FOUR SEASONS HOTEL SINGAPORE Festive Market Fresh Semi-Buffet starts from 4th December at One-Ninety Restaurant







Guests will be greeted by the scent of fresh pine and a warm welcome as they enter the property, whether it is to collect a festive order or to enjoy one of the special festive events that the Hotel has planned.

Pastry Chef Audrey Yee, a Four Seasons veteran and graduate of the renowned Le Cordon Bleu School in London has prepared a delightful selection of festive sweets, from TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS FRUIT CAKES, CHOCOLATE YULE LOG CAKE to AUDREY’S SIGNATURE NOUGATS.

Presented in an elegant deep maroon treasure chest, the Yuletide Hamper is filled with signature goodies, traditional treats and festive sweets such as COTECHINO (ITALIAN SAUSAGE), OBLATEN LEBKUCHEN (GERMAN GINGERBREAD) and CHOCOLATE PANETTONE, making it the perfect gift for business associates and loved ones.

These festive takeaway items will be available for order from November 6, and collection is from December 1 to December 24, 2017 at the Festive Desk (lobby level) of Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, 12:00 to 6:00 pm daily till 4:00 pm on December 24, 2017. An advanced order of 3 days is required, either via our online platform or walk-in. For orders and enquiries, please call (65) 6734-1110


One-Ninety Restaurant

At the award-winning One-Ninety Restaurant, authentic Western and Asian cuisine takes centre stage in an open dining concept. The Festive Market Fresh Semi-Buffet starts from 4th December and we definitely recommend it for your festive gathering with friends or family.





Festive themed appetizers and desserts are highlighted on the buffet table, together with the introduction of Signature Oven-roasted Turkey as an entree selection during the season. The entree selection has been revised, featuring options such as Monkfish Cartoccio and Braised Australian Lamb Shank.


Braised Australian Lamb Shank

New entrées include:

Italian Selection

-Risotto Funghi: A heartwarming choice perfect for chilly weather especially in the later part of the year. The risotto is cooked in homemade chicken stock, flavoured with forest mushrooms and garnished with shaved Parmesan and black truffle.

-Sausage Pappardelle: A hearty dish of homemade egg pasta and imported Italian spiced pork sausages is prepared with tomatoes, basil and garlic – a comfort food in a typical Italian household.
-Snapper Cartoccio: “Cartoccio” means to bake in a paper bag allowing the moisture of the food to be retained within the bag, appealing most to the sense of smell. The snapper is first pan-seared, giving it a nice colour and bite, and placed into the paper pouch with prawns, clams and white wine to be baked in the wood-fired oven.

Asian Specialties
-Mee Goreng: A popular dish amongst regulars have made its way onto entrée menu. The local delight is commonly seen in areas of Singapore with variations in ingredients, while One-Ninety Restaurant’s is made of wok-fried yellow noodles, vegetables, potatoes and is flavoured with satay sauce and sambal.



-Hariyali Chicken Kebab: “Hariyali” means greenery in Hindi, which reflects the colour of the marinate used for the chicken kebab. The chicken breasts are marinated in a mixture of coriander, mint and yogurt, then grilled in Tandoor oven and served with naan.



From The Grill

-Tiger Prawns: Fresh tiger prawns are grilled and served with zucchini, eggplant, pine nuts and homemade salsa vierge made out of 3 different types of vinegar; apple, white and black balsamic, playing on the colours, flavours and texture of this dish.



Signature Oven-roasted Turkey

The Four Seasons Hotel Singapore turkey is passionately prepared for 18 hours. The bird is first massaged with delicate Cajun spices in a secret marinade mix. Each bird is then left to rest overnight so that it can absorb full flavours. Once the turkey has been sufficiently rested, it is slow steamed for 1.5 hours and then roasted at a low temperature for 45 minutes (timing may vary depending on the size of the bird). This technique gives the turkey a beautiful moist texture, in fact; it is the most tender turkey in Singapore.

Off the Menu, a Must Try (if you can order it)

Focaccia, sliced in the middle, put in truffle, cheese, and bake it again to achieve crispy layer on the outside but creamy truffle cheese inside.



Not forgetting the appetizers and desserts buffet table;

Wide selection of cold cut, salads, cheeses, desserts


Complete the meal with various desserts



Lunch Menu

190_Lunch menu_festive17

Dinner Menu

190_Dinner Menu_festive17

Brunch Menu

190_brunch menu_festive17

From December 4 to 30, 2017, Market Fresh Semi-Buffet Lunch and Dinner will be offering a festive spread of appetizers and desserts, and choice of entrée will include an option of sliced Signature Oven-roasted Turkey.


Appetizers and desserts: SGD 45 per adult

Appetizers, main course and desserts: SGD 55 per adult

Appetizers and desserts: SGD 25 per child

Appetizers, main course and desserts: SGD 35 per child

*No price change for Sunday Lunch



Appetizers, main course and desserts: SGD 68 per adult

Appetizers, main course and desserts: SGD 45 per child


For more information, please call (65) 6831 7250 or email us.

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