THE ART OF SUSHI EATING @Shoukouwa | 2 Michelin * Star Restaurant




THE ART OF SUSHI EATING @Shoukouwa reinforces the high art of savouring sushi.
Shoukouwa has been awarded Two Michelin Stars, two year in a roll, 2016 and 2017.
We have the pleasure to meet up with the team behind the success this week , at their location 1 Fullerton Road, #02-02A One Fullerton, Singapore 049213.
The restaurant only has 8 seats and serves Omakase Menu. It means you need to set aside time to fully enjoy the cuisine the chef prepared for you.
There are reasons why the restaurant is setup this way and you will understand as you read on.
We tried four signature dishes.
1) Kinmedai (Golden Eye Snapper) from Chiba; served with chopped leek, oba leaf, ginger flower and ponzu sauce.


2) Nodoguro (Sea Perch) from Japan sea side; served with pickled ginger flower, Japanese cucumber and grated radish


Chef show us how he prepared the abalone for one of the dishes. Look at the size of this abalone.
3) Kegani (Hairy Crab from Hokkaido; steamed hairy crab with shark’s fin vinegar sauce




4) Awabi (Abalone) from Chiba); Japanese abalone served with abalone liver sauce





Excellent cooking, worth a detour.

The personality and talent of the chef and their team is evident in the refined, expertly crafted dishes.

THE ART OF SUSHI EATING @Shoukouwa reinforces the high art of savouring sushi

With the rise of sushi culture around the world and successful documentaries like ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’, there is now an international audience primed to indulge in the pleasure of an authentic edomae sushi experience. Sushi has been part of the Japanese culture since the 8th century, and its high-end master practitioners have continued an unbroken progression of refinement and innovation upon traditional techniques since that time, showcasing the world’s highest quality fish and ingredients.

In partnership with Japanese cuisine specialist Hanachiyo, Emmanuel Stroobant Group Luxury Collection launches Shoukouwa Sushi Restaurant, the only Japanese restaurant in Singapore being awarded 2 Michelin Stars in2016.

Hanachiyo gained knowledge of Japan’s culinary scene over a career in the luxury lifestyle industry, that includes 12 years as an art director for The Leading Hotels group, where her contributions included art direction, table coordination, and flower arrangement. In 2011 she founded The Best Table in Tokyo, a private, fine dining membership association. Members of The Best Table enjoy private events and parties where Japan’s most renowned chefs, including several three Michelin star restaurants, provide unique menus and wine pairings created specially for these occasions.

In 2012 Hanachiyo co-founded a fine dining Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong and subsequently formed a restaurant consultancy that serves restaurant clients throughout Asia, who seek to offer the finest, authentic Japanese cuisine to discerning international consumers, across genres that include sushi, teppanyaki, tempura, ramen and more.

The art of fine sushi is one that is contemplative and considered –like a Zen expression. The perfect sushi is a delicate balance of the quality of fish, proportion and temperature. The fish must be of the highest grade, undamaged during the catch, and very fresh. The rice for sushi is mixed delicately with a fine balance of rice vinegar –to allow for subtle taste without overpowering the slice of fresh fish. As the acidity of vinegar acts as a cooking agent, it is important for the sushi to be consumed within seconds of being served, picking with clean hand.

As a matter of proportion,the amount and temperature of rice for each sushi is different with different fish. A true sushi master chef will take the appropriate amount of rice, and press it for that just perfect time to get the right temperature to pair with each fish, to ensure the ideal harmony of taste and texture for consumption.

The master chefs at Shoukouwa all hail from strong traditions and backgrounds, having
spent years honing their craft at famous restaurants around Japan. They have been
busy testing the freshest produce sent directly from Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji Market daily
to ensure the best sushi experience, taking into account the taste profile of each slice
of fish. The sushi presented by the master chefs will be a complete taste in a morsel to
be eaten as is diners won’t be dipping these sushi into any more soya sauce and
To preserve the integrity of the freshest artisanal ingredients, Shoukouwa
will only seat eight persons at the main sushi bar, with up to six persons in the private
dining room.
This will ensure that the chefs will prepare and assemble the sushi and individual dishes
right in front of the diners without allowing for the food to sit and be exposed to the
Named as an oasis of stillness, calm, serenity and harmony, Shoukouwa was designed
by Warren Foster-Brown of the boutique interior design firm FBEYE International,
whose other projects have included the award-winning The Westin Hotel Singapore,
The InterContinental Hotel Singapore, Le Meridien Hotels in Bali and Dhaka, as well as
other properties across Asia.
Warren has fleshed Shoukouwa out to be a cocoon of muted opulence with hints of red interspersed with cool grey tones and black accents, a fresh approach and a modern twist on Japanese interiors.
To maintain its fine cuisine standards, Shoukouwa presents omakase-style menus
subject to the availability of the freshest and finest seasonal produce.
Set Lunch and Omakase Menu starts from S$180++ per person and S$320++ per person respectively.

Mio (Lunch omakase menu at $180++ per person)
– Appetiser x 1
– Cooked Dishes x 3
– Nigiri Sushi x 6
– Small Donburi x 1
– Roll Sushi x 1
– Tamago x 1
– Miso Soup x 1
– Dessert x 1

Miyabi (Omakase menu at $320++ per person)
– Appetiser x 1
– Cooked Dishes x 5
– Nigiri Sushi x 9
– Small Donburi x 1
– Roll Sushi x 1
– Tamago x 1
– Miso Soup x 1
– Dessert x 1

Hana (Omakase menu at $480++ per person)
– Appetiser x 1
– Sashimi x 1
– Cooked Dishes x 5
– Nigiri Sushi x 8
– Small Donburi x 1
– Roll Sushi x 1
– Tamago x 1
– Miso Soup x 1
– Dessert x 1

The restaurant will also showcase a premium selection of Japanese sake, including
Junmai Daiginjo from top sake breweries Sawaya Matsumoto, Hakurakusei and
Shoukouwa Sushi Restaurant is located at 1 Fullerton Road, #02-02A One Fullerton,
Singapore 049213.
Open for lunch on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 12pm to 3pm (last seating 2pm) and dinner on Tuesday to Sundays from 6pm to 11pm (last seating 8.30pm), please call (65) 6423 9939 or email for enquiries and reservations.
Shoukouwa will be closed on Mondays. Please visit website for more information.