


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