Dolce and Gabbana DEVOTION BAG | A world of Devotion

Dolce&Gabbana_DevotionBag_StillLife_E-Commerce (17).jpg


The Devotion Bag, circling beyond dimensional boundaries, arrived on Earth as if from a dream.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s undisputed and unconditional devotion to style, to hard work, to detail, to religion, and to the essence of fashion itself – craftsmanship, the sense of belonging, passion and creativity – is a form of pure love that is exemplified in their timeless creations.

Attention to detail, respect for the handmade, an acute sense of proportion, and a love of elegance, of contrast, of fabrics, of colours, of quality, of refined materials, of ‘Made in Italy’: all the values of a true devotional cult, and a fundamental aspect of the aesthetic and imagination of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.


It is a story of timeless roots and traditions, but also of innovation, of a realistic view of a world made up of multiple unique and diverse voices and personalities, of devotion and genuine understanding towards the culture of the Millennials: young people born in the age of the web, formidable interpreters of the present and its infinite facets.


A precious new object of desire is thus born, which takes the name of Devotion Bag, a veritable treasure chest, synonymous with pure creative freedom and passion for fashion.


It is a declaration of love, sealed by the sacred heart. The sacred heart, a metal frieze made of micro-forged brass and copper, the same technique used for jewellery-making, with an antiqued golden finish, is the closure of the Devotion Bag.


The central heart, embellished by a miniature with the DG logo, is framed by pearls and foliage that evoke the authentic decorations of the sacred tradition.


A declaration of love, sealed by the ancient sacred heart to become a precious new object of desire, the Devotion Bag is now available for pre-order and will drop in store from July 2018.

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