Celebrate CNY 2023 at Peony Jade Amara Hotel

Peony Jade GOLD RUSH Prosperous Rabbit-shape LOU-HE YUSHENG with Asian Lobster Carpaccio

Peony Jade Introduces Nine New Festive Creations for the Arrival of the Golden Rabbit, available from now until February 4, 2023.

The new Peony Jade at AMARA Singapore announced the arrival of the golden rabbit and all its blessings with nine new culinary creations for the festive season. These include the Gold Rush Rabbit shaped yusheng, signature premium 18-ingredient poon choi, three new handcrafted desserts, four new cookie flavours, and many other returning favourites. From now until February 4, 2023, guests can enjoy a wide variety of carefully crafted dishes, meticulously planned set menus and beautifully packaged takeaways from the restaurant and festive booth at Takashimaya B2, as they celebrate the start of a new year.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a truly luxurious and auspicious feast this Chinese New Year with these nine new creations and other festive favourites from Peony Jade’s Ala Carte Dine-in and Takeaway Menu: “钱兔似锦喜迎春” ⼤丰收, 撈到⻛⽣⽔起⻥ ⽣⻰虾, 原粒发财鲍⻥、阿玛芝、 三⽂⻥、 ⾹槟荔枝冻捞起. Gold Rush Prosperous Rabbit shaped ‘Lou-Hei’ Yusheng

Prosperous Rabbit-shaped ‘Lou-hei’ Yusheng with Asian Lobster Carpaccio, Whole Abalone, Hamachi, Atlantic Salmon, Ikura, Champagne Jelly, Lychee Pops, Organic Daikon $488.88 serves up to 12 guests, for dine-in and takeaway. “兔” ⽓扬眉财满堂”富贵 聚盆菜 (⻰虾.原粒8頭发财鮑⿂.烧鹅盆菜) Reaping Abundance Wealth Royale Luxe Lobster, Scallops & Abalone Treasure Poon Choi This refined version of the classic dish features 18 premium ingredients, including cooked Whole Local Lobster (本地⻰虾), 8-Headed Premium Abalone ( 原 只 8 头 发 财 鮑 ), Roast duck ( 烧 鸭 ), Pork Knuckle ( 元 蹄 ), Cured Golden Oysters ( 蚝 豉 ), Roast Pork Belly ( 腩 仔 ⾁ ), Spikes Sea Cucumber ( 刺 參 ), Succulent Fresh Whole Scallops ( 鲜 带 ⼦ ), Fatt Choy ( 發 菜 ), Fish Maw (⻥鳔), King-sized Prawns (⼤ 明虾), Whole Shiitake Mushrooms. Poon Choi Pot of Wealth at $688.88 serves up to 10 guests, for dine-in only.

New! Premium Lobster& Abalone Poon Choi Combo Set Package - 6 diishes (1)
Premium Fresh Lobster, Scallops & Abalone Poon Choi Combo Set Package [includes 5 Good Fortune Ang-Pow Dishes] This premium poon choi family combo set is perfect for reunion parties, as it includes 5 Good Fortune Ang-Pow gourmet dishes:
1. 发财丰收三⽂⻥捞起 ‘Bountiful Harvest’ Deluxe Harmony Salmon Lou-Hei Yu- Sheng
2. 如⻥得⽔年酸甜笋壳 ‘Abundant Wealth’ Cantonese-style Sweet & Sour Soon Hock
3. 福星⾼照谭府棕⾹⻣ ‘Abundant Wealth’ Pork Short Ribs, Red Yeast Rice enveloped in Palm Leaf
4. 楼股⻬起荷叶腊味糯⽶饭 ‘Abundant Wealth’ Reunion Glutinous Rice with Cured Meat & Chinese Sausage / ‘Lup-Cheong’
5. 年年有红利⽯榴裙中露西⽶ Cream of Pomegranate with Sago Pearls The combo set package at $818.88 serves up to 10 guests, only for takeaway [package includes the premium claypot and the 5 complimentary dishes]

“兔” ⽓扬眉财满堂 Flourishing Fortunes Rabbit-Shaped Orhni/Taro Cake This gift set is sure to be a hit with people of all ages, thanks to its cute Instagram-worthy design. The festive dessert is a take on a popular Teochew dish, featuring homemade orh-ni and cream filling between layers of light and fluffy chiffon cake. It is sure to generate a lot of attention and appreciation on TikTok and other social media platforms. $128.88 nett [cake weighs 1kg, approximately]

NEW! Peony Jade's Limited Edition Steps to Huat Huat Prosperity Nyonya Durian Pengat Gold Bar Layered with Nian Gao 年年易高升” 金猫山王榴莲千层娘惹椰糖香兰發财年糕Returning Fav! Peony Jade’s Limited Edition 钱 “兔” 似锦旺满年 Abundance Harvet & Harmony Mahjong tile Black Gold MSW Durian Cake

“兔” 然发财 ‘Hop into Triumphant Harvest and Joyous Contentment’ Baked Rabbit-shaped Pineapple Yuzu Pastry Gift Set This charming and delightful gift set is sure to delight people of all ages! It features pineapple from Sarawak and premium Kochi Yuzu, which will surely brighten anyone’s day. $88.88 nett for a box of 8 pieces “年年易⾼升” ⿊⾦猫⼭王榴莲 千层娘惹椰糖⾹兰发财年糕 ‘Steps To Huat! Huat!’ Prosperity Nyonya Durian Pengat Gold Bar Layered Nian Gao. Peony Jade’s beloved chilled Durian “Nian-Gao” specialty has returned with a reimagined twist. It features rich, pure, and bittersweet Black Gold Mao Shan Wang Durian, Gula Melaka, Nian Gao, and is topped with fresh grated coconut. This irresistible treat is sure to be a hit with fans of the original. $158.88 serves up to 10 guests [cake weighs 1kg, approximately].
Please be advised that the festive highlights are available on a first-come-first-served basis and require a 3-day advance order due to their intricate handcrafted nature

The Dine-in Reunion Lunch & Dinner Set Menus, and Dim Sum Buffets Peony Jade is a popular choices for reunions and celebrations during the new year festivities due to their delicious, carefully-prepared feasts and festive dining atmosphere. This is why the brand’s members, corporate clients, and loyal customers often choose it as their venue for these occasions. The six set menus at Peony Jade range in price from $118++ per person to $888++ for a group of 8 guests, and from $1,688.00++ for a table of up to 10 guests. Handmade dim sum creations, which are impossible for gourmets to resist, are priced from $11.88 to $28.88. Diners at Peony Jade can also enjoy sumptuous, handcrafted festive desserts made by the MICHELIN team, priced from $9.88 to $88.88

YEAR OF THE GOLDEN RABBIT Peony Jade will be open during the entire Lunar New Year period

Address 165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Level 2, S088539

62769138 or 88868913

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