Toss Like a Boss with Tamoya Udon’s New Tossed Udon Series!

Founded in 1996 in Kagawa prefecture, Tamoya Udon boasts 31 outlets across Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. Tamoya Udon is the brainchild of Tamotsu Kurokawa, who went on TV Champion, a reality cooking show in Japan, and was crowned the champion of sanuki udon. In Japan, Tamoya Udon is one of the most esteemed udon establishments amongst Japanese in the Sanuki Province, Shikoku. Its udon dishes are handmade on site with ingredients imported from Japan, from flour to shoyu to bonito.



Tamoya Udon recently unveiled its brand-new tossed udon series. Not only are they delicious, they are also fun to eat! Toss the springy noodles together with the delicious accompanying ingredients and relish the explosion of flavours. Compete with your friends and see how high you can toss the ribbons of noodles. There are four new mainstays on the menu: Oooh-mami Udon, Triple Egg Udon, Fried Onion Udon, and Pesto Udon.


Oooh-mami Udon ($10.80)

Oooh-mami Udon

Indulge in the Oooh-mami Udon (S$10.80) and slurp the handmade udon noodles coated with rich XO sauce. Toss the noodles together with dried sakura ebi, fresh spring onions, and bonito flakes! An onsen egg sits perched on the bowl of noodles.

Fried Onion Udon ($8.80)

Fried Onion Udon

Inspired by the famous Shanghainese Chong You (fried spring onion) noodles, Tamoya’s Fried Onion Udon (S$8.80) is glazed with fragrant spring onion oil and topped with fresh spring onions, onions, and shallots.


Triple Egg Udon ($9.80)

Triple Egg Udon

Egg lovers will enjoy the Triple Egg Udon (S$9.80), a rich and satisfying combination of chewy udon noodles with tobiko, mentaiko, tamago and butter.


Pesto Udon ($8.80)

Pesto Udon

Those who are more adventurous can go for the Pesto Udon (S$8.80), an east-meets-west fusion of udon with pesto and minced pork. Complete your meal with Tamoya’s freshly fried prawn tempura, which goes at only S$3 for two pieces.




Venue: 177 River Valley Road, Liang Court Shopping Centre, #01-32, Singapore 179030


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