Kabuke: Marrying the Art of Kabuki, Sake and Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

Kabuke, a cosy and intimate Sake gastrobar has opened its doors on the second floor of a
heritage shophouse on 200A Telok Ayer Street. Experience an exciting curation of top quality Japanese Sake and surprise pairings with contemporary Japanese cuisine.


Step through the curtains with Sake sommelier Keiji Heng, Head Chef Rio Neo and the Kabuke Team, to indulge in the art of eating and drinking with Sake at Kabuke.

Team Kabuke

#Teamkabuke – Leon, Sous Chef Aaron, Head Chef Rio, Sake Sommelier Keiji
Kabuke was founded by a group of friends with a common love for Japanese Sake, and marries the art of kabuki, Sake and good food. Drawing inspirations from the classical theatrical style of kabuki performances, Kabuke hopes to set the stage for a Sake experience that is different and memorable for the curious, cosmopolitan customer.






Keiji’s intuitive understanding and affinity with Sake – the iconic Japanese fermented rice wine – has led him to scour for unique selections for both new and seasoned Sake drinkers. Designed to provide diners access and education of varied Sake from across
Japan, customers are able to design their own Sake Flight – a selection of three Sake pours tailored to their taste preferences.


Kabuke focuses largely on Sake pairings and each item on the menu is matched with a recommended Sake to heighten the umami flavour of each dish.


Cheese Platter with Sake Flight

One interesting example is the Sake pairing of the Kabuke Cheese Platter ($25), curated in partnership with The Cheese Artisans, which encourages Sake drinkers to venture out of their comfort zones into trying something new.


Enhancing Kabuke’s Sake experience is the next leading act – a refined and
full-flavoured menu crafted by Head Chef Rio Neo, formerly from Fat Cow
and Kinki Restaurant & Bar. With a simple philosophy of innovating new
dishes which cross traditional Japanese cuisine with modern flavours, Chef
Rio’s passion is evident across the food served at Kabuke.






Kabuke’s lunch menu, served from 11.30am to 2pm on weekdays, includes
three signature Kabuke Beef Bowls – Gyudon ($15), Wagyu Suki Bowl ($18)
and Wagyu Bowl ($28), with available add-ons including freshly flown-in Uni
and Foie Gras. The deceptively simple Wagyu Bowl presents a decadent
umami experience as pan-seared grass-fed Striploin is drizzled in Truffle
Shoyu, then topped with Salt-Cured Kelp and Onsen Egg. Also available is the
Miso Pork Bowl featuring Ginger-infused Miso Pork Belly, topped with Pea
Shoots tossed in an Apple and Shiso Vinaigrette, layered over Japanese Rice,
which at once whets the appetite, and refreshes the palate.

Comprised of Small Bites, Kabuke Sharing Plates and Mini Umami Bomb rice bowls that guest can customize, Kabuke’s evening menu is designed both for guests looking for light bites, or a satiating dinner paired with Sake.


Baby Corn ($10)


Shiso Tempura with Hotate Tartare ($15)


Crispy Goma Goma Wings ($12).


Star dishes include crowd favourites such as Baby Corn ($10), Wagyu Tataki ($28), Shiso Tempura with Hotate Tartare ($15), Takoyaki Fries ($12) and Crispy Goma Goma Wings ($12). A surprising delight on the palate with its light crunch and spices, the Baby Corn is blanched then grilled with butter and Sake, before being gently tossed in Sriracha Mayo, and served with Furikake and Pork Floss. Wagyu Tataki features pan-seared Striploin in Garlic Shoyu and Raspberry Reduction, and the Shiso Tempura with Hotate Tartare provides a refreshing burst of flavours as Diced Scallop and Ikura are drizzled with Truffle Shoyu, and delicately balanced on a Shiso Leaf Tempura. Modern reinterpretations of the comfort foods we love best – the deconstructed Takoyaki Fries features a hearty combination of diced Octopus, Ikura, Ebiko served atop a golden bed of shoe-string fries, together with Melted Cheese, Takoyaki Sauce, Kewpie Mayonnaise and Bonito Flakes. While deep fried Sesame flavoured Chicken Wings served with a
chunky Egg Mayo Wasabi Yuzu Dip earns the title of the Crispy Goma Goma Wings.


Alternatively, guests can also create their own special Mini Umami Bombs, with a base of Japanese Rice, Pickles and Seaweed, with their choice of Negitoro, Hotate, Iberico Jamon, Smoked Salmon, Ikura, Tuna Tataki and toppings like Salted Egg Fish Skin and Ebiko, finished with Truffle Shoyu, Honey Ponzu or Garlic Shoyu.


Designed by creative consultancy Hjgher, with soulful and uplifting tracks by DJ Riff Raff, this Sake gastrobar is a cosy and unpretentious space for friends to gather and enjoy an epicurean adventure in great company. Omakase by Chef Rio is also available with limited reservations per day. We also tailor Sake pairing experiences for bookings hosted in our Private Lounge for up to 12 guests. 1IMG_9510Step through the curtains, and come experience the world of Kabuke.


Lunch 1130 – 1400 (Mon to Fri)
Dinner 1700 – 2300 (Mon to Thu)
1700 – 0000 (Fri to Sat)
Closed (Sun)

200A Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068638


+65 8822 5525 /

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