The Glenlivet  has announced the official launch  of the Founder’s Reserve   in  Singapore. The   Glenlivet   Founder’s  Reserve   is  a  new,   permanent  benchmark expression in  the  brand’s extensive portfolio of single  malt  scotch  whiskys – and  the ultimate tribute to founder George  Smith’s original vision to craft  the most  definitive, smooth single malt Scotch  whisky.

TGL Launch_Bottle 1


The Glenlivet’s Founder’s Reserve  is a perfectly-balanced and fruity house  style that  is skillfully complemented with  notes  of creaminess and  sweetness from  the addition of First Fill American oak  casks.  Using these  unique  casks  helps  provide a silky texture that  mingles  pleasurably with the subtle  flavours and  complex fruity tones  already present  in this  one-of-a-kind single malt.

TGL Launch_Drinks 2


This  is a single  malt  Scotch  whisky of exceptional standard; the  very quality for  which  George Smith’s The  Glenlivet  was widely  admired and  appreciated for in 1824. An exceptionally well­ balanced and  smooth single  malt,  the  Glenlivet   Founder’s Reserve   is infused with   delicate aromas of citrus fruit, a sweet  palate, with  notes  of oranges and  pears  and  hints  of toffee  apples and  candy. The long, creamy, smooth finish  makes  this a deliciously satisfying dram.

TGL Launch_CEO

A celebration of George Smith’s vision,  The  Glenlivet  Founder’s Reserve  was created using  the time-honoured distillation methods that  were  introduced almost 200  years  ago. The  Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve  is as smooth and  fruity  as the whisky that  first ran  from  the original copper pot  stills in 1824. In the early  1800s, whiskys  were  typically  produced without age statements, and   distillers like  George  Smith  created  blends  from  a  variety  of  aged  casks.  The  Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve  replicates this  freedom of choice. This contemporary expression is presented in  the  signature, clear  Glenlivet  glass  bottle  that  showcases the  pale  gold  whisky  inside.  The bottle  is encased  in a Georgian blue carton features George Smith’s signature in honour of his original style of whisky.


The  new  Glenlivet  icon, featuring the  Packhorse Bridge  that  was  built  over  the  River  Livet, appears on  both  the  bottle  cartouche and  on  the  lid of the  carton, demonstrating the  brand’s rich provenance as “the single malt that  started it all”. “Founder’s Reserve is the ultimate tribute to  George  Smith, while  also  remaining true  to  the  quality that  Scotch  lovers  expect  from  The Glenlivet,” said  Ian  Logan, Brand  Ambassador of The  Glenlivet  Founder’s Reserve. “We  are very proud to introduce this new expression and celebrate the man  who  pioneered our  vision as being a brand that  is the original standard setter  in the single malt  category and  beyond.”


TGL Launch_Bartender 1


TGL Launch_Layout 1



To mark  the launch of The Glenlivet  Founder ‘s Reserve, a pop-up bar will be open  to the public from  7 December to 16  December 2017, taking  patrons on  a highly  interactive and  sensorial experience- to share  and introduce the distinct taste of Founder’s Reserve  to discerning drinkers through various installations at  the  event.  Located in  the  heart  of  Clarke Quay, the  pop-up features a bar for intimate tasting sessions, allowing patrons to enjoy  the refreshing taste  of a 1824 Highball, a classic whisky based cocktail created that  is made  with  50 ml of The Glenlivet


Founder’s Reserve,  filled  to  the  brim  with  equal  parts  of  Sprite  and  soda   water. The  1824


Highball is  an  easy,  refreshing drink   perfect   for   new  whisky   drinkers.  Alternatively, The Glenlivet  Founder’s Reserve  can also  be enjoyed the traditional way- neat, with  either  a splash of water  or an ice cube  added to taste.


TGL Launch_Layout 3

The  pop-up will  also  play  host  to  a Founder’s Corner, where a curated list  of local  business owners and entrepreneurs will be invited to share  their experiences and their  journeys  they have taken to becoming a Founder in their  own fields and line of work.

TGL Launch_Live_Feed_2

For added interactivity, a live feed will be hosted for the duration of the pop-up, showcasing a display that  initially appears to be a  poster, but  is in fact  a two-way video  screen  that  featuring local  actor Shane  Mardjuki. Shane  is a  Founder’s Reserve  ambassador and  will  be  present  at  the  event,  to  interact with patrons and  passers-by, through a “Find the Founder” activity, engaging with  the  public  and encouraging them  to  take  up  fun,  spontaneous challenges to  win  Founder’s Reserve  branded prizes. Shane  will also weave  bite-sized  pieces of information about the Founder’s Reserve  and the history of The Glenlivet- including ways  to enjoy whisky and encourage patrons to sample the smooth, definitive taste  of The Glenlivet  Founder’s Reserve.

TGL Launch_Layout 2



To  further  introduce The   Glenlivet Founder’s  Reserve   to  a  wider   audience,  the  Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve  will  also  be  available at  17  participating bars  and  clubs   as  part   of  the Founder’s Journey  campaign in Clarke Quay from  10  November to 16 December 2017, from

1824 hours to 2200 hours. The  Founder’s Journey will serve  as another touchpoint for  whisky aficionados as  well as the  after-work drinks crowd to  taste  The  Glenlivet Founder’s  Reserve. Patrons will get to enjoy  a one-for-one promotion on the signature 1824 Highball and  a bottle of The Glenlivet  Founder’s Reserve via an online  redemption by interacting with  a George Smith persona on  Facebook Messenger via  The  Glenlivet SG  Facebook Page. Participating outlets include The  Pump  Room, Harry’s and  LeNoir, amongst others.


Additionally, a selection of personalized  signed bottles of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve will be displayed  for  those  lucky few who  participated in  a special  #FoundersSG  online  contest, which allowed fans to win a personalized The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve collector  bottle with their own name signed on the label in true George Smith style.


The  Glenlivet  Founder’s Reserve, launched  in October  2017,  is currently  available  at notable bars and restaurants in Singapore.


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