The world’s first BMW M and BMW M Performance showroom relocates to prime automotive belt in Singapore. Performance Munich Autos to showcase All-new BMW M5 for limited time only.

BMW Group Asia and Performance Munich Autos today announced that the world’s first BMW M and BMW M Performance dedicated showroom has relocated from 30 Teban Gardens Crescent to Singapore’s prime automotive belt at 315 Alexandra Road. The new showroom is renamed Performance Munich Autos and will showcase both BMW M and BMW M Performance models.


Performance Munich Autos will also be showcasing for a limited time (by invitation only) the All-new BMW M5 which made its world premier in August 2017 at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany and was launched internationally on 4 December 2017.

Attending the event from BMW AG in Munich, Peter Quintus, Vice President Sales and Marketing, BMW M Division said, “2017 marks the 45th anniversary of the BMW M brand and we have come a long way in that time. In 2016, the BMW M division had a record year selling 67,900 units, and we don’t expect anything less this year. As of October 2017, the BMW M division has sold almost more BMW M and BMW M Performance models than all of 2016, and by the end of this decade, we aim to sell more than 100,000 cars a year.

It is my pleasure to be in Singapore as we celebrate the official opening of Performance Munich Autos and I am confident that the new management team has the expertise and passion needed to take the BMW M brand to the next level in Singapore.”

“From the moment you walk into Performance Munich Autos, it is extremely evident that you are not in a typical BMW showroom,” said Paul de Courtois, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia. “Our team at BMW Asia worked closely with Building and Equipment Consulting and BMW M Dealer Development from BMW AG on the design and layout of the new showroom. Whether it be the vivid visuals, polished cement floors, or ambient lighting, the new showroom encompasses the dynamic brand ethos of BMW M. Our customers can expect a new, vibrant and engaging premium retail experience like never before.”

“It is an honour to have the exclusive opportunity to bring BMW M and BMW M Performance vehicles to our passionate customer base in Singapore,” said Horst Herdtle, Managing Director of Performance Motors Limited. “In 2018, not only will we introduce new models such as the BMW M5 and BMW X3 M40i, we will also host exclusive events for our customers, and will actively work with the BMW M Club in Singapore to strengthen and grow the BMW M community. It is our goal to continue providing a highly personalised BMW M experience to anyone and everyone who visits Performance Munich Autos.”

 05_Customer Lounge

The new showroom covers approximately 4,500 sq ft with a five car display inclusive of three BMW M models (front) and two BMW M Performance models (back). One new addition to the showroom is the Individual Lounge where customers have a chance to individualise their cars in a comfortable and welcoming environment. The area is equipped with colour, trim and leather upholstery samples for easy reference.

 08_Delivery Suite

Another new element in the showroom is the enhanced Delivery Suite, designed to provide a suspenseful and unforgettable handover experience for customers. Once the paperwork has been signed, customers are welcomed to the Delivery Suite where the lights are off and all that they can see is a personalised congratulatory message on their new purchase. Soon after a short product video is shown, unveiling music is played while the lights are slowly turned on, first revealing a silhouette of the car and then revealing the entire car. An automatic door then opens and the handover process begins after which the customer can directly drive the car out from the Delivery Suite and exit the showroom.

07_Delivery Suite

Key elements of the BMW Group “Future Retail” programme will also be incorporated into the new showroom to engage visitors and bring them on a new customer journey with BMW M. This includes new digital communication equipment, such as the Virtual Product Presentation (VPP) device to engaging with the first-ever BMW M Genius.


Virtual Product Presentation (VPP) device.

The VPP enhances the sales experience for both the customer and showroom employee. Customers value BMW M and BMW M Performance models for their state-of-the-art technology and they are right to expect the same from their dealership. With a tablet-app known as the Mobile Customiser and the VPP, this need is met and configuring a car turns into a real experience. The Mobile Customiser enables car configurations to be transferred wirelessly onto a high-definition display in a highly realistic and detailed representation. Customers no longer have to rely on their imagination, or need to see in person, the colours, options, and packages they have chosen for their new BMW M or BMW M Performance model.

BMW M Genius.

The BMW M Genius is a first for BMW M. The role of the BMG is to better support customers with in-depth product knowledge as well as enabling the customer to better utilise and configure products based on their particular needs. As the BMW M Genius needs to be mobile, he or she will be equipped with a tablet that allows for product configuration and in-depth explanation of features supported by visuals and films. Furthermore, as the BMW M Geniuses do not have sales targets, customers interacting with them enjoy a pressure-free discussion during which customers can take as much time as they like to find out about the BMW M and BMW M Performance vehicles.

BMW M and BMW M Performance customers can service their cars at the following BMW authorised workshops:

Performance Motors Limited.

·         Sime Darby Business Centre at 315 Alexandra Road, a M-Competence Centre

·         Sime Darby Performance Centre at 303 Alexandra Road

·         East Coast Centre at 280 Kampong Arang Road

Munich Automobiles.

·         30 Teban Gardens Crescent

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