The Cannes Yachting  Festival is a major event in the international yachting world and is the setting for some real technological and mechanical gems. From 6 to 11 September, in the Bay of Cannes, 400 motor boats will be presented berthed in the Old Port, some of them as world premieres.  Among them are some of the most beautiful  Formula 1s of the seas: sporty lines, bold style, powerful engine, optimal sailing pleasure… Here is a selection of muscular «day-boats»  to discover at the 2022 edition:

ASCHENEZ  SRL – Invictus GT 320  S

Monohull motorboat l Measurements : LOA 9.93 m and beam 3.03 m l Built  in Italy

Conceived by the designer Christian Grande, the GT 320 S retains its modern and uncluttered style but with a sporty engine:  42 knots top speed and a  cruising speed close to 26  knots.  The fibreglass hull is fitted with a superb carbon fibre hard top that is particularly effective on sunny days.  This option is in addition to the customisation possibilities offered by the  Italian shipyard, such as the hull colour (vanilla,  dark wood, metallic grey,  white, etc.),  the teak deck and the leather fenders with the Invictus logo.

AXOPAR – Brabus Shadow 900 XC Black Ops

Monohull motorboat l Measurements: LOA 11.73 m and beam 3.35 m l Built  in Finland

Mesmerising,   charismatic    and    ultra-luxurious,    this     iconic

37-footer is the ultimate embodiment of confident performance and style. Awarded the  Motor Boat Award 2022  for her assured performance,  ease of use and style,  the  Shadow 900 XC  lives the  DNA  of the  BRABUS  supercar to the full.  With a combined output of  900 hp from the latest  FourStroke 450R  Verado XL V8 engines, this powerhouse has a superb power-to-weight ratio, delivering the performance of up to 55 knots and beyond at the top end of the range and with up to 40 knots typical cruising speeds. A true  SUV of the seas.

WALLY  – Wally  Power 58

Monohull motorboat l Measurements: LOA 19.20 m and beam 4.68 m l Built  in Italy

Since its takeover by  Ferretti, Wally continues to develop its range of powerboats and has updated one of its models launched in 2010. The new Wally  Power  58 is a sleek and stylish day cruiser with a top speed of 40 knots and an instantly recognisable style. It offers a deck plan designed to offer a relaxed time at sea, with all the standards of the luxury brand.


Monohull motorboat l Measurements: LOA 19.20 m and beam 4.68 m l Built  in Italy

With a  re-styling by   Giuseppe  Bagnardi of the   Rome- based design studio BG, the new look of the OTAM  58 GTS accentuates its sporty character and strengthens its style while respecting the boatyard’s  DNA.  Powered  by  twin

1825hp MTU engines coupled with ASD14 Arneson surface drive, it has a top speed of over  55 knots and cruises comfortably at 48 knots.  It also offers a more aerodynamic profile that reduces turbulence to ensure better performance and more comfort aboard at very high speeds.


Monohull motorboat l Measurements: LOA 11.99 m and beam 3.50 m l Built  in Austria

The all-new Frauscher 1212 Ghost is the result of years of development and incorporates many of the features of the brand’s smaller powerboats. This beautiful 12m boat features a huge teak deck, a frameless, tinted windscreen and a straight bow  – for maximum space and comfort. The uncompromising design combined with maximum functionality.  Powered by two  440  horsepower D6s, this day-boat can reach up to 47  knots on the water.

LOMAC NAUTICA  – GranTurismo 10.5

Monohull motorboat l Measurements: LOA 10.60 m and beam 3.51 m l Built  in Italy

The GranTurismo 10.5 joins the family of Lomac’s top-of-the-range boats. It features an all-new high-performance hull with a deep V running from bow to stern that allows for smoother sailing in rough seas and better performance in terms of speed and reduced fuel consumption, even at low and medium speeds. Its top speed is 55 knots, attained thanks to a pair of Yamaha  F350  outboards. It is equipped with two powerful Yamaha  V6  outboard engines,  each with 300 horsepower. All boats in the  GranTurismo range are designed to offer the ideal combination of design,  comfort and performance, targeting customers who want sporty performance but are not prepared to sacrifice comfort, practicality and safety.


Monohull motorboat l Measurements: LOA 13 m and beam 4.55 m l Built  in Italy

The Italian boatyard is back at the  Cannes Yachting Festival with its latest project, Evo  R4XT,  a walkaround born from the collaboration between Valerio  Rivellini and Besenzoni,  who created a fully customised aft platform for this model,   designed to give the  13-metre  yacht a new look and  – for its guests  –  a  new way of experiencing the sea. This model is the only sporty walk-around in the world with a maximum speed of 38 knots to be equipped with a   multifunctional aft platform:   a  simple operation and 30  seconds are enough to open the XTensions hydraulic bulkheads and transform the beach area into a 270 square foot terrace with a convertible tender lift,   similar to a  diving board.


Monohull motorboat l Measurements: LOA 9.58 m and beam 2.99 m l Built  in Germany

The  Ryck   280   is a  vitamin-packed boat powered by an outboard that will leave speed enthusiasts speechless. With a choice of three engines ranging from 250  to 350 horsepower,  the winner of the  «Boat  Engines of the  Year 2021» award is the fastest model in the range.  Thanks to its powerful power pack,  the  Speed  &  Performance  RYCK 280  promises fast transfers that are always under control.

« All  of these  exceptional  boats   can  be  seen  at the  next   edition of the  Yachting  Festival   in  Cannes,  Europe’s largest   in-water   show. 

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