Drawing on the Ivy League spirit that infuses the brand’s collections, KENZO’s Artistic Director Nigo has created a playful collection of T-shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans for Spring 2023, called the Varsity Jungle. This collection reflects both the graphic codes of the house and the passion for nature, which was such a hallmark of founder Kenzo Takada.

The Varsity Jungle collection is inspired by the two most significant animals that Kenzo Takada loved – the elephant and the tiger. The elephant is known to have the greatest memory of all animals and was Takada’s favorite animal. The late designer loved to feature representations of elephants in his collections, both as a motif and a symbol. Similarly, the tiger is another animal that inspired Takada, and the very first tiger motif appeared in KENZO collections in 1975.

Nigo has designed an elephant graphic that is informed by 1950s sailor tattoo imagery. The tiger design was introduced as part of KENZO’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Both designs pay tribute to Takada and his legacy, showcasing his love for nature and his unique sense of style.

The elephant varsity wardrobe includes a printed cotton T-shirt, an embroidered jersey sweatshirt, and a jersey cardigan. These items are available in black, white, blue, and pink. Similarly, the tiger varsity also comprises a printed T-shirt, an embroidered sweatshirt, and cardigan, which are available in black, white, red, and green. The entire collection exudes a playful and casual vibe that is perfect for spring.

To launch the Varsity Jungle collection, KENZO has teamed up with photographer Frank Lebon to produce a campaign celebrating the values of togetherness and closeness of families and crews throughout KENZO’s iconic Tiger and Elephant designs. The visuals showcase a vibrant crew of characters and are constructed and styled to project a strong sense of community. This campaign perfectly captures the playful and fun nature of the Varsity Jungle collection.

The KENZO Varsity Jungle collection will be available at KENZO Asia stores from April 2023. To celebrate the launch, KENZO has planned an Asia Regional Event in April that promises more exciting moments. With this collection, KENZO pays homage to its founder and infuses his legacy with a modern, playful twist. The Varsity Jungle collection is sure to be a hit with fashion lovers, who appreciate the brand’s unique style and commitment to nature.

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